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Polish girls at Euro 2016

By Jade Seashell, author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

Polish women are polished, charming and intelligent.  They are best characterized by their nurturing nature and femininity.  In this article, I’m going to share my observation with you, so that you will understand what you can expect when meeting Polish women.

  • Polish girls are well-mannered and caring. Unlike women in some Western countries, girls from Poland generally don’t feel validated by rejecting men in a harsh way.  Although Polish girls also dislike being approached by confused and clueless men, most of them tend to treat all men in a polite way.  Therefore, you can relax when approaching Polish ladies – they won’t make you look bad.

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  • Polish girls are very feminine. You can hardly ever find any masculine women in Poland because all Polish women are feminine – they act like ladies at all times and they also want to look very feminine.  In their opinion, being feminine to attract men is very important, so you will be surrounded by sweet femininity if you decide to date Polish women.
  • Polish beauties don’t play any games, so you can enjoy absence of drama. This is very important to all men: absence of drama.  No matter you’d like a casual fling, or you want to find a serious girlfriend, Polish ladies won’t let you down, as they don’t play games and don’t like having any drama. This is partly because Polish women don’t really know how to play games (according to our western standards), and partly because Polish girls are not used to creating drama.  What a relief!
  • Women from Poland value education. Although Polish ladies are very feminine, it doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent.  We all know that in western countries, people tend to associate a pretty blonde with lack of intelligence (a typical prejudice).  However, in Poland, you can see many well-educated women who are also very feminine.  A lot of female doctors and lawyers in Poland are just as feminine as those girls you meet in nightclubs.  They don’t want to behave like men even in the corporate world.

Polish women are polished, charming and intelligent.  They are best characterized by their nurturing nature and femininity.  In this article, I’m going to share my observation with you, so that you will understand what you can expect when meeting Polish women.

  • An interview with Rick (a Canadian guy who dates Polish girls):

Jade: Could you please tell me why you like Polish women?

Rick:  I like Polish ladies because they know how to have fun.  First of all, they have a great sense of humor which really surprised me, as I thought maybe I shouldn’t tell girls jokes in Poland because they probably couldn’t understand my jokes in English.  But after I came to Poland, I realized that Polish girls love Hollywood movies, so their English listening skills are phenomenal.  They can understand all my jokes, although they don’t speak perfect English.  Second, they have high sex drive, so I totally enjoy that.

Jade: Do you mean most Polish girls have high sex drive?

Rick: Well, I have dated 7 Polish girls so far, and all of them are very horny.  Because my testosterone level is higher than most men’s, my sex drive is also higher.  So obviously, I enjoyed my relationships with Polish ladies who have equally high sex drive.  I think my current Polish girlfriend’s vagina is much stronger than western women’s, as I have sex with her two or three times a day, seven days a week, and she still told me that she wants more.

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Jade: You mentioned that you have dated seven Polish girls, so how do you meet them in the first place?

Rick: I do both day game and night game.  During the day, I approach girls in the street by paying them a compliment first.  For instance, I tell her, “You look really nice in this skirt.”  Then she would feel flattered and the reaction is usually very good.  I always show my intention and own my desire, so there is no misunderstanding at all.  That’s why I get Polish ladies very quickly.  Also, I go to nightclubs frequently and approach them at night.  I often spend 4 hours in the nightclub – during the first two hours, I do some warming-up activities, including flirting with various women and getting their phone numbers.  Then during the last two hours, I decide which woman that I really want tonight and make her mine tonight.

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Jade: You are very experienced.  Usually, how do you decide which woman you really want tonight?

Rick: I decide which woman I want now by analyzing the logistics.  By that I mean I always casually ask three questions in my conversation with every lady that I approach.  These three questions are “Where do you live?” “Who are you here with?” “What are you going to do tomorrow?”  In this way, I can assess which woman would go home with me tonight and which woman should see me tomorrow.

Jade: That’s smart.  Once you’ve decided to take one woman home tonight, how do you ask her to leave the nightclub with you?

Rick: I always tell her, “There is an after-party at my place.  You should go with me.”  If she is attracted to me, she will be happy to go to my place.  But sometimes some girls may come up with excuses such as “Oh, but my friends are here.”  That’s actually because they don’t want to be judged and they don’t want to look easy.  In this case, I usually ask them to explain the situation to their friends and still go home with me.

Jade: In the nightclub, when you are picking up a Polish woman who is going out with her friends, how do you make her talk to you more when her friends are around?

Rick: I always make sure the girl that I like is talking to me when she is not facing her friends.  In other words, her friends shouldn’t appear within her sight while she is talking to me.  By doing this, she feels closer to me.

Jade: Okay. Just now you mentioned that you would tell the girl to join your after-party at your place.  Do you really have an after-party every time?

Rick:  No. I never have an after-party.  When she arrives at my place with me, nobody is there, so I simply tell her, “Oh, we are too late, and now everyone is gone!”  Then it’s time for me to have some private fun with her.

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