The best places to meet women of your dreams


Do you believe in love at first sight? When and where are you going to meet your dream girl? Does serendipity really exist? Here is a list of the best places to meet your Miss Right!

  • Figure out where your dream woman is and you should be there, too. If you don’t even know what your dream girl should look like, then you don’t really have a plan. In order to make your dreams come true, you must have dreams first, right? So, you’d better clarify the criteria of your dream lady and place an order from the universe. For instance, if you want to date a model, then you should go to fashion shows and chat up those girls before and after the show. If you want to date a young and intelligent woman, make sure you go to university campuses and pick up female students there. Always have a goal and design a plan to achieve your goal!


  • Join a class that interests you. Are you interested in tango? If yes, you should join a tango class where you can meet attractive women who are also interested in tango. If you share the same interest, it’s always easier to get along with each other. Also, don’t forget that tango is literally making love with clothes on, so it’s also easier for you to physically escalate on a hot woman and build chemistry quickly. If you don’t know how to do that, you may want to watch the famous movie Black Swan first (the French guy definitely knows how to escalate on Natalie Portman’s character while dancing with her; no wonder Natalie Portman’s character must put on red lipstick before seeing him). Of course, if you have other interests, you can join other classes, e.g. a foreign language class, a cooking class, a painting class, etc. The good news is a lot of single ladies deliberately join these classes in order to meet men as well! According to the well-known film Sleepless in Seattle, there are always many more desperate single women than desperate single men out there!


  • Become a successful man and figure out how to convert a female employee that you like into your lover. This tactic sounds a bit harsh, but let me explain. Actually, women are much more likely to have romantic associations/imaginations with their male bosses. In other words, if you are a male boss and you like a female employee, she probably likes you even more than you like her. That’s because the attraction between men and women is literally mutual. Also, when a female employee likes her male boss, she also admires his power, authority and success – all of these are very effective aphrodisiacs (this also explains why Monica Lewinsky seduced Bill Clinton & why there are many more sugar babies than sugar daddies in this world – on any sugar daddy dating site, only 25% of its members are men and 75% of its members are women). That is to say, when you are a CEO of a company, you can basically choose whoever you want in this company as long as you know those women are also interested in you. There are some ways to tell whether a female employee is interested in you: 1) Each time when you see her in the company, she is always stylishly dressed and her makeup/hair is perfectly done. That means she probably wants to attract your attention. 2) Every time when she talks to you in your office, she wears a sexy dress and a necklace with its pendant pointing at her cleavage – that means she possibly planned this beforehand. 3) When you talk to her, she is touching her hair – this is a big indicator of interest. 4) When there are only you two in the conversation, she bites her lower lip in front of you – what a seductress! If you’ve seen the above-mentioned four signs, then you should know what to do – you must organise a party for your company (e.g. end-of-year Christmas party) so that you can talk to her in a casual/social environment. During the relaxing conversation, you need to find out whether this sexy lady is single or not and then let her know you are genuinely interested in her. Chances are she can’t say no to a wealthy, charming man like you.women-are-also-interested-in-you
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