A Guide to Dating Greek Women

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

Do you know that Jennifer Aniston is actually Greek?  Indeed, Greek girls have unique beauty and class.  In this article, you will learn some tasty content that will help you with dating Greek women.

  • Why Greek women prefer Greek men and how you can make her change her mind: Most Greek women prefer Greek men not because they are all very traditional, but because they know Greek men will treat them like their fathers do. Yes, Greek men treat their wives really well, so Greek women want to live like princesses  Therefore, if you want to get a Greek woman, make sure you treat her well, so that she will trust that you can give her a happy future.
  • Greek women have huge families. Have you seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?  That wedding was big and fat because of that huge Greek family.  So you need to be prepared for that – you’ll meet her huge family who can be loud and even ‘obnoxious’.  If you decide to bring a gift for her family, probably you have to prepare more than one gift, because you will not only meet her immediate family, but also meet her extended family – she is close to them as well.  When a typical Greek family has a special occasion, the whole family is there.

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  • Show your interest in Greek culture. The Greek culture is one of the oldest culture in the world.  Ancient Greece produced a lot of concepts regarding math, philosophy, science, and so forth.  Because your Greek lady was raised by a rich culture, she is able to talk about many stimulating topics and you won’t be bored.
  • Greek women believe in fortune telling of a coffee stain on a cup. If your Greek girlfriend is like that, don’t tell her she is superstitious.  Isn’t it interesting to have a lady who notices small beauty in life?  When she says she can see animals, mountains, money or love from your coffee cup, just listen to her carefully and smile.  By the way, I personally think the Greek fortune telling actually makes sense based on my personal experience many years ago – I had a Greek friend who went out for a coffee with me.  At the end of that day, she told me that I am a writer in this lifetime because of what she saw on my coffee cup.  See what I’m doing right now?!
  • Don’t ask her grandmother why she only wears black. If you and your Greek girlfriend are getting married, her grandma may come to the wedding in black.  Don’t be surprised.  Her grandma only wears black after her grandpa passed away because her grandma wants to show some respect for her husband.  That’s a part of Greek culture: after the husband has died, the wife never wears color again.

In this article, you will learn some tasty content that will help you with dating Greek women.

  • Your Greek girl has her name day. You are going to have one more festival each year if your girlfriend is Greek!  Because most Greek names have Saints associated to them, nearly every Greek individual has a name day to celebrate in a calendar year.  For instance, Lydia’s name day is May 20th; Julia’s name day is May 18th.  So you should ask her which day is her name day and remember to celebrate that day with her by having a nice meal together and giving her a present.  She will love you for that.  Having a Greek girlfriend makes your life more festive, doesn’t it?
  • Your Greek girlfriend likes cooking and wants to feed you. Most Greek women are good at cooking.  Think about typical Greek food – spanakopita and pita.  You are very lucky to have a Greek girlfriend as she will feed you.  Please don’t reject her food.  She wants you to eat well.  If you are worried about putting on weight, maybe doing more exercises is a better option.

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  • She likes hand slapping and leg slapping. It’s just what Greeks do.  When she is explaining something or finds something really funny, she will do hand slapping or leg slapping.  All you need to do is to smile and nod.  Soon you’ll get used to this and won’t even notice her habits anymore.
  • Her mom will open her letters. If you send your Greek girlfriend a letter, her mom may open it before she does.  This is because Greek mothers are very protective of their daughters.  So her mom just wants to make sure that her daughter is all right.    It seems that you’d better send her emails instead.  But if you do want her mom to know something before your girlfriend does, simply send a snail mail.
  • Her name is probably Maria. I know at least five Greek women called Maria.  I asked one of them why this name is so common.  Maria told me that Greek women use their grandmothers’ names and Maria is the most common Greek female name.
  • You will go to Greece for holidays quite often. Greek people love Greece very much, so whenever your Greek girlfriend has a holiday, she will want to take you to Greece.  I know a Greek Canadian lady who lived in Canada for more than forty years, but recently she has moved to Greece permanently.  I asked her why she wants to return back to Greece.  She says she still feels that Greece is the best country in the world.
  • You will need to remember her cousins’ names. Because her extended family is huge and close to her, she will introduce her cousins to you.  My suggestion is: You can use your phone to take some notes – write down each cousin’s name and features so that you can remember them clearly.  When you meet her cousins next time, you should look like you already know them quite well (or at least know who they are).  Then her cousins will tell her that you are a caring guy.

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