Top 4 Best Places to Meet Rich Women


Finding a rich woman isn’t an easy task in this day and age because there are always more rich men than rich women out there. But if you are really determined, you can still do it!

  • Go to upscale cocktail parties. If you go to a nightclub, the richest person that you can meet there is the millionaire guy who has booked a table in the nightclub. Most rich ladies never need to go to nightclubs! The truth is many nightclubs offer girls free entry so that there are more women for millionaire men to meet inside the nightclub! That means ladies who go to these nightclubs aren’t rich (they can be broke); therefore, nightclubs are the last place to go if you’d like to meet wealthy women. However, you can go to upscale cocktail parties (a different social occasion) where the ambience is elegant. Please note that most rich girl saren’t crazy bitches, so they wouldn’t go to a crazy nightclub; instead, they go to elegant venues (e.g. upscale cocktail parties). That basically means you should say yes to each and every invitation & do some research on Google and Instagram to find out what the venue looks like beforehand. In this way, you will know the dress code of the venue so that you can dress up and impress rich women there. Also, don’t forget to arrive early. When you arrive early, the host of the party has to talk to you first, so you instantly have a new friend (the host is oftentimes the most important friend that you should have at the cocktail party). Then when other guests arrive, the host will have to introduce you to everyone of them, including wealthy beauties.Go to upscale cocktail parties
  • Find a job in a company run by a rich woman. Nowadayswomen and men both have equal access to resources in the society, so there are many female entrepreneurs these days. In fact, statistics show that there are probably more female entrepreneurs than male entrepreneurs in America when it comes to small businesses and startups. In other words, you will be able to meet rich women if you work for a company run by a wealthy lady. For instance, when you are looking for a job, you should do sufficient research online – find out which companies are run by successful women. Once you’ve found such a woman’s profile on her company’s website, remember to search her name on social media so that you will know whether she is single or not based on the photos that she posts. Usually, women in relationships will tell the entire world that they are in love. If this woman isn’t in a relationship based on what you’ve seen on social media, you should apply for a job in her company so that you can seduce her and make her yours.Find a job in a company run by a rich woman
  • Go to high-profile weddings. Sadly, you weren’t invited to Prince Harry’s wedding where there are many eligible rich girls. But don’t worry – you can still go to other high-profile weddings! If you’re invited to a high-profile wedding, you should also arrive early so that you can have a chance to meet and evaluate every girl If you are not invited to any high-profile weddings, you can still do some research and find out where and where these weddings are held in your local area, and you should be there as well! When you go to a wedding without an invitation, usually those people wouldn’t find it out until at least 30 minutes later because everyone is busy thinking about themselves. Then you can say, “I think I’ve come to a wrong wedding because the groom and the bride aren’t the couple that I was expecting to meet today. Sorry, I think I’ve got the address wrong.” This is actually very endearing, so those people will probably ask you to stay for the reception anyway. Then it’s your perfect opportunity to chat up rich ladies there!Go to high-profile weddings
  • Join a cougar dating site. If the above-mentioned three methods are too hard for you, you would be well-advised to join a cougar dating website because joining a dating site is like making passive income – the site has to automatically send eligible single rich women to you regularly. That is to say, if you don’t have outstanding dating skills to get rich quick by dating rich women, you’d better leverage modern technology and join a cougar dating app/site. Some cougar dating websites are for sugar mommas to meet male sugar babies (AKA toy boys), but some luxury dating sites are about introducing successful women to younger men so that they can build meaningful relationships. It is said that not every cougar dating site charges its male users membership fees (their business model is to charge cougars’ membership fees), so you should definitely check it out.Join a cougar dating site
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