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Rondevo review
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Rondevo Review

Front page:

Unlike many other dating sites, has a very detailed front page.

The nice and harmonious layout depicts a pretty woman breathing the fresh air on the background of the blue sky: it seems, she is in love. Another big picture below is also of romantic kind.

The registration field is brief, neat, and intuitive.

There are real users’ photos and names on the front page: usually 12 of them, both women and men. One cannot see from where they are but judging by names, there are many Russian and Ukrainian girls. Some male members are young enough too although the site proclaims its target audience is 40+. In general, the photos are of great quality and very well chosen.

The site guarantees qualitative services, absolute safety, and highly professional customer support.

Then comes the “About us” section where the site is called “Premium” which is synonymous to the high price. At the same time, the site reveals its main purpose: connecting serious-minded singles for lasting relationships.

From this little introductory text, we learn that Rondevo is in the dating market for over 10 years now. A big number of success stories is also mentioned.

The site guarantees anti-scam protection putting it on the 1st place. It also tells us about its very precise and qualitative matching system. Although automatic, it works perfectly and is build with the use of the newest innovative algorithms.

Finally, there is a list of available payment options in the bottom of the front page and another reassuring that users are safe here with their bank information and personal data. From there, we can be redirected to such sections of the site as Disclaimers, Contact us, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Refund policy, Cookie policy, and Report abuse.

Any further questions or issues can be solved by the email:

Signing up:

Signing up is free and easy. One fills just a few basic fields on the front page and gets the access to the more detailed questionnaire. It includes classical questions such as the presence and/or willingness to have kids, preferred height and weight range, etc. At the end of registration, the user is additionally suggested and encouraged to post a profile photo.

Profile quality:

Profiles on are mostly quite qualitative. Women are encouraged to fill all fields properly and in depth just like men are encouraged to add at least one photo. Girls’ profile photos are also obviously pre-moderated as only good and appropriate ones are selected and posted. Girls look smiling and welcoming on them, without being vulgar or too revealing. They mostly wear feminine dresses and have long flowing hair but at the same time, photos are casual enough, without being too glamorous or Photoshopped. As a result, the impression is quite natural and pleasant.


Terms of Use describe and regulate such services as sending ice-breakers, messaging, the real gifts delivery, and so on. There are special paragraphs about the age restrictions (from 18 y.o. only), polite and correct behaviour, etc.

Therefore, we can see that Rondevo dating site is legit and it provides all kinds of services which prove that, including the real gifts delivery to the girls with confirming photos. This kind of service covers several countries but mainly Eastern Europe.

It is important to note that credits purchased and spent are usually not refundable, but a member can get a refund in case of cancelling the gift delivery order before it is processed.

Terms of Use also contain the full postal address of the Company with the head office in Cyprus.

Safety level:

It can be said for sure that is a safe site. Let’s see why exactly:

  • Although some profile photos can be seen by everyone for free, there’s just a small number of them and the country or city aren’t mentioned. The whole gallery is available only to registered paid members.
  • The most modern measures are taken in order to protect the bank card information and all financial transactions.
  • This particular site cares a lot about protecting the users’ personal information ever shared through the messages or in other ways. Not only it is protected by technical means and manually by the administrators, but also the users are constantly reminded to follow the basic security rules, stay away from scammers, report the suspicious users urgently, and so on. The anti-scam protection is also strong and many-sided.

Pros and cons:

Among the pros, we would list such obvious advantages as 10+ years in the dating market and a huge professional experience along with real success stories; well-protected site with many features and possibilities; and detailed, very clear and fair Terms of Use that include a guaranteed refund in particular cases.

Among the cons, we would only mention the lack of new surprising services and somewhat limited database at the moment. Both factors can be improved in no

Phone app version:

There’s no Rondevo app for the moment.

Users’ comments:

“ was really interesting to me because I didn’t expect it to contain so many profiles of real Eastern European girls, not only those ones who live in the countries of former USSR but also those ones who already moved to the West and remain single. It’s a very budget-saving option because you don’t need to worry about the visa, tickets there and back all the time, explaining things to her parents, and many others. I personally met several girls, Russian and Ukrainian, who already stay in the USA for work or studies, and I met them exactly thanks to Rondevo! All girls were real and didn’t hunt for my wallet only. I especially liked one of them and we are dating now. I even don’t need to be in hurry with the marriage as she is already able to stay here legally by her own means. It really makes the relationship much less stressful but keeps all the advantages of Slavic mentality and beauty. I’m sure we are together for good and it’s amazing!” (Michael, 39, Washington, DC)

“Well, first of all, I have no idea why Rondevo isn’t very popular, it has all the potential for that. I would prefer it to have more Slavic girls in its database, but even those existing ones are of high quality. No one tried to scam me on this site and it was such a shock for me. I literally don’t remember even one dating platform for the last decade which wouldn’t be partially fraudulent. But here girls are sending to me unique personal messages and their life stories aren’t about the troubles only to make me feel pity for them. It’s a normal communication! Wow! I started to respect women from this part of the world again. I sent a gift to one girl and it has been delivered, we switched to the personal communication after that. She isn’t trying to hide or to avoid me. I wasn’t very trusting after my former experiences, honestly, but now I am more than convinced. Going to fly to her soon! Thanks Rondevo!” (Alex, 42, Dusseldorf)Meet new girl

“ is a very very pleasant and trustworthy dating site with a diligent attitude. If you prefer free or cheap platforms, it isn’t for you, but if you want quality and safe settling down with a nice Eastern European girl, this is your place. I felt so comfortable signing up, starting my first conversations, and discussing views on future with the girls. I finally was respected and cared about, it was such a forgotten feeling. To make the long story short, I met Alina from Saint-Petersburg, and she was fairly intelligent and kind. I flew to her several times and even met her parents, everything was better than expected. She is going to come for a long visit now and none of that would ever happen if not Rondevo. No wonder it isn’t in the scam list or black list over the Internet: the negative reviews are absent just because there are none of them. I told about this site to all single friends of mine. Well done Rondevo! By the way, it isn’t just for 40+ folks so in fact, everyone can try his luck there.” (Alan, 46, London)

“I prefer to use better known and more populated dating sites but I made an exception for this one. My co-worker said Rondevo is surprisingly legit so I decided to try. Well, I perfectly know all warning signs already but I didn’t noticed anything suspicious here so far. I wasn’t bombarded by stupid copypaste messages and no one told me honey, send me money. All talks were reasonable and meaningful, every girl wrote in her own style, and the majority of them were willing to meet in real. Wow! I immediately invited the hottest one to visit me in the US but she quickly disappeared as she had so many other admirers online. Next time I was more cautious and invited just a good-looking girl who seemed to have similar interests in life. She came to me and even paid a part of the ticket cost! I was lucky she flew to America before and her father could be supportive with the money. Well, I just wanted to check her honest intentions so I shall be more gallant in near future organizing all things by myself. We are going very well and I’m thinking to stay with this girl. Rondevo is kind of cool.” (Richie, 41, East Grand Rapids)

Final verdict: is unfairly underestimated dating site you won’t find a lot of information about. However, after our very thorough research and particularly the analysis of users’ reviews, we are strongly convinced that Rondevo is safe and effective enough to be in the Top-20 of the most trustworthy sites dedicated to Eastern European dating and other kinds of international dating. offers the solid database of members, not very low but affordable price, great features including such reassuring ones as the gifts delivery, and a great quality of services. Customer support is rarely good on modern sites. Very often, it is slow, lazy, and ineffective. But Rondevo indeed provides the 24/7 support and solves all issues very promptly.Beautiful girls for chat

It is very well seen that girls’ profiles and correspondence are constantly viewed in checked in order to block the fraudulent accounts ASAP. Men admit that girls never asked them about the money directly, there could only be some hints or questions very easy to avoid. Once being ignored, they never repeat their attempts. The site constantly reminds that suspicious girls should be immediately reported. The administration also greatly welcomes the girls with the Slavic roots who already moved to the East and have professions. This category of women has much more honest intentions. is really the hidden jewel among the sands of loneliness and disappointment. So many forums and other sources are dedicated to men’s negative experience and the lists of scammers, so just a few men are taking the risk nowadays to date online internationally. Fake accounts, bots, tons of ads and commercials, all that spoils the mood and kills any romance nowadays. But the sites like Rondevo, make love on a distance possible again. They seem to find the formula of success that is still unknown to many. But its secret is mainly in care about the client as others care only about the profit.

As a summary, we rate Rondevo as high as 4.5 stars and would give 5 if it was cheaper. We recommend it to 40+ (or younger) single Westerners who hope to find love overseas, particularly, within the Eastern Europe. We consider this site to be stable, serious, promising, qualitative, professional, user-friendly, and modern enough to catch any single man’s attention.




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  • my comment is more of a question because I’ve been on other sites too like VICTORIA HEARTS. and so my question is they look to be the same sites just using different titles ! I like the women on both sites but their seem to be similar or even the same profiles on both and when you compare the sites they seem to be identical ! If anyone knows about this..please get back to me!


    • My experience is they have professionally trained & photographed women the rondevo lable is on all pictures & it is their job to have you text as long as possible because it is very expensive (a few paragraphs an you spent over hundred dollars I credits) so if you have a lot of money to throw away just trying to get to know a woman wile your conversation is being watched by rodevo and you need to spend at least 1000.00 til you can get personal information of a woman to have a personal conversation with them. Maybe this is the communist influence but it’s not for me. Very beautiful women to spend a lot of money on though.

  • its a scam, all staged photos, exorbitant fees, $30 to view a video, $1.50, to read a text assisted chats, my first day over 100 messages, emails and notification, u do the maths they are making a motza from vulnerable men. shut them down now.

  • Rondevo is like all the other similar sites. The girls push to keep you talking because they get paid a commission. Young girls outside your search criteria constantly send messages, of course they are beautiful but the pictures are not natural, theses are professionally taken by the company. I understand that companies want to make a profit but it should be a true representation of the girls you are talking too and also a true representation of your search criteria.

  • I must have spent over £300 in less than a week before I realised I was being taken for a ride!
    Beautiful women, but all photoshopped, not real and the answers you get are not in sinc’ with what you sent? I got very hurt after thinking I’d met a wonderful woman, who was 44 but looked 24 in the photos? Our conversations seemed very real, I started to feel for her, till I read more reviews.
    Very upsetting.

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