How to Date a Sugar Momma

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Statistics show that a growing number of attractive men are choosing the sugar lifestyle, i.e. dating sugar mommas. This is especially true in the United States and Australia. Experts claim that the United States is a country of feminism, so of course America has more sugar mommas than other countries. As to Australia, it is reported that sugar dating is gradually becoming a mainstream lifestyle down under, so dating sugar mommas is not surprising at all. If you are interested in dating a sugar momma (or at least you are curious about this lifestyle), this article is for you.a blonde sugar momma in a grey dress

Join a sugar dating website where you can find sugar mommas instantly. The good news is: there are many more female sugar babies than sugar daddies, but there aren’t so many male sugar babies for a growing number of sugar mommas! That means the competition amongst male sugar babies isn’t fierce (yet). Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to work harder. All you need to do is to work smarter in order to get a sugar momma who will spoil you and give you what you deserve.

Give your sugar momma exactly what she wants. 98% of men can’t give women what they want because they either don’t know what women want or can’t do the right things to make women happy. If you want to become a successful male sugar baby, you have to know what your sugar momma wants and give her exactly what she wants, so that she will give you what you deserve. Women want connection, emotional roller coaster and affection. Women want to hear loving words and feel your gentle touch. (You may listen to Celine Dion’s In His Touch and you’ll get a gist of it). Read a book about how to talk dirty in bed because 98% of men wouldn’t do it, then you’ll meet your sugar momma’s needs.

Women want connection, emotional roller coaster and affection. Women want to hear loving words and feel your gentle touch.

Set up the right terms and conditions from the beginning of your arrangement with a sugar momma. Don’t assume your sugar momma knows how arrangements work just because she is older than you. In fact, it is your responsibility to figure out how an arrangement works before you enter the sugar bowl. At the beginning of your relationship with a sugar momma, you would be well-advised to talk about terms and conditions with her on the first or second date. For instance, towards the end of the first date, you can say, “Have you had an arrangement before?” If she says “Yes”, you can ask, “What was that arrangement like?” Then automatically, she will tell you the allowance that she gave her previous sugar baby. If she says “No, I never had an arrangement before”, you can directly bring up allowance as a part of your discussion. Of course, you will clarify what activities you two will do together, whether the arrangement is confidential or not, the amount of allowance she needs to give you and how often she gives you allowance and gifts. These are very important things that you must discuss at the beginning of your arrangement with a sugar momma. Once this part is done, you can relax and enjoy your mutually beneficial relationship because you know there is nothing to worry about – all the important aspects are already taken care of.a blonde sugar momma in a bright floral dress

Date a sugar momma that you actually like. When you date an older woman just for her money, the experience wouldn’t be very enjoyable. But if you date a cougar that you actually like, you’ll feel rewarded tremendously. Consequently, you may need to meet more than one sugar momma before you decide which cougar you actually like. A recent survey indicates that there are more sugar mommas in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles, so if you want to meet more sugar mommas and have more options, you may consider moving to a big city where you can meet a lot of cougars (and you’ll be interested in some of them).

The main difference between a sugar daddy and a sugar momma: Most sugar daddies want to keep their arrangements confidential, whereas at least 50% of sugar mommas are happy to go out with their male sugar babies in public because younger men make them look good.

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