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It is said that Thai women are extremely good in bed. According to Anita A., Operation Manager of a well-known Thai women dating website, ladies from Thailand believe that ensuring great sex is women’s job. This is very different from mainstream Western culture in which people think ensuring great sex is men’s job. Anita has kindly shared some of her best tips with us:a beautiful Thai girl

* Most men have a routine when it comes to sex, but a skillful lover shouldn’t have a routine in bed. ‘While most men kiss the lips, touch the breasts, touch the clitoris and then insert the penis, you should totally forget about that boring routine,’ says Anita, ‘Take your time and notice what causes her to arch her back and press up against you – that’s what you should do more. If you only notice her heavy breathing, that’s not a reliable sign because many Thai girls do the heavy breathing in order to be polite only.’ Instead of being turned on by your own arousal, you should allow yourself to be turned on by a hot Thai woman’s arousal. Explore her body in detail first.

It is said that Thai women are extremely good in bed.

* When your mouth is busy kissing her lips or clitoris, don’t forget your hands. ‘Your hands should never be idle because your hands’ job is to drive her desire to the next level,’ says Anita, ‘Although Thai ladies believe it’s their job to make you happy in bed, your attention to detail would be much appreciated.’ Because every woman is different, you need to take some time to know what she wants. Try different pressures, movements and speeds. Don’t forget to trim your nails! If she raises her legs to encircle you, it’s time to enter her.

* How to detect a fake orgasm: Here are some signs of a fake orgasm
1) She moans too loudly;
2) Lack of reddish/pink flush on her face;
3) Lack of sweat on her shoulders;
4) Lack of muscle contractions.

Don’t accuse her of faking an orgasm if you don’t think it’s a real one! She only wants to respect your hard work!a hot Thai woman

* Sex shouldn’t end after having an orgasm. When you finish sexual intercourse, it’s time to put your arm around your Thai girlfriend because she wants to feel loved and safe. This is the perfect time to build a deep connection because most men only want to pass out and fall asleep after having sex. By doing something different, you can easily become the best she has ever had! These all sound quite simple, but it’s not always easy to do.

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