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As a part of our virtual summit, Lulu Y., General Manager Assistant of a famous Korean women dating website, has attended our online interview and shared a wealth of wisdom with our audience:a model-looking Korean girl

* Korean girls are relatively shy, so you need to learn how to read the signals. First of all, if she is interested in kissing you, she will look at your eyes and lips. Also, she would probably lick her own lips or bit her bottom lip. Another signal is she starts to reapply her lip gloss in front of you (that usually means she wants you to focus on her lips). Now you can look at her eyes and then her lips. If she is smiling now, it’s time for you to kiss her.

* When you are kissing a Korean girl, don’t forget to touch her at the same time. Your hands should never be idle while kissing a woman. Your hands should take her passion to the next level (and there is always another level). If you two are doing this in public, that’s even better because Korean ladies would see that as a kind of validation. The good news is there is not a single part of a woman’s body that is not an erogenous zone if it’s touched correctly.

If she is smiling now, it’s time for you to kiss her.

* Sex is much more than intercourse. Learn how to make love to a Korean beauty with your eyes, your words, your touch, your heart and your mind. If you can do that, Korean men can’t compete with you anymore because most Korean men don’t talk during sex. Read some books about how to talk dirty in bed. Find out what makes her feel good and gives her pleasure. Then your pleasure will increase dramatically as a result.a beautiful Korean girl

* Never criticize a Korean woman in the bedroom. ‘Although talking in bed is good, it doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want,’ says Lulu, ‘You should never comment on the size of her breasts because you don’t like what you see – she won’t forgive you if you do that.’

* In order to become a permanently attractive man, you have to make women invest more in you. That means you should induce a woman from Korea to become more invested in you than you are in her. Then sex is only the side-effect or by-product of this process. Sex will become inevitable if you do that for the rest of your life. The best way to achieve this effect is to be a high-value man. But that doesn’t mean you need a lot of money or status. Instead, that means you should only be willing to sacrifice your feelings and thoughts for a woman less than she is willing to do for you.

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