The fundamental differences between Korean women in their 20s and ladies in their 30s

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According to the Korean standards, women in their 30s and women in their 40s are the same – both categories don’t have youth anymore. However, according to western standards, women under 40 are still young. I have interviewed several western men in 2014 regarding this topic – all of them told me that they are happy to date women under 35 years old. In contrast, last week, I interviewed several western men again, yet they told me that they would be happy as long as they have a hole to have s*x with these days.

No wonder a growing number of western men have decided to date Korean women instead of looking for western women.

 Korean girls in their 20s are gorgeous, open-minded and well-educated.

• Indeed, most girls from Korea are good-looking – they know how to look after themselves and never leave the house without makeup on. Meanwhile, they are also quite open-minded – some of them are willing to be in open relationships, as evidenced by the fact that an increasing number of Korean ladies have joined, a dating site for open relationships created by Brandon Wade, founder of Seeking Arrangement.relationship between Korea That tells us something: women from Korea are more open-minded than we think. As to education in South Korea, you would be surprised to know that Korean schools actually teach their students important skills regarding dating and relationships. That has happened because educators in South Korea have realized that many youngsters in Korea don’t know how to interact with members of the opposite s*x properly nowadays, so the marriage rate is declining. Therefore, Professor Jang Jae-sook supports the idea of teaching high school students how to meet potential partners. For example, as a part of their education, every student has to date 3 classmates for a month. Homework includes going out for dates, talking about conflict and jealousy, etc. Clearly, South Korea is progressive in this regard, so Korean girls in their 20s are cultured and well-educated. That’s why they are probably the ideal wives.

 Korean women in their 30s are “buried by The Wall”. Well, that’s obviously a metaphor.

• By that I mean ladies in their 30s are anxious to find husbands because their window for having kids is usually going to be closed by the age of 40. Hence, if you are dating a Korean lady in her 30s and she is a childless woman, chances are she will be very eager to have a serious relationship now. For instance, when she was still in her 20s, she could date whoever she wanted and life was good. But after she turned 30 years old, she knows her looks are fading (or faded already), so it’s becoming harder and harder for her to get high-value men. In this case, she doesn’t want to look too easy because she doesn’t want to play the field anymore. However, she still wants to look sexy so that men will pay attention to her. The problem is when men are attracted to her sexiness, men want something more sexual. Yet she doesn’t want to look easy and get a one-night stand only, so she begins to withdraw her sexiness and only wants to display why she is wife material. That puts men off quickly. I remember attending an event run by a dating coach for women.Korean beauty A Korean lady in her late 30s was asking this question, “I’m about to turn 40 years old and I really want to become a mother. That’s why I’m freaking out. I don’t have children.” Obviously, her real problem isn’t childlessness; her real problem is that she can’t get guys. The dating coach on the stage literally said, “I feel a bit sorry for women because there is a window for women to have children, whereas the window for men to have children is much wider. I think if women can function like men biologically, meaning if women can have children in their 70s and 80s, men will freak out! Anyway, I think one way to deal with your concern is stop thinking about having your own biological children and start thinking about adopting children in the future if it’s necessary. For example, I don’t think passing on my genes is that important. I don’t care whether my child has got my nose or not. I’m very happy if my DNA isn’t passed on. Children who are adopted are just as valuable and important as your biological children. If you have this mindset, it will liberate you.” Frankly, that’s much easier said than done. Easy for him to say. I understand the fact that when a Korean woman doesn’t care whether she is going to be childless forever or not is very liberating, but I am also aware of the fact that having her own children is very different from adopting some kids. After that event, this Korean beauty went back to South Korea and bought a sperm from the sperm bank. That donor is an artist. At the age of 39, she gave birth to a boy, but that’s a stillbirth. A very sad story. But it’s a true story. She says that was the hardest part in her life.

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 There are many childfree women in Korea.

• Although most women want children at some stage in their lives, there are still some Korean women who don’t want to have children. “I’m not childless. I’m childfree. That’s my choice because I just want to enjoy life and I hate sleepless nights when I have to look after babies. I just want to sleep well, eat well, play well and work well,” says a Korean woman in her 30s, “I don’t want to die in childbirth.” Her mindset is very healthy and positive because that’s her genuine choice. Korean beautiesShe looks much more vibrant and upbeat than most Korean ladies in their 30s because of her spirit. Korean beauties like that have become powerful, empowered, strong, rich and influential women in their country these days, because a lot of these childfree ladies have built successful companies and are enjoying a high life. They don’t need to deal with the balance between motherhood and career, so their overall happiness is definitely more than those childless Korean women looking for husbands desperately.

 No matter they are in their 20s or 30s, they don’t want to look like Chinese or Japanese, although women from these three countries look very similar.

• I know this statement sounds politically incorrect, but it’s true. As Asian dating expert David Bond once said in his interview on a YouTube channel called Angel Dodger, “If you want to offend a Korean woman, you can just say, “Oh, you look like a Chinese person’ – then she will be offended immediately” That’s because the relationship between Korea, China and Japan has never been very positive. That’s the sad part in Asia because Korea, China and Japan are the three most important economies in East Asia, yet these three countries aren’t really friends. dating a Korean ladyAlso, in 2001 when a Japanese lecturer was teaching Japanese language in a Korean university, she saw a group of Korean students burning the Japanese flag in front of the classroom on the first day. That’s truly sad. If these three eastern Asian countries can become closer friends, Asia will certainly become a much more powerful region in the world.

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