How to Get Laid in Korea: A Guide to Seduce Seoul Women

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has the best women in East Asia.  In a way, they are better than Japanese women because Japanese women are well-known for their low libido.  In contrast, Korean women have higher libido.  Therefore, chances are you’ll get laid relatively easily in South Korea if you know how!  Without further ado, let’s start by talking about how to kiss a Seoul girl.

  • Go to nightclubs where Westerners frequent in Seoul.  In Asian culture, going to nightclubs is not an activity that Asian people usually do, and Asians think Westerners love going to nightclubs.  Therefore, Seoul girls who go to nightclubs are less traditional than other women in South Korea, and if you want to have more sex in Seoul, that’s the type of girls you should look for.  And some Seoul girls only go to nightclubs where westerners frequent, because they want to meet Westerners who are like you!  Another benefit of going to nightclubs is: women expect to flirt with men in this environment, so they are more open.a youg beautiful Korean girl


  • How to escalate smoothly and go for the kiss.  When you are talking to her, touch her naturally first, e.g. say “Your bracelet is pretty” and touch her hand.  If she reacts well, then you can say “Your earrings are pretty, too” and touch her hair by moving her hair in order to see her earrings.  If she gives a positive response, you say “When did you wash your hair?  Let me guess” and then you smell her hair.  If she still reacts well (maybe she is turned on now), you stop talking and look at her while tilting your head – if she is okay with this, you know you can kiss her.


  • Kiss management When you try to kiss her, the only rejection is she leaves the interaction.  Otherwise, she is actually interested.  For instance, when you try to kiss her, she turns her face.  But it doesn’t mean she is not interested in it.  In fact, now you should kiss her cheek and her neck.  As a matter of fact, ladies in Seoul probably love this kind of kiss even more, because in their culture, women are supposed to be indirect.  Also, if she is turned on by what you do, probably she will turn around and kiss you later on.  Now you know she is sexually available.

Korean women have high libido.  Therefore, chances are you’ll get laid relatively easily in South Korea if you know how!


  •  How to tell if she wants to get you Sometimes, you don’t even need to work hard to get Seoul women, because they want you more than you want them.  Here are some signs that tell you she actually wants you:

#1. The eye contact is intense and she is okay with it.

#2. She looks at your lips rather than your eyes.

#3. She is looking for excuses to touch you.

  • Having sex quickly is more important than you think.  When you have built massive sexual tension with a Seoul lady, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to have sex with her quickly.  That’s because once you’ve slept with her, she is more attached to you.  Then you can decide whether you want a relationship with her or not – the situation will be much easier to manage after having sex with her.  Better still, having same-night sex allows you to keep the strong sexual vibe.  If you wait until a few days later, she may change her perception about you.  But tonight she sees you as a seductive western man, so you’d better just have sex with her before tomorrow morning.  If you are only looking for a fling in Seoul, having same-night sex is also a great option because she hasn’t emotionally attached to you a lot yet.  So the conclusion is: sleeping with a Seoul woman on the night you meet her is beneficial in every way.a beautiful Korean girl with pony tail


  • What to do if you aren’t sure whether she is ready to sleep with you or not.  Sometimes it’s hard to read a Korean woman, because you are from a very different culture (if not completely different)!  But there is a way to test her and eventually lead her.  Let’s have a look at the example below.

Step 1: You’ve connected with her verbally.

Step 2: You’ve physically escalated and she reacts really well.

Step 3: You say “Let’s go.  I’m gonna show you something really cool.  And my wine is ten times better than the wine here.”  Then take her to your place.  If she says no, you tell her “You can’t stay for long as I will have to get up early tomorrow.”  Then you talk about something else (never have a logical debate with her and just head for your home).  If she says no, but she is still going home with you, that’s not an objection.  Chances are she only wants to look like a good girl and is worried that you may think she is a slut.  But if she physically objects to you, you should leave her alone.

Step 4: After she has entered your place, ask her to take off her shoes.  This is because physiology leads psychology, i.e., when she has sex, she never wears shoes; therefore, you need to make her feel that she is ready to have sex in a way.  After that, you’ll gradually escalate slowly and you’ll know when she is ready.

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  • wow! that’s amazing. if you could tell me how many women you have seduced during your time, that would be great! I myself have eyes on a certain Korean girl, 😉 but she’s only 18… should I pursue her?

  • What the fuck is this even LOL I’m a Korean girl and the only thing i know from this is that you’re quite a tryhard. Ouch.

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