Top 5 Places to Meet Single Women in 2019 (Some May Surprise You)

Top 5 Places to Meet Single Women in 2019

Are you looking for a girlfriend? Maybe you just want to find a lover, a fling or a cougar. No matter what you are looking for, the following 5 places won’t disappoint you. Some of these activities are cheap; some are expensive, so I’ve added dollar signs next to each activity so that you can plan a budget accordingly ($ = cheap; $$ = expensive; $$$ = very expensive).

#1 Online dating apps ($)

Online dating apps
This option is affordable, simple and convenient. All you need to do is to download a reliable dating app and create a dating profile on your phone. Some trusted dating apps are completely free; some may charge a fee. But even if there is a membership fee, it’s still much cheaper than most other options because to be honest, you are using a service to benefit yourself – why should you get it for free? There is always a price to pay, no matter it’s a membership fee or having to view many ads on free dating apps. Anyway, we recommend these 100% free dating apps: Brilic, Tinder and Bumble. As to dearer dating apps, you may try Raya, The League and Elite Singles. The disadvantage of using dating apps is although you can instantly contact many single women, the conversion rate is lower, meaning this method can generate a lot of leads, but most of them are low-quality leads. Having said that, joining online dating apps is still the best way to meet single women because this is 2019 and everyone is looking at their phone.

#2 Join an art class ($$)

Join an art class
If you want to learn something like painting or flower arrangement, you can join a relevant art class and meet single ladies. An art teacher told me that the majority of his students are rich widows who learn art as a therapy because he is the best art teacher in that region – of course he attracts many rich women to his classroom. Therefore, if you are interested in dating a cougar or marrying a rich woman, you should probably join an upscale art class. Actually, marrying a rich widow isn’t a bad idea at all because her ex-husband has passed away already – there is no baggage & you can enjoy her ex-husband’s wealth. That being said, if you want to meet younger women, perhaps joining a flower arrangement class is a better option because that subject tends to attract many younger ladies and very few men would be interested in flower arrangement, meaning you won’t have any competition & you can choose whoever you want in your class.

#3 Go to a spa retreat ($$$)

Go to a spa retreat
If your goal is to meet an heiress or date a celebrity, you should totally go to a spa retreat. Remember: In order to meet high-quality women, you must go where they are. Apparently, heiresses and celebrities won’t go to a cheap restaurant and eat bad food. These high-quality ladies will go to prestigious spas to enjoy great food, massages, facials and beautiful scenery. Now it’s time to do some research online and find out which spa is the best near you, and start to save money for your retreat soon. Don’t forget that you need to bring enough clothes for your spa retreat because chances are you will need to change your clothes at least once a day and the retreat can be seven days. A bonus tip: The best spa always has the best chef.

#4 Take an up-scale cruise ($$$)

Take an up-scale cruise
An upscale cruise is the best place for senior dating because most people who take a high-end cruise are older – they have money and time at the same time because they have built their wealth and have retired! Therefore, poor men looking for rich women should totally take an upscale cruise. If you can’t afford that, you may consider selling your car and catching the bus so that you can create opportunities to meet a cougar or a sugar momma who will financially support you and that’s your return on investment. Please note that some wealthy women literally never leave the cruise ship because they are so rich!

#5 Attend hightea parties ($$)

Attend hightea parties
This option is for bold men who don’t feel intimidated by many single girlswho rock up together. When you attend a hightea party by yourself, you will meet a lot of single beauties who go to this high-tea party. The benefit of this option is you don’t have any competition because very few men would attend a hightea party. When you rock up, you can directly approach a group of hot girls and say, “I booked this hightea party last month, but my ex-girlfriend broke up with me last week, so I come here alone. You all look very cool. Can I join you?” Now you’ve told them two things:

1) you are single, straight and available;

2) you are impressed by them. As a result, they will want you to join them.

After you’ve joined these sexy girls, the topic of the conversation naturally becomes dating and relationships because you just told them you and your ex-girlfriend broke up already – now these hot women’s natural instinct is to nurture you!

Which of the above-mentioned five places is your favorite? Don’t forget to leave a comment below before you go& any input is appreciated by us!

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