TenderFling Review: Top reasons to join the pansexual dating site

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TenderFling is one of hookup sites that showers its users with multiple options. Here you find all kinds of casual affairs from tender girlfriend’s experience to the naughtiest and kinkiest sex.

Do not hesitate to try them out, as more as these adult dating tools were specially developed for modern singles and couples with their inquisitive and progressive needs.

Best TenderFling features

Once you enter the site, you see the variety of search alternatives. One can adjust his category and preferences according to his age, marital status, sexual orientation, and so on.

Usually, hookup sites work better if they are covering one particular niche only. But TenderFling com seems to do that all even staying universal and mainstream rather than themed.

Tender datingLocal hookups
Local datingMarried hookups
Looking for girlfriendSingle parent dating
Chat roomLesbian dating
Local chat roomTop Erotic site


Many of these sections are in fact blogs, but also search purposes. The list of them on the main page has an illustrative meaning, just to show that a platform is open for all categories.

Yet, the primary goal was to unite single pansexuals in search. The LGBTQ+ dating market needed such a site keenly. Being so universal in their liking, pansexuals still aren’t covered by media.tenderfling girls

What is pansexual on TenderFling

The definition of pansexuality is relative to gender fluidity so actual today. Many teenagers and youngsters refuse identifying as one solid gender and combine the qualities of several ones.

As for older and mature singles, it’s a great possibility for them to get sex-positive to the fullest and express themselves sexually in all directions. Many choose TenderFling for that.

  • Instant messages
  • Match service
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Live online chat
  • FAQ

This concept of uniting singles who are flexible enough to hook up with any gender as long as they are emotionally and personally attracted, has a great social meaning and importance.

Fresh look at femininity and masculinity, at our kinky needs in sex and self-positioning is awesome. Although not in the top leaders yet, TenderFling keeps on going and winning hearts.

TenderFling Pricing and payment details

Experts think, it’s a good thing that TenderFling isn’t free. It helps weed out non-serious visitors and trashy applicants, leaving mostly decent profiles on and uniting committed folks.

TenderFling belongs to the sites that basically cannot be used without Premium. But the price isn’t too high, especially comparing to some LGBTQ+ apps where membership is pretty costly.

3-day Trial$4.47

Premium Light (1 month) – $34.99

Premium Standard (3 month) – $59.96

Premium VIP (6 month) – $95.94

It makes more sense to pay for 6 months at once, as it saves you quite a bit of money. Pansexual search is more a lifestyle than a quest for LTR, so a half of year is a realistic period of usage.

Premium members can contact other users without limits, apply advanced search, and enjoy all other features of the site. If you want to get effective with TenderFling, upgrade from the start.

Experienced users recommend, however, to cancel automatic payments once you made your purchase. Otherwise, it will be prolonged by the system each time the paid period ends.

Hookups and dating on TenderFling

The site claims to be for dating only, so one should be really cautious and polite for approaching casual partners. Even if someone hopes for support, there are no open escorts online.

So, just do your best for courtship. Ask them about their interests, their preferences in a relationship, favorite items as presents. Be ready they’ll ask you frank questions in return.

Why exactly you prefer pansexuality, what kind of bi-curious experience you have, and what your plans are for tonight, those are the most common points when you chat on TenderFling.

  1. Send unlimited messages
  2. Exchange photos and videos
  3. View collections of private pics

Local hookups are especially desirable for LGBT folks. It concerns both their traveling and partying in their home city. It’s just convenient to find like-minded or naughty buddies around.

Users’ location can either be detected manually or automatically. TenderFling isn’t the strongest location-based platform, but it is decent and well-serving enough.

With mostly pansexual members present, one can be sure he’ll meet smb easily and quickly using the Nearby tool. Most casual and LTR matches are formed exactly this way.tender cougars

How do I chat on TenderFling

After signing in, one immediately sees his bio to fill or change and the chat section. There’s no group chat or private rooms on TenderFling like on some other platforms, all is kept simple.

One may either start chatting with smb out of his Favorites list, from the search gallery, or from the chat window automatic options. A person may also accept chat invites from other users.

  • Initial messages
  • Pickup lines
  • Test questions
  • Greetings

Suspicious accounts can be reported on TenderFling, but do not expect a very quick reaction from the team. Rather follow your common sense, and decline messages from doubtful personals.

Chatting on TenderFling is reportedly straight to the point and efficient regarding the real meetings. Be polite, use your real and attractive photos, then you’ll reach more people online.

Is it easy to get laid on TenderFling

24-34 and then 50 y.o. pansexual adults prevail in the TenderFling database, therefore, a big part of them are mature and open-minded enough to not be offended by direct sex offers.

But also, a part of members are serious. So, do not jump into conclusions and actions before you read a person’s bio thoroughly. Also, ask in the chat first what their purposes are.

Age groups rate on TenderFling



Once you made sure your intentions are alike, make your offer politely and with respect. Be ready for discussing details and comparing your sexual preferences prior to the real thing.

If a person is too suggestive in his looks, postures on the photos, and dirty talks online, it can be good for hookup seekers but also a bit risky. Maybe, they are gay escorts or sugar baby cubs.

Some experienced guys prefer to avoid folks with too professional photos and outfits on them. But if you’re cool and trendy yourself, that might be a green light for you.tender hookup

Top signs of sexual interest on TenderFling

If you’re a first-timer or a bi-curious person with just a minimal experience, you may want to know how to define if smb liked you. First, they’d wink on you and add to their Favorites list.

Second, their first message would be already enthusiastic and not just neutral like Hello how are you. Use the same pickup strategy when you’re turned on by someone, do not stay cold.

  1. Hey, you’re the hottest one here.
  2. How much are you into pansexuality?
  3. I would like to please you in all ways.

It is just a stereotype that bottom personals are waiting for active one’s initiative. Nope, they can be quite brave and straightforward as well. Read their bio carefully to find out their sex role.

Many believe the best option on LGBT sites is smb universal and a switch. It doesn’t affect their pickup attitude in any way though, all people are different and so are their thoughts.

A good thing about same-sex affairs is that you make friends, first of all, and can always understand each other intuitively. Ask your personal questions without any doubts or fears.free hookups

What is direct messaging on TenderFling

Most members including free ones, would use Instant Messenger on TenderFling. It’s convenient and works both ways. But there is also a direct messenger for paid members.

It’s the same as a Private Chat Room and is created for texting, photo and video exchange with webcam models. It’s a very spicy and kinky feature, so it’s worth using it.

Webcam personals make a big part of TenderFling database. Some of them can be met in real while others provide virtual sex only. It’s pretty encouraging to talk to them directly.


Porn stars




Whether those are your sexual fantasies or a hookup offer, a webcam personal on TenderFling is going to meet your needs. Just make sure they live in your region and remain up to date.

Another question to ask is whether they charge for their sex services in real life, or date without profit. Those can be escort folks or genuine young singles seeking casual partners.sex hookup women

How to have sex on TenderFling

One can do many things on TenderFling aside from dating or getting laid. That is a happy ending online, sex education, kinky communities membership, friendships, and partying.

But to be clear, adult sites are mostly joined exactly with the purpose of real meetings for sex. TenderFling is focused on local hookups and has a special geolocation tool for that.

So, you can choose any hot person suggested by the matching system, and chat with them to find out if they’re open to getting laid. The best is to organize that within the next few nights.

Search purpose rate on TenderFling, %



Signing up on TenderFling

Like on the majority of sites, there is simply a Sign up button on the main page helping you become a member. Your email, password, and preferred name are needed to complete.

Note that you do not need the real name, unless you’re famous and want to attract more with your popularity. Folks normally choose the nickname that would describe their sex specialty.

  • Top personal
  • Universal
  • Switch
  • Bottom personal
  • Kinkster

One can adjust his account by adding some alluring photo and typing a brief intro. Users normally do not go into details, while webcam personals are interested in presenting themselves.

All categories can basically surf the site or load the content without any extra effort. But it will be needed when the competition is getting bigger and one’s profile should be highlighted.

Otherwise, the TenderFling profile is very easy to create and use. There’s no complex verification or quizz questions like on similar dating sites. Things are kept straight to the point.online hookups

How to set up a hookup date on TenderFling

Since it’s more a social network for adults, memberrs rarely share any direct contacts for the real meeting. But it’s not that hopeless. First, some are thots or sex workers even before they join.

So, they can be contacted and their companionship ordered confidently. Otherwise, just send a PM to someone you liked, but be ready they’re gonna charge you a bit, to weed out risky dudes.

A quickie – from $5

1 hour of time – from $25 or a dinner

Full night – from $200

If some user is a professional dominatrix, they most probably has real-life clients, and you can approach them. But if they are regular people, a sex offer would be inappropriate.

Of course, you can always call a person out and take her to a hookup date. If things go well, there can be a hookup. But that’s always individual, as TenderFling isn’t an escort listing site, after all.online chat singles

Can I get a unicorn on TenderFling

It is most likely you will find dozens of young personals in your area via TenderFling. It’s because single students choose to earn some pocket money there with their hotness.

Some of them would probably accept meeting a couple, or bringing their female friend to a client. But they aren’t obliged to, and no one should chase you even if they’re super sexy.

To be honest, searching for unicorns went more common than seeking partners for cheating in marriage. They surely can be found on this site as well, just some might be gender-fluid.





Cisgender females

Young call girls can be ordered on sites like Listcrawler, while TenderFling is for virtual sex and real-life dating. It is highly advised to start from these purposes before trying unusual ones.

Otherwise, folks can get inspired by open unicorns online, their looks, and kinks. Any topics can be discussed in PM or in the comments thread, including threesomes and swinger exchange.

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