Dating a Big Beautiful Woman: What a wonderful experience!

Big beautiful women dating is becoming more and more popular these days because there are so many big girls who are absolutely gorgeous! So, big handsome men are attracted to them so much!

Location 1: Arizona

Phoenix has the biggest number of big beautiful women and big handsome men because it is the capital of Arizona. Although Arizona isn’t really a wealthy state, its total gross state product was not low – US$259 billion in 2011. Therefore, it can be seen that Arizona is a bigger economy than smaller countries like Finland, Ireland and New Zealand. That is to say, the economy of Arizona is actually great. So, ladies in Arizona are doing pretty well in the local work-force.

Location 2: Michigan

Michigan is one of the most popular and populous states in the US (its population is about 10 million). As one of the biggest metropolitan economies in the United States, Detroit has a lot of big beautiful women and big handsome men.

Location 3: Manitoba

Manitoba is the 5th most populous province in Canada with 1.3 million people. Its biggest city Winnipeg has a lot to offer. It is said that big handsome men in Manitoba are as romantic as Frenchmen, so big girls who are definitely hot enjoy dating plus size men here. Truthfully, more than 15% of its population speak French and English. Also, many plus size singles are very wealthy here because they make money through mining and chat date

Location 4: Ontario

As the most prosperous place in Canada, Ontario has many high-value plus size singles looking for love. For instance, in Toronto, there are many big handsome men dating plus size women who are very attractive. They go out for dates at the local spa – Touchstone on Lake Muskoka, Deerhurst Resort, Oakwood Resort and Grail Springs are very well-known spa resorts here.

Location 5: Queensland

Australian singer Darren Hayes was born in Queensland, a beautiful state in Australia. Darren once said, “I actually find overweight individuals very attractive. Well, I have to be careful because my husband isn’t overweight.” Indeed, there are many big beautiful women and big handsome men in Queensland. If you go to Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, you can see a lot of plus size ladies and gentlemen going to bars, pubs and restaurants here.

Location 6: New South Wales

Research indicates that ladies in New South Wales are the hottest women in Australia. Further analysis shows that because there are many more women than men in Sydney, the competition amongst women is extremely fierce here. That’s why women in Sydney dress better. Curvy women in New South Wales are open to the dating culture because they are less guarded than people from other places.Two couples bbw

Location 7: Tasmania

Well-endowed women are everywhere in Tasmania! If you go to the Hobart Summer Festival during Christmas holidays, you will meet a lot of big beautiful women there. Many big handsome men also go to the Taste of Tasmania (a big part of the festival) to pick up girls. When fine local & international food and wine are offered, the atmosphere is truly romantic here.

Location 8: Guam

Guam is a US territory in the western Pacific Ocean. With more than 162,000 people living in this territory, it’s the biggest island in this region. Interestingly, a lot of big handsome men and foreign tourists go to the campus of Guam Uni to pick up curvaceous girls. These ladies are very hot because most of them are mixed race women.Beautiful young brunette girl

Location 9: Wyoming

Let’s have a look at North America again. Wyoming is not the most famous state in the United States, but if you have fat fetish, you must visit Wyoming! Every year many chubby chasers go to Wyoming to meet big beautiful women. Many of them are already married to these lovely ladies. What’s more, the divorce rate in Wyoming is pretty low because Wyoming does not levy an individual income tax, meaning people actually keep more money for themselves! No wonder their marriages are more stable.

Location 10: Virginia

The capital of Virginia is Richmond where you can meet so many women with big boobs. As a foodie city, Richmond has a nickname – The River City. Even Reese Witherspoon likes southern cuisine here. You can read Reese Witherspoon’s book to learn more about this.

Location 11: Nashville

Instate dates happen all the time in Nashville because this place has so many venues for performing arts and entertainment! Apart from that, its foodie culture is ideal for big beautiful women and big handsome men who like yummy food – having dinner dates is very rewarding in Nashville.

Well-endowed women and big handsome men should totally meet each other and fall in love.

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