Dating Somali Women: A Guide 2019

Dating Somali Women

Somali women share a lot of similarities with Ethiopian women: Chocolate skin, strong religious values (some Muslim, some Christian) and killer bodies full of curves.

Although some Somali women may have a bad reputation for being gold diggers, on this post, we’ll break down some good reasons to try dating Somali women that will (hopefully) change your mind.

Scroll down to read our guide to date Somali women!

A guide for dating Somali women

1) Somali women are elegant

If you’re tired of women who dressed slutty, you’ll love the elegance of Somali women because it leaves more room for the imagination, but always with clothes that fit their figure nicely to accentuate their curves.

While traditional and conservative Somali girls usually wear a hijab, modern Somalian will wear trendy clothes that is tight but not revealing, which makes them the perfect girls to introduce to friends or family because they will be the perfect plus one.

Somali women know how much skin to show to attract whoever they want without showing all of their colors at once. They are a mystery that slowly unfolds in front of a man’s eyes. Enjoy the view as it is revealed!

about dating Somali women

2) Somali women love their culture

If getting familiar with Somali culture is a reason why you’re interested in dating Somali women, you’ll be happy to know that these girls are incredibly informed and proud of their heritage, their traditions, habits and customs.

Furthermore, while dating Somali women, you’ll discover how interested they are in showing you where they come from and making you feel at home. It doesn’t hurt that you’re a foreign man either since they are naturally attracted to anyone who’s different and can teach them new things about the world.

Meeting Somali women equals discovering what their country is all about!

dating Somali women guide

3) Somali women love their privacy

If you’re looking for a woman who doesn’t feel the need to spread your entire love life (or sex life), Somali girls are right up your alley!

Because of their traditional upbringing, Somali women like to keep what happens between them and men to themselves. They value having a good reputation and are not willing to be the talk of town, so they also expect their lovers to be discreet at all times.

Although a modern Somali woman may more than willing to hook up or have a one night stand with you, you better not kiss and tell because she won’t be happy and is very likely that she’ll never speak to you again. Consider yourself warned!

“Because of their traditional upbringing, Somali women like to keep what happens between them and men to themselves.”

Meeting Somali women

4) Somali women are known for working hard

One thing that is a BIG no-no to Somali women is laziness. These ladies know a thing or two about working hard, having goals and ambitions, so if you don’t know where your life is headed, there’s a chance that they won’t have any interest in you, at least not for a serious relationship.

If they like you, they will fill you in about their short-term and long-term plans, expecting that you will do the same in return. Somali women appreciate men with a career, someone who’s educated and can carry an interesting conversation.

Somali women also happen to be naturally attracted to foreigner men, which already gives you some points while meeting them. These exotic ladies are as eager to know everything about your culture as they are willing to teach you about theirs. Just show them that you are not afraid to work hard!

modern Somali woman

5) Somali women want men who are respectful and confident

Somali women, like most ladies worldwide, are looking for men who are confident and know what they want in life. However, do not confuse confidence with arrogance because that won’t get you far with these beautiful ladies.

Make sure to be respectful whenever you talk to them, ask for their opinion when it comes to decision making and listen carefully to what they have to say if you want to be with a Somali girl for long.

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  • This information was very helpful. I met a Somali girl in school. She’s told me she was born and raised in Kenya, but whenever she speaks it’s always of being Somali first. She’s quite intriguing seeing how she’s not flirty, but her smile is infectious. I’m a. African American man and although, I’m not exclusively searching for Somali woman, this one has definitely caught my attention so if possible if anyone have any more insight on how to approach her (like any pointers or tips) would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

  • Well I’m a Somali man and Somali women marrying a foreigners is a taboo since Somalis don’t like mixing with other ethnic group whether white or black

    • Are you a Somali man that lives in Somalia or abroad. The ones I’ve met seem pretty comfortable with me an I’m African American man that isn’t Muslim even though I read the Koran occasionally.

  • You’re fine bro. Don’t listen to that dude. Some Somali guys try to be possessive about Somali women. Ignorant mentality. I hope you can get to know that Somali Kenyan girl better, she sounds very interesting!

    • No brother you are wrong no one is or trying to be possessive abt somali women. Our girls are open minded to anyone despite the ethnicity that one is from bt the guy has be Muslims that is the teaching and the believe every muslim man and woman has. Any girl who did the opposite that is what pleases her SO The idea of “possession” is just a misconception nothing else

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