Top 3 Free Gay Dating Apps in 2019


Everyone is using dating apps to meet new people and make connections you might not have made in real life (IRL). Dating apps are a great tool for people to find like-minded individuals who will make for a potentially amazing date. Dating apps have become essential for members of the LGBTQI community. Gay dating apps have exploded on app stores and most gay men are using them to meet new guys. They’re even more vital if you live in a rural or conservative community. A gay dating app can help you find guys you might not have ever met. Now many dating apps will cost you, but there several that are free for you to use and take advantage of.

Here are some of our favorite free gay dating apps:

Grindr: Grindr is the gay dating app that really skyrocketed the mobile dating scene into normalcy. It’s free, but you can pay to upgrade to subscription based premium account. Grindr is extremely popular, almost too popular. Every gay you’ve ever met (or didn’t know was gay) is in your radius. You already know them. They already know you. It’s become more of a right of passage and less of a way to find dates. That doesn’t mean you can’t find an awesome date on Grindr. It just means that the ubiquity of the app has made it commonplace and sometimes boring. The nudity policy on Grindr is a real bummer and seems antithetical from an app called, “Grindr.” Like, we’re here to grind, okay!? If you’re new to the scene or to a city, by all means use the Grindr app. You’re not going to find a platform with more users. However, if you’re looking to have a little more fun and try something new check out the other gay dating apps on this list.

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Grindr is the gay dating app

Grindr Video Review


Jack’d: Jack’d is where it’s at. Jack has changed a lot over the past couple of years and things were a little rocky for a bit. But lately, Jack’d has become one of my favorite gay dating apps. It’s free. You can sign up easily and quickly and you’ll be browsing profiles in no time. The community at Jack’d seems a bit more laid back and accepting than Grindr. You’ll find a broader catalogue of guys with varied interests and kinks that might stray from the mainstream. Jack’d is convenient and you can search guys in your area or more broadly with ease. The Jack’d team has recently released the ability to look at other users’ interests and how they meet other guys. This will allow you to gain insights and better weigh your options. They’ve also added a swipe-to-match feature that makes swiping through different profiles very easy. It’s really fun almost like a game, but be sure to take time and smell the roses. You don’t want to miss out on one of the great guys who use Jack’d daily.

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Dating App Review: Jack’d

Taimi: Taimi is a new addition to the gay dating app world. Taimi features a clean design and user interface that makes using the app easy and intuitive. The video chat feature alone, is good reason to try this app. If you’re over Jack’d or tired of seeing the same-old-same-old on Grindr, give Taimi a try. The developers behind Taimi state this as their mission: “We aim at building the biggest and safest gay dating community.” They seem to be doing a good job of that. It’s creeping up the “free app” charts and the great user reviews are revealing. Taimi’s profile personalization is one of the best and most flexible of this bunch. You’ll love crafting a profile and then reaping the rewards. There is a paid version of the app you can upgrade to called Taimi XL. You’ll get even more access to other guys and all the other features of the app by upgrading. However, you can still enjoy Taimi for free.

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Taimi gay dating app

Taimi Gay App – Video Review
These are just a few of the hundreds of free gay dating apps available. Don’t just settle on one. You can try a few! They’re free afterall. You should find the perfect app(s) and really run wild with it. If you’re looking to meet more guys and have more dates or sex, you’re going to get a lot of usage from a gay dating app. If you’re into quickies and casual hookups, you’ll be at home on any of these apps. If you’re looking for something more substantial, you won’t be alone. There are all sorts of guys looking for all sorts of things. Most importantly, they’re looking for you. Enjoy these free gay dating apps and feel extra fabulous as you do so!

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