Russian Wives: The Extraordinarily Good-Looking Women on the Planet

a beautifu Russian woman in winter time

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

Where are the perfect “ten” women in the world? The answer is: Women in Russia are the hottest on the planet. That’s because a typical Russian girl is physically attractive and has a pleasant personality at the same time. This is not a common combination in Western countries where hot women are usually high-maintenance. Therefore, a growing number of Western men have started to look for Russian wives. In order to make sure you become successful with the hottest Russian women, you’ll need to up your game. Perhaps you’ve heard of “playing hard to get” before, but instead of playing hard to get, I’d like you to be hard to get. When hot Russian girls want to get you, that’s when you change the game.

* Understand a perfect “ten”’s reality. As a “ten”, she already knows that she is gorgeous. She knows this fact because of the feedback she receives from people all the time. Most men who never learn dating skills compliment her, which makes her very proud of herself. Her ego is your enemy. If you also compliment her like other men, she may want to use you (you’ll buy her drinks, etc.) As a hot Russian woman, she wouldn’t have too many female friends because the majority of Western women are jealous of her attractiveness and tell the world that Russian women are gold-diggers.a beautiful young Russian woman with flowers in her hand

* Be hard to get by showing you are not interested. When you talk to a hot Russian girl, you should either make her want to prove herself or show her that she is not up to your standards. For instance, you can ask her questions such as “Can you cook?” “Are your nails real?” and “Which books do you like reading?” In this way, Russian ladies can feel that you are not easy to get because you have standards.

In order to make sure you become successful with the hottest Russian women, you’ll need to up your game.

* How exactly does being hard to get work? When a hot woman from Russia knows you are a high-value man with standards, she starts to wonder why the hell you are not fascinated by her good looks. Usually, her power is to be hit on by men, but now you are changing the dynamics in the interaction, so she wants her power back, i.e. she wants you to see her as an incredibly high-value woman. Now she is wondering, “Are you a successful professional?” “Are you a celebrity?” or “Are you a rich and powerful CEO?” In this way, your perceived value has been boosted in her eyes.

* How a hot Russian beauty would react to your “being hard to get” and how to deal with it: The hot “ten” would show you that she is even less interested in you because she wants her control back. However, that’s just a part of her game. In the end, she wants to win and make you like her. But isn’t that exactly what you want? Therefore, all you need to do is to be friendly and keep the game going. But you need to make sure that this Russian girl’s confidence is solid. Otherwise, she might hate you. Only truly confident women (confident at core level) can play this game with you. Remember: no matter what, you can’t deliberately put her down; your comments should always be positive and charming.a smiling beautiful Russian woman

* How to present your comments as compliments without putting her on a pedestal: You can say things like, “You seem to be intelligent. Are you an avid reader?” or “You seem like an interesting girl. Do you have a good sense of humor?” But you would be ill-advised if you compliment her looks because that’s what she gets from every other guy out there. If you really want to compliment her looks, you can say something like “You look like a cool girl. Are you also beautiful without makeup?/Do you still look like this when you wake up in the morning?” Now she starts to imagine waking up in bed with you.

* Examples of effective lines that you can use while talking to a hot Russian lady
1) “That’s so funny. You blink a lot.”
2) “You have beautiful legs. Are those five-inch high heels you are wearing?”
3) “Cool nails. Are they real?”

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