How to manage finances in a marriage with an attractive woman

manage finances in a marriage

When you are married to a hot woman, the finances in your marriage is paramount because hot women and average women operate differently in love and in life. Basically, hot girls need more money for maintenance reasons, whilst average women need less money for personal maintenance. How to manage finances in your marriage with a sexy woman should be your top priority because money is the No.

1 reason for divorce in almost every country in the world.

Talk about money with your hot bride before getting married. Many people consider money a taboo topic, so they avoid talking about money altogether. This is especially dangerous if you are going to marry an attractive lady. When you enter a marriage without any understanding of how money is going to be managed in the future, it’s like riding a motorbike without wearing a helmet – very risky! As a result, you must discuss money with your fiancée.

Some key questions are:

1) Are you going to join your finances together or are you going to have separate bank accounts?

2) If you are going to have a shared bank account, do you still need individual bank accounts at the same time?

3) If you will have a shared bank account, how much money are you going to deposit into this shared account?

4) What are the savings goals?

5) How much money are you going to spend on entertainment per month/year?

6) How do you define entertainment, travelling to another country, seeing a concert or reading a fiction? (Different types of entertainment cost different amounts of money.)Talk about money with women


Have a weekly or fortnightly money date with your sexy wife. Most money-savvy people have a “money time” each week or each fortnight. If you get paid each week, you should have a money date once a week; if you get paid fortnightly, you should have a money date every fortnight. Let’s say you get paid every fortnight, then you and your hot wife should have a money date once per fortnight, e.g. on Thursday night of the pay day. During this money time, you and your beautiful wife sit down together and look at your finances, i.e. check your pay slips, transfer money to a savings account, check bank accounts’ transactions and do bank reconciliation if you have a business. And of course, you can pay your bills during money time. When this is done regularly and consistently, you are aware of how much money you make, how much money you save and how much money you spend. Some money gurus even check their bank accounts’ balance every morning when they wake up and appreciate how much money they have daily.

date with your sexy wife

Use different bank accounts to organize your money. Rich people have a habit: they use different bank accounts for different purposes, because certainty and clarity can lead to financial stability and success. For instance, Richard and his Russian wife have been married for two years. They are doing well financially. Their money system looks like this:

Bank Account

1) cash pool – salaries; Bank Account

2) – apart from his day job, Richard has a small business, so this is his business income; Bank Account

3) savings account – they always save at least 10% of their income; Bank Account

4) play money – they transfer 10% of their income to this account and money in this bank account can be spent on things like clothes, having dinners in restaurants, travel, etc.; Bank Account

5) business expense – computer, internet, etc.; Bank Account

6) other bills – electricity, water, gas, mobile phone, etc.

Please note that whenever they get paid, they always pay themselves first and they pay their bills last. Also, they invest their money in real estate and the stock market as well.

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Aim at financial freedom. Financial freedom means your passive income is high enough to cover all your expenses. In other words, you don’t have to work and you still get paid. Now you may wonder how that is possible, right? Well, it is totally possible – a case in point is Donald Trump. I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump doesn’t have to become the president of the United States at the age of 70 in order to live a luxury lifestyle – he could have retired and still get paid because he has established a big business (his business is automated by his employees) as well as a lot of investments that send money to him automatically without him sitting in the office every day. A more practical example is this: Let’s say you have two investment properties which generate $2,000 per month (tenants pay you rent). That should be enough to pay all your basic bills each month. That is to say, you don’t have to go to work and you can still live a decent life from your passive income. If you are married to a western woman, you should consider this option because western women usually need more time from you. Therefore, you should divorce your time from your money and marry a hot woman to enjoy life.

Aim at financial freedom

With the above-mentioned strategies and information, you should be equipped with the right techniques and knowledge about finances in your marriage with a sexy lady.


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