The Modern Rules Of Dating Nepali Women

The Modern Rules Of Dating Nepali Women

Dating Nepali women (or Nepalese) requires some special knowledge and skills, different than those you must have to persuade ladies from other countries.

Nepali women are among the most beautiful in the world, holding the highest number of runner-ups to the Miss World pageant title, an amount that is only tied by Venezuela. Therefore, these ladies know their worth and won’t settle down for a man that they don’t find attractive and/or confident.

If you’re hoping to make a Nepalese girl fall in love with you, you’ll need to take your game to the next level. On this article, we’ll show you what you must know or do to be successful at dating Nepali women. Keep reading to find out!

What You Need to Know Before Dating Nepali Women

1) Careers matter to Nepali women. Most Nepalese ladies have gone to college and are very ambitious, goal-oriented, career women. As a result, it’s not uncommon for a Nepali lady to ask about your education on the first date, hoping that they are meeting a man who knows what he wants in life and has some sort of a respected status in his area of expertise. If you happen to be an engineer, architect, lawyer or doctor, that will, for sure, earn you some points with your dream Nepalese.

Dating Nepali women

2) Nepali women are social butterflies. If you’re a socially awkward and feel uncomfortable around people that you don’t know, there’s a big chance that you won’t mix well with a Nepalese girl. Nepali women love to go out and dance, which is how they get to meet new people on a regular basis. Also, these ladies are very close to their family and friends, so they will probably invite you to birthday parties every now and then. Being able to handle a crowd is extremely important to date Nepali women, but you could also cook for them or take them to see a Bollywood movie whenever you just want to hang out with them.

Nepalese girl fall

“Being able to handle a crowd is extremely important to date Nepali women but you could also take them to see a Bollywood movie whenever you just want to hang out with them”

3) Nepali women can speak a lot of different languages, including English. However, if you really want to impress them, try to learn, at least, some basic Nepali (their native tongue) terms or sayings. Doing this, they’ll get a sense of how important they are for you and how interested you are in communicating well with them, which will help you whether you want to sleep with them or are looking for something more serious. There are several online classes or translating apps that you could use to up your Nepali knowledge before dating Nepalese women, so there are no excuses for you not to improve your Nepalese dictionary. This kind of actions always show a lady that she matters to you, don’t underestimate them!

Nepali women date

4) Nepali women are new to the world of online dating, which can be either on your favor or against you. Historically, arranged marriages have been the norm in Nepal, and have been between Nepali women and men, for the most part. Therefore, as a foreign man, you’ll have some difficulties if you are aiming to date Nepali women, and an even extra hard time if you are hoping to take her to the aisle. However, modern Nepalese ladies are now joining dating apps, so you could search for these girls and use the excitement of the novelty that is meeting people through their phones for them AND the fact that you are from another country to get them to open up to you. Be creative!

successful at dating Nepali women

5) Nepali women are hopeless romantics. Blame their conservative, traditional parents or Bollywood, but they have huge expectations in the romantic department. Open the door for them, move the chair for them to sit at restaurants, give them your sweater when it’s cold, anything old-fashion is appreciated by Nepali women. If you don’t see this for you, think about how sweet they will be and all the little gestures they have for their men. It’s more than worth it!

How do you feel about these tips to date Nepalese ladies? Let us know by commenting below!

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