How to become a seriously rich guy that Indonesian women can’t resist

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A survey conducted in Indonesia indicates that at least 50% of Indonesian women prefer rich men. I never judge women for that preference because we already live in a society where women are supporting men financially, whereas men are not supporting women biologically due to the influence of feminism. If you would like to become a seriously rich man that Indonesian ladies can’t resist (or you simply want to get rich so you can do whatever you want), this article is for you, my friend.

  • Background (this is the survey conducted in Indonesia a while ago – 98 Indonesian women participated in this survey):

Apparently, mature Indonesian beauties are more sophisticated, so they understand that “looks will fade, but dumb is forever”. Therefore, they have decided to marry wealthy men who leveraged their intelligence to get rich. But we do acknowledge that many younger women from Indonesia also prefer rich men.indonesian ages love

  • How to get rich through building traditional businesses:

Those who own big companies that have a system which works whether they are physical present or not are wonderful examples. No matter Gary Vaynerchuk goes to his office on Monday or not, VaynerMedia is still bringing in revenue and Gary Vaynerchuk is still making a lot of money from his marketing agency VaynerMedia. But I’m pretty sure Gary Vaynerchuk definitely works very hard because he wants to (not because he has to).

Sadly, a lot of people who start traditional businesses such as a retail shop or a café end up being stuck as a self-employed person – if they don’t go to work, they don’t make money. But some of them do hire talented people to work for them so that they can do whatever they want.Indonesian ladies

A traditional business which grows big enough to bring revenue no matter you go to work or not is a great asset to have. Being a capitalist gives you the leverage and freedom to choose what to do on a daily basis.

Apart from that, when you run your own company, you don’t have to do it like anyone tells you to. You call the shots.

Nevertheless, more than 90% of all companies fail, so running a business isn’t something very sexy. After Daniel Jones left Savage Garden, he started a studio by himself, but that musical business wasn’t bringing enough revenue. Although he wanted to support the younger generation in the music industry, that business cost more money and couldn’t justify why he should keep running it. Therefore, Daniel Jones went to America and started to invest in real estate, which turns out to be a great business venture for him.younger women from Indonesia

  • How to get rich through franchising:

I met an Indonesian woman last year. This Indonesian lady told me that she is running a franchise with her husband. Their initial investment was $1 million. So, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

A franchise is when a big company creates a system which others can buy and run. The franchisee does not have to create the system or the product; they simply have to invest in getting it off the ground in their own space.

When you buy a franchise, you receive a business model which is already done for you, so it does not take as much time and energy as creating a traditional business. The system and the product have been built for you already. What’s more, the marketing has been done. The business model is already there. You only need to plug your people, energy and resources into this existing system in order to make it work. It’s a wonderful thing for an individual who would like to make money from a business which has already achieved success.mature Indonesian beauties

The Indonesian woman that I met told me that the majority of franchises would cost at least $150,000 to buy; some may cost more than $1 million to get started. Therefore, if you don’t have enough money to invest upfront, you may not want to buy a franchise. Worse still, even if it’s a business model that you like, no one can guarantee that the system will actually work for you in the end, and you probably must pay the franchisor no matter you are making money or not. Another potential difficulty is finding the right staff members on your team. That Indonesian lady says, “Running a business like that is just like ‘adult-sitting’. It’s not easy.”

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  • How to get rich through network marketing:

I personally don’t recommend this method unless it’s with a really good company. Most network marketing businesses are pretty bad, unfortunately. But if you can find a reputable network marketing company, this can be a really beautiful thing to have in the long term.

Here is how networking marketing works: A company produces a product which is distributed through word of mouth; this company pays the consumer to spread the word. Basically, it’s another form of franchise as there is an existing product and business model / system in place for you. All you need to do is to spread the word.Indonesian women

Please note that not every case involves a physical product. For example, Marie Forleo’s B-school utilizes this business model as well – a B-school student can get a commission if they bring a new student to B-school. That’s why it’s hard to find negative reviews about B-school on the Internet, although some students do argue that the information in B-school is just as basic as the information from a $10 business book.(Disclaimer: This comment only represents those students’ opinion & does not represent the author of this article’s opinion or iDateAdvice’s opinion on B-school or Marie Forleo.)

Truthfully, if you’d like to be successful in anything, you must learn sales skills, and network marketing teaches you exactly that.Indonesian lady

I remember 14 years ago when I bought some cosmetics from a Mary Kay beauty consultant, she asked me to join her team. Honestly, I think Mary Kay has some fantastic products (I love their skin-care products, foundation and lipstick). Moreover, Mary Kay not only teaches women how to take care of their skin and look after their grooming, but also teaches women how to sell products effectively. In the end, I didn’t join them because I decided that network marketing isn’tfor me. Nonetheless, I do know an Indonesian woman who joined them at that time, and now she is quite successful in this industry. I’m not sure whether this Indonesian girl is driving a pink car or not, but the last time I met her, she has already bought a big house in the city center. That means she is doing pretty well in the network marketing industry.

Quote: “The Indonesian lady that I met through Mary Kay is a pretty, elegant and approachable woman.”

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