How to Touch Jakarta Girls and Make Them Want You

a beautiful Indonesian girl

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

In English-speaking countries, people don’t touch others very often, because the English-speaking culture doesn’t encourage people to touch each other. If you touch a girl in countries like Australia or the United Kingdom, chances are she will give you a negative response because she doesn’t want to “be easy” or “look like a slut”. However, this ideology is against human nature – as a matter of fact, human beings love to be touched. But you’ll be very glad to know that Jakarta women are very different from Western women, as they usually don’t feel offended if you touch them – of course, you need to know how to touch them in the right way. After learning the kino-escalation techniques in this article, you will feel confident to go to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and get Jakarta ladies.

  • Stop reading this article if you hate Indonesian women and only want to fuck them. Read the previous sentence again. That’s right. I literally said you should stop reading this article if your intent is negative. To be totally transparent, I’d like to let you know that your intent must be positive before learning kino-escalation skills. In fact, if your intent is bad, everything in this article won’t work because Jakarta girls will notice the negativity coming through your eyes and behavior (they have been touched by a lot of men already). Therefore, make sures your intent is genuine and healthy.a hot Indonesian woman
  • What is kino-escalation? Kino-escalation is also called physical escalation – it’s the process of going all the way from incidental touches to intimacy with a woman. It’s the most powerful skill you should learn when it comes to Jakarta dating, because Indonesian women are the most fun-loving ladies in the world.
  •  Quick touches first. In order to make your physical escalation natural, you should make it fast at the beginning, i.e. when you touch a Jakarta girl, make it a part of your natural movements – you should touch her like you touch a friend (this is the warming-up stage).
  • Manage your eye contact. When you are doing kino-escalation, make sure you are not looking at where you are touching, because that would make you look creepy. But it doesn’t mean you should look at her eyes in an intense way either. Therefore, the best strategy is to look away and touch her at the same time. For example, you can take her hand and dance naturally with her in a nightclub.
  • Use excuses to touch her in a nonthreatening way. Say something nice about her necklace or earrings, and then you can move her hair back to have a look at her earrings or necklace. If you two are in a nightclub, you can say something near her ear (because it’s noisy) and your hand or lips could “accidentally” touch her ear.

You’ll be very glad to know that Jakarta women are very different from Western women, as they usually don’t feel offended if you touch them – of course, you need to know how to touch them in the right way.

  • Test whether she is ready for something more sexual. If she responds to your kino-escalation well, it’s time to keep escalating! When you are holding hands, squeeze her hand (but not too much) and see how the Indonesian woman reacts. If she squeezes back, then you know she is sexually interested.a seductive Indonesian girl
  • Build sexual tension. There are many ways to build massive sexual tension with a sexy Jakarta lady.
    #1. If you are introduced to her, don’t shake her hand like every other guy does. Instead, you should hold her hand in the lightest way – let me explain: your hand should touch her hand like a feather touches her hand AND hold her hand for a few seconds; meanwhile, your fingers should touch her pulse, so that she can feel the temperature of your body.
    #2. When you are talking to her and she responds well, you can touch her pulse, and say “I knew you like me.”
    #3. Ask if she can dance in the club. If she says yes, just lead her to the dance floor (don’t ask whether she would like to dance with you). By the way, you would benefit from learning salsa yourself before going to Jakarta.
    #4. When you two walk from bar to the dance floor, try arm-in-arm leading. A typical Jakarta woman will know you are a leader. A real man.
    #5. When you finish dancing, still hold her hand. Play with her fingers and see how she reacts. If she also plays with your fingers, you know she likes you sexually.
    #6. Give her a high-five when you feel impressed by her.
    #7. If she says she likes going to the gym, ask to feel her muscles and see how she reacts.
    #8. Sexual gazing. Look at her eyebrows, then her eyes, then her nose, then her lips, then her left eye, then her right eye, then her lips again. Do this slowly, without talking, and enjoy her reaction (she will have sexual thoughts).
  • When you notice she is already thinking sexy thoughts, you can combine physical escalation with verbal escalation.
    #1. Touch her shoulder and say, “Awesome. Now you are my girlfriend.”
    #2. Touch her hair and say, “Is this your natural hair color?”
    #3. When you are talking, look at her cleavage until she says “What the hell?” Then you look at her eyes and say, “All right.”
    #4. If you two are doing a slow dance, ask her, “On a scale of one to ten, how much do you want to kiss me now?”
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