Top Tips for Modern Daters: How to Stay Rich Like a Chinese Woman

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If you are looking to date Chinese women, you will probably know that a lot of Chinese ladies only want to date rich men because they are quite wealthy themselves (especially Chinese girls living in western countries) – they don’t want to be taken advantage of.

The fact that you are considering dating a Chinese lady means you are probably reasonably wealthy, so this article is for you – someone who would like to know how to stay rich. Enjoy!

  • Chinese beauties are practical.

Instead of showing off things in order to impress random people, a rich Chinese knows what’s important and what’s irrelevant, so they spend money on things they value and don’t give a f*ck about the rest.

Yes, I know not all rich Chinese people behave in the same way, but I’m talking about those rich Chinese who not only got rich, but also stay rich in a sustainable, wise and intelligent way. We all know that some rich Chinese want to show off material things and compete with each other in this regard, but those “status new money” aren’t the right examples I’m talking about in this book, because according to my observation, “status new money” have less money than seriously rich Chinese who are practical. In this book, I only introduce the best money principles from the best Chinese examples.

That’s right. The top principle of getting rich like a Chinese is to be practical. Having said that, practicality doesn’t mean not spending money/not showing off at all. As a matter of fact, all of my practical Chinese friends who are rich operate in this way: They spend extravagantly on things they value and cut costs mercilessly on things they don’t.  Interestingly, money coach Ramit Sethi agrees with the practical Chinese 100%.many Chinese ladies

  • A true story about a rich Chinese woman:

Lulu is a Chinese girl who has lived in western countries for nearly two decades. Whenever she travels, she always flies first class. That sounds crazy, right? Because everyone is trying to look for the cheapest flight online, of course it’s hard for people to understand why the hell this Chinese woman only wants to fly first class all the time. Now you are asking, “Are you showing us a wrong example? For f*ck’s sake, this article is about how to be practical!”

No, I’m not showing you a wrong example. I’m showing you a right example, because the No. 1 reason why Lulu only flies first class is that she always meets new people when she is flying first class, and she knows how to convert strangers into customers. Because she has the self-awareness, she knows her strengths extremely well. Better still, she knows how to use her strengths in the right ways, including flying first class and meeting new people there. Clearly, those who can afford to pay her top dollars aren’t in the economy-class cabin of a plane; they are in the first-class cabin. More importantly, with a first-class ticket, Lulu has access to the first-class lounge, every single time. And she starts conversations with other first-class flyers there.

To be more precise, actually, other first-class flyers initiate conversations with Lulu in the first-class lounge, because Lulu always wears a conversation starter. A conversation starter is something that arouses people’s interest immediately – it can be a statement necklace or an extremely interesting book.looking to date Chinese women

For instance, Lulu has a bangle and a scarf designed by Megan Hess (a fashion illustrator who works for luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior). Her bangle’s name is Midnight Rooftop, and so is her scarf’s name (that’s the name given by the designer), but whenever people in the first-class lounge approach Lulu and ask her about either her scarf or her bangle, she literally says, “Oh, its name is Midnight Rooftop Encounter.” Note that she has added one more word “encounter”, and that makes her statement bangle/scarf even more mysterious and enchanting. Moreover, that term just makes people subconsciously find this Chinese beauty very alluring and attractive, yet no one can explain why, because it’s so subtle. (Maybe “encounter” suggests “sexual encounter”?  So, “Midnight Rooftop Encounter” means having s*x with a stranger on the rooftop at 12:00am? Your imagination can go wild.)

The benefits of wearing something so provocative like that are plenty: 1) Men who already find Lulu attractive have a reason to comment on her conversation starter easily. 2) Women who are interested in fashion and accessories automatically want to ask Lulu where she got those from. Oh, please allow me to explain why women actually spend a lot of time looking at other women – If you check out a fashion magazine for women to read, you can see that the cover is definitely a woman’s photo and the magazine is full of women’s images. That means women spend a lot of time looking at other women. (Interestingly, if you look at a magazine for men to read such as Playboy, you also see a woman’s picture on its cover and lots of women’s images in the magazine.)Chinese beauty

In other words, both men and women approach Lulu because of her provocative bangle and scarf. Don’t forget that these people are from the first-class lounge, so they are already qualified leads which might become Lulu’s clients. Since Lulu is a fantastic conversationalist, she knows how to keep people interested in her and close the deal when the time is right. And the first-class lounge & the first-class cabin on the plane have filtered her potential clients for her automatically.

Indeed, flying first class is expensive and designer accessories aren’t cheap. But at the same time, Lulu doesn’t spend money on things like a big TV set. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t watched TV for at least twenty years. Yes, a practical Chinese woman not only doesn’t waste money, but also doesn’t waste time. They understand this theory: You can always get your money back, but you can never get your time back. That is to say, time is a much more valuable asset than money, according to many Chinese a Chinese lady

Lulu has never bought a TV in her life because she believes that watching TV not only wastes time, but also wastes money. “When people are watching TV, they have to see a lot of TV commercials that sell them dumb sh*t,” says Lulu, “And that makes people want to buy more useless things. Sad!”

For approximately five years (from 2005 to 2010), Lulu didn’t even have a computer because she simply used a computer in a local library. “You know buying a freaking computer and software not only costs money, but also takes a lot of time to do maintenance work,” says Lulu, “But when I use a computer in the library, there is a professional IT team maintaining that computer. I don’t care about computers. I prefer convenience.”

Also, Lulu only signs the cheapest plans (contracts) with cell phone service providers so that she doesn’t even need to buy a f*cking phone, meaning every plan already includes a phone (at least that’s how it works in Australia if you choose this option instead of chasing the latest iPhone XYZ). What’s more, while everyone else spends several hours per day on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Lulu never stares at her phone because she has her own way to manage her social media and generate the right leads there.Chinese lady

Now you’ve got the gist: This Chinese woman spends a lot of money doing high-leverage activities that actually bring her more money, i.e. in the end, her first-class flights are actually paid by her rich clients who also fly first class. Meanwhile, this Chinese lady doesn’t waste a cent on anything that doesn’t bring real value. She doesn’t even have a car because she always gets a taxi so that she can do her own work in the taxi (saving more time) while the taxi driver is driving. Her accountant has done the math for her: If she has a car, the freaking car literally costs AUD$500 a week (and we haven’t included other hassle brought by the car yet). In contrast, going everywhere in a taxi is much cheaper and saves time!

I’m not saying that you must fly first class from now on. What I’m trying to say is you need to know what your real strengths are and notice what’s working, and then use your resources in those areas so that you will get more resources, including money. That’s a virtuous circle. At the same time, you would be ill-advised to spend money/time on things that don’t bring you the results you want. And that’s called Chinese girls’ practicality.

No one is as they seem; no one can help what they dream.

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