Do Upscale Matchmakers for High-end Singles Really Work?


The modern-day society is inundated with various dating apps and dating websites. Have you forgotten professional matchmakers? In fact, matchmaking agencies are powerful resources that can introduce reliable and eligible single women to you effectively and efficiently.

Upscale matchmakers collect single women and single men’s profiles and interview them in person.

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Unlike dating sites and apps that never personally verify their members’ dating profiles (they can only remotely verify their users), professional matchmaking agencies meet with each client in person. That means single ladies introduced to you by matchmaking agencies are already qualified leads verified by a matchmaker. In other words, you don’t need to worry too much about whether this single girl is a scammer or not because a professional matchmaker has to check her ID documents carefully before introducing this hot woman to you. Of course, if you tell the matchmaker that you are a millionaire guy looking for a sexy wife, then you probably also need to show enough evidence to the high-end matchmaking agency so that the agency will know that you are a real millionaire rather than a fake millionaire.

Professional matchmakers understand psychology and can match you with the right single lady.

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•  Nowadays many marriage agencies hire qualified psychologists or people who have studied psychology at university to become their matchmakers. That is to say, the person who is introducing hot girls to you went to school to study psychology and understands dating & relationships. Therefore, you can rely on your matchmaker because he/she probably knows you better than you know yourself in this regard. Don’t forget that you can even use your matchmaker as a counsellor because that’s a part of their services usually – you have paid a membership fee which isn’t low, so of course it’s their responsibility to help you with your concerns and make sure you get the value you are looking to gain from their agency.

Why are marriage agencies more expensive than dating websites/apps?

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•  Dating sites and dating apps need to have a large number of users in order to make money because they can’t charge very high membership fees – they never personally help their customers (everything happens online), so their services usually can’t justify their high membership fees. As a result, most dating apps and sites are cheaper than professional matchmaking agencies. A lot of dating apps and websites are completely free because they monetize their platforms via selling ads. In contrast, a professional marriage agency interviews every client in person and checks every client’s ID documents in detail. They also employ professional psychologists and counsellors to work for them, so that their clients can get what they really want in time. For instance, an upscale matchmaking agency in Australia may charge a client $12,000 for a one-year membership – they set up at least 12 dates for this client throughout the year, and all dates are hand-picked by their high-end matchmakers. Although this is a very expensive option, statistics show that results are pretty good – at least 80% of these clients have found their partners within 1 year because every hot lady’s dating profile has been analyzed by in-house experts, meaning compatibility is guaranteed. Honestly, that’s still much cheaper than other services such as mail order brides and you are more likely to get along with a local pretty woman than an international bride.

What do matchmakers really do?Professional matchmakers

•  If you think a matchmaker’s job is simply to help you find a hot wife, then you are wrong. In this day and age, a matchmaker has to multi-task: First and foremost, he/she must know how to sell memberships to potential clients. More specifically, a matchmaker needs to meet a lot of singles and introduce this service to them, thereby converting these people into real clients. Secondly, a matchmaker must understand psychology and human dynamics so that he/she can introduce the right woman to the right man. Clearly, a successful matchmaker has to understand sales and marketing as well as matchmaking.

Why hiring a matchmaking agency is a good ideamatchmaking-agency

•  Because only established women can afford to hire an upscale matchmaking agency, you won’t meet losers through this service. I am aware of some guys who are put off by the fees of high-end matchmaking agencies. An American guy who is in his 60s now once called a local matchmaking agency and found out that this service is very expensive. He did that when he was still in his 50s. Because he didn’t take the risk, he only tried to look for single women in other ways. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the courage to create a dating profile on a dating app or a dating site (even though most of these online platforms are free) because he says there are too many people who know him in his local area. Consequently, he only asked several friends to post personal ads on local forums without displaying his photo. Sadly, a few pretty ladies contacted him and then immediately stopped talking to him after seeing his photo. Those hot ladies used excuses such as “too busy” to avoid him, but he chooses to believe these excuses are real so that he can feel better. In the end, all of his friends have left him because nobody wants to post any personal ads on any forum for him anymore – he is just a hopeless loser who doesn’t have the courage to take any risk & nobody has the responsibility to look after his love life (only he is responsible for that). Obviously, if you can’t take a high-risk, high-reward approach in terms of meeting high-end singles, you probably will never meet them. In conclusion, that guy who was saving money in his 50s has been losing his most important asset – his time. Now he is still saving money in his 60s, but the problem is he will possibly be single for the rest of his life and he only has one life. Worse still, he doesn’t want to be single because he fears loneliness. Meanwhile, time isn’t on his side anymore because he is going to be 70 years old soon, so currently, his only option is wondering why all his friends have left him while looking at sexy ladies who are going out with other men & still thinking, “Why can’t I date a hot womanlike that?” Thus, every man looking for a bride must understand the importance of taking risks early and then take calculated risks accordingly.

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