Can a Russian Matchmaking Service Really Help You with Your Love Life?

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savour tantalizing pleasure’

If you have been in the dating department for a while, you would notice that Russian women are the most sought-after ladies in the world, because they are considered to be attractive, candid and easy-going. In contrast, many Western women dress for comfort only, tend to play games with men and cause drama (although not all Western women are like that, a lot of them are). No wonder more and more Western men start to pay attention to Russian girls in today’s day and age. Yet a common question is, ‘How can I date more Russian ladies quickly?’

  • Using a Russian matchmaking service is the fast-track to dating Russian beauties. Though many people don’t trust matchmaking services, the fact that this industry is a multi-billion dollar industry means it’s working very well. In other words, people who actually used Russian matchmaking services found good value in it. For instance, if you want to meet Russian girls in real-life situation by yourself, perhaps you can meet 5 Russian women in one year. In contrast, if you use a Russian matchmaking service, you’ll be able to meet 5-10 Russian women in one week. Without such a service, you certainly wouldn’t meet these people so quickly. As a result, Russian matchmaking services do offer great value.a gorgeous Russian woman with brown curly hair


  • Do your homework and then take action. Most men don’t value their time enough because they allow years to go very fast without taking action to get the right girls that they want. So now it’s time for you to do your homework (i.e. do some research online and see which Russian matchmaking service is the best/the most suitable for you) and then actually join a Russian matchmaking service. Stop wasting your time and start dating hot Russian girls today.


  • This Russian matchmaking service and that Russian matchmaking service can be as different as an apple and an egg. By that I mean different Russian matchmaking agencies offer very different services. For example, some only offer online dating, i.e. you can contact women in Russia/women from Russia on their website; some manually introduce Russian girls to you via the Internet; some have mail-order-bride services, i.e. they send a catalog of Russian women to you by post and you pick which one you want; some even organize international trips for you to go to Russia and meet local girls there! Therefore, you would be well-advised to do some research on the Internet before making a decision regarding which Russian matchmaking agency you should use, because what works for your friend Rick may not work for you.

More and more Western men start paying attention to Russian girls today. Yet a common question is, ‘How can I date more Russian ladies quickly?’


  • Using a Russian matchmaking service is only a part of the journey – you still have to do your own work rather than entirely rely on their service. Some men are a bit lazy, so they think hiring a Russian matchmaking agency is enough. But honestly, your love life is the most important part of your life, so you’d better try your best and apply yourself – Apart from using a Russian matchmaking agency, you can also do some other activities that will bring Russian beauties to you: Go to a Russian cultural festival; attend a Russian language class; proactively ask your Russian friends to introduce girls from Russia to you. All of these will help, so they are all very important actions to take.a stunning blond Russian woman


  • The golden rule to avoid scammers: Never send money to anyone on a Russian dating site. The biggest concern regarding Russian dating online is the worry about being conned by a scammer. But if you always remember the principle of never sending money to people on a Russian dating site, you are perfectly safe. Don’t be afraid to join a Russian dating website simply because someone told you bad news about scammers online. You still drive your car after knowing that people are killed by car accidents every single day, right?


  • Be choosy. Russian matchmaking services can always provide you with a large number of Russian beauties’ profiles, which means you are dating with abundance rather than scarcity. Because quantity often leads to quality (meeting more Russian girls makes it more likely for you to meet the right Russian wife), now you can be more choosy. Never settle for less than you deserve and always remember that you are a high-value man.


  • Meet Russian ladies quickly. A terrible approach to dating in this day and age is to talk to someone for months online by sending them text messages all the time. That is absolutely wrong because you may be talking to the wrong person via texting and you wouldn’t know it until you actually meet them. Therefore, you should suggest having a telephone conversation or meet Russian girls in person quickly.

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