The Truth about Philippine Mail Order Brides

a gorgeous young Filipina woman

Western men picked Filipinas out of catalogs for decades (since 1974), but that dynamic changed in 1998 when the Internet revolutionized the entire dating scene. Today Western men have many more different ways to interact with mail order brides from the Philippines before making a decision. Previously, physical catalogs printed on cheap paper became digital catalogs on a computer screen. But in this day and age, it is much more than that – now most Philippine mail order brides’ services offer more interactive communication, i.e. a robust set of online tools such as messaging apps, video chat and social media.

Therefore, you should make sure your Facebook page looks decent with good photos and nice content. Your future Philippine wife is probably looking at your Facebook timeline right now. She will only get on Skype with you after analyzing your Facebook account!a beautiful young Filipina

Yes, things have changed because of the modern technology. In the past, Filipinas had to wait until someone chose them. However, nowadays they don’t need to sit around and wait to be chosen anymore. They have become more proactive.

Western women tend to specify characteristics such as “a good sense of humor” and “broad shoulders” as prerequisites for a potential partner. In contrast, Filipinas usually prioritize finances and material resources when they look for Western men. This is understandable because Filipinas who want to marry Western husbands just want to go to a prosperous Western country, live with a man who can provide and protect, and have good-looking children. Indeed, marrying a Western husband is the best way to change a Filipina’s life.

Why Filipinas’ prefer older Western men as opposed to younger and attractive Western men? Well, that’s because they generally believe that younger and attractive western men are more likely to cheat. Also, younger Western men usually have less stable income. Since Filipinas are very down-to-earth women, they want husbands who can provide them with financial resources as well as security.

What kind of Filipinas can you expect as mail order wives? In fact, only a small number of Filipina ladies have the technological capability and amazing English skills to meet Western men on the Internet. Filipina women who live in remote villages often don’t have access to the Internet or can’t afford expensive computers at home. Going to an Internet cafe is also too expensive for most of them because the average person in the Philippines only makes 150,000 pesos a year, not to mention those who live in remote villages. That means the majority of mail order wives from the Philippines are women who live in relatively prosperous areas in that country.

 Filipinas are low-maintenance compared to Western women, so Western men who marry Filipinas can live a relaxed life.

What do Western men get from this kind of dating? Usually, a Western man who marries a Filipina in this way has found a gorgeous woman who is happy to look after him, do all housework and take care of their kids. Filipinas are low-maintenance compared to Western women, so Western men who marry Filipinas can live a relaxed life. All you need to do is to provide for your Filipina wife financially, treat her well with respect, and she is yours forever.


What do Filipinas get from this kind of dating? A Filipina wife who marries a Western man via a service like this lives a much more comfortable life than most Filipinas who stay in the Philippines because the lifestyle in Western countries is 100 times more wonderful. In other words, you are simply trading financial resources for beauty and youth. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that because any healthy relationship is about balance, i.e. both spouses have equal resources, but these resources can be very different. If there is no balance, the relationship wouldn’t work because that’s not sustainable. Value exchange is the corner stone of a sustainable relationship. It can’t be a one-way street because a one-way street may only work for a short period of time – it won’t work for the rest of your life.a beautiful dark skin Filipina

Filipinas who have children usually want to meet Western men who also have children, because they believe that men with kids are more compassionate and can look after her and her kids. Indeed, Western men who don’t have children generally want to have their own children rather than take care of someone else’ children. Therefore, Filipina mail order brides tend to marry Western men who have adult children because they prefer older men in general.

What should Western men do in order to be successful with Filipina mail order wives? First of all, don’t ask for nude photos or ask Filipinas to talk dirty online. This is a red flag for Filipinas to notice from the beginning because this indicates you are not a decent and respectful man. Secondly, don’t send Filipinas money before meeting them in person. You don’t really know who you are talking to on the Internet. Lastly, if you would like your Filipina bride to visit you, you need to know that your Filipina girl must have enough money in the bank because the Western government would need that evidence as a supporting document when it comes to granting a visa.

Are Filipinas better than Western women? It’s hard to say who is better. As a matter of fact, it all depends on what you are looking for. Generally speaking, Filipinas speak better English than women in other Asian countries because most Filipinas are educated in English (they speak American English). Filipinas are generally more feminine than Western women because the idea of feminism doesn’t really exist in the Philippine culture. If you are looking for an independent woman, Filipina ladies probably aren’t the best option. But if you want someone to look after your home so that you can focus on your career, marrying a Filipina is ideal.

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