Different levels of gold-digging: The danger of dating hot girls hustling men

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Gold-diggers rock up in all shapes and forms. First of all, please allow me to define this term: A gold-digger is someone who dates a rich guy in order to get cash quickly and leave. In other words, this person isn’t honest. Therefore, a sugar baby isn’t a gold-digger. You shouldn’t be confused now. Okay, in this article, I’d like to talk about different levels of gold-digging which has nothing to do with honest arrangements between sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Gold-digging Level 1: This is the most basic level of gold-digging. When you approach a hot woman, she asks questions about what you do for a living very early in the conversation. Then she goes out with you on a date, and she doesn’t even offer to pay because she expects you to pay for everything. That’s the basic level of gold-digging. In fact, a lot of women have done this already because it’s just so simple and basic. For instance, some women use men to eat in fancy restaurants, go to the movies, go to concerts, attend upscale parties, etc. Usually, low-value women fall into this category because they need to use gold-digging as a way to get their basic needs met.best girls online

Gold-digging Level 2: This is the elementary level of gold-digging. You approach a sexy lady and she asks for your occupation early in the conversation. Then she goes out with you on a date and you paid for the dinner and movie tickets. Of course, you will take her to some better events such as concerts and upscale cocktail parties so that she can dress up (so that you can show off your new girl). After those basic steps, some dates will involve going to shopping malls and you end up paying for her clothes and makeup. In other words, this elementary level gold-digger not only needs you to pay for her fun in life, but also needs you to pay for her equipment which assists her in gold-digging (her provocative clothes and makeup). That’s why she is slightly more consummate than a Level 1 gold-digger. But she is still at elementary level.how to meet girls

Gold-digging Level 3: This is the intermediate level of gold-digging. Apart from asking questions about your job, this pretty girl also asks questions about where you live (not your exact address, but the suburb where you live) so that she can find out whether you live in a wealthy suburb or not. If you tell her that you are the CEO of XYZ company, but you live in a poor area, she will stop talking to you. Of course, if you live in an affluent suburb, this gold-digger will keep you around for her gold-digging purposes because she knows you are the right guy. As this sexy lady has fantastic conversational skills, you can’t resist her charm and you end up paying for the dinner, movie tickets as well as her clothes and makeup. Also, she will send you a link by email and ask you to buy her an expensive bag for her birthday which happens to be next week. Since you can’t afford to offend her on her birthday, you end up buying her a high-end bag, too. Indeed, that’s an intermediate level player.hot girls dating

Gold-digging Level 4: This is the advanced level of gold-digging. This attractive beauty figures out your job and your address very early in the interaction, and then you’ve paid for the dinner, concert tickets, her clothes/shoes/bags, etc. And she sends you a link to Tiffany & Co. the day after she has given you a good time in the bedroom. Oh, by the way, she says her birthday is next week, so how can you say no? This gorgeous woman understands the Law of Reciprocity – because she just gave you fun in bed last night, you haven’t forgotten it yet & your subconscious mind wants to reward her now. Since her birthday is next week, you will say yes to that freaking link and buy her a necklace from Tiffany & Co. without overthinking. Then you’ll find that she is a complete freak in the bedroom repeatedly. What an upward spiral.Different levels of gold-digging

Gold-digging Level 5: This is also known as ultra-high level of gold-digging. Yes, she finds out your job and your address very quickly, and then you’ve paid for her shit. One day, she says you two should go to a charity event next week and she wants to go shopping with you because both of you need to dress up for that particular event. In the shopping mall, she looks for your outfit first. When you have found your perfect outfit, she even offers to pay for yours! Of course, you can’t let her pay because you are a real man. That’s why you say no to her offer. In order to look more chivalrous, you paid for her outfit because you trust that she must be a good girl (your ex-girlfriend never offered to buy expensive stuff for you). At the charity event, this attractive woman looks very elegant and compassionate because she is so passionate about this charity. As a result, you say to yourself, “She is such a kind woman. I want to be exclusive with her.” After you two have started a relationship officially, she always remembers to buy you a gift once in a while, so you married her. Later on, you find yourself investing in her business, paying her tuition fees while she is doing an advanced degree at university and buying a house with her name on it. A few years later, she’s got her advanced degree and her business has completely taken off. Now she wants a divorce in order to get half of your shit. If that’s not ultra-high level of gold-digging, then I don’t know what is.

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