4 tips for modern gay dating

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1. No-one is either too good looking or too ugly to find someone.

One thing can be guaranteed whoever you are, whatever you look like, whatever you like, top or bottom, up and down, left or right in or out of the bedroom the likelihood of you finding the right long term partner is IMMENSE. The thing you dislike physically in yourself is probably sought by others, hair, weight, proportion, facial features. Don’t doubt many guys like guys like you, what you need to do is cast a wide net to find them. For every chub there is a chaser, for every twink there is a daddy and for every ‘str8 acting’ there are plenty of in the closet guys that act straighter than you!

At the end of the day, there is someone for everyone.

2. Cast the net wide

So if they can’t see you how can they ask you out, if you can’t see them, how do you know they aren’t gay. So you need to take a little time out and sign up to a few key websites and apps, get a good profile picture, a nice little description and you’re live. Just make sure to check if any messages come through, casting a wide net is no good if all the catch falls through. There are also many websites and applications targeting to specific genres of dating for personality, religion, sexual lusts etc. Better to be with someone right for you and to do that you need to look at yourself.

3. Get off your phone!

Every single ‘straight’ type of dating event is held in the gay community and that includes bad hookups from friends, in fact you can be 90% sure that a straight gay-matchmaking friend is just linking up their two gay friends. Other events like speed dating can allow for a mixed environment, age, ethnicity, wealth etc. Although many feel too shy to participate in these type of events it can be seen as further spreading your options to potential long term partners but perhaps not great practice for a first date, most speed dating events are under 2 minutes and no first date wants to hear… What do you do? What are your views on marriage? Do you want kids? …before they’ve even taken their coat off! Besides some of the online applications will tell you the answer to them questions about the person before you’ve even said ‘ Hey 🙂 ‘

4. Don’t settle with mediocre!

Why waste your time with someone it’s probably not going to work out with and most definitely won’t last. You are selfishly stopping that person from meeting someone who is right for them. It’s time to let go and stay out of the game until you are ready to actually settle. Too many people become satisfied with complacency and wonder where their happiness has gone.

There are others out there who are more suited to yourself and by being honest in your profile descriptions and in your conversations one can limit the chances of settling with one who potentially is not a good match. Have patience because once you are exclusive in that relationship you have from that point on pulled your net and stopped anyone better coming across you and even then if you meet that person in the street you’ll be a cheater even lusting just with your eye until the day you free yourself again to meet the right person for you!’

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  • This article makes perfect sense! It’s so positive and it made me smile. As a bisexual, I go on same sex dates every now and then. And sometimes people stare every now and then however I’ve always had great fun. This is our lives here, not the publics so do what makes you happy and remember that there is always someone out there for you. Even with some low self-esteem I’ve received many comments from both men and women that I never thought where attractive traits. The world is really surprising.

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