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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savoir tantalizing pleasure’

I’ve heard some Western men complaining, “Chinese women are extremely hard to get”. A Western guy told me that he is successful with women in general except Chinese women. In this article, you will learn exactly how to attract Chinese ladies if they are your dream girls. Of course, you will also learn how Chinese beauties operate mentally.

  • Demonstrate your high value quickly. Women from China are probably the world’s most down-to-earth women because they generally know what they want and usually don’t settle for less than they deserve. This is especially true for Chinese women who live in Western countries – the fact that they have moved to western countries often means they are quite empowered as living in a new country is a big decision. Therefore, most Chinese women who live in western countries want to date high-value men. But don’t feel intimated after knowing this key point because one Chinese woman’s definition of ‘a high-value man’ is different from another Chinese woman’s definition! For instance, a successful Chinese businesswoman wants to date a powerful CEO, whereas a Chinese girl who sells makeup in a department store probably wants to date an insurance salesman. If you are an insurance salesman, you may ask, “Why can’t I date a successful Chinese businesswoman? Are you saying I’m not good enough?” Well, my answer is: The successful Chinese businesswoman has access to things that you can’t provide, so she doesn’t want to date you. Sorry for telling you the truth, but being politically correct can’t help you here. Therefore, you should know what kind of Chinese ladies you are supposed to date and demonstrate your high value early. The easiest way to demonstrate your high value effortlessly is to get a wing-man or a wing-woman who tells the Chinese lady how amazing you are.a young beautiful Chinese girl posing


  • Know her interests and avoid certain topics. Most Chinese beauties are interested in improving their careers (i.e. making more money), online shopping, romantic TV shows and food. Apparently, when they are doing online shopping or watching TV shows at home, you won’t be able to meet them. So the best way to meet Chinese women is to meet them at work/professional development events or in restaurants/dessert shops. Chinese women who go to nightclubs are more westernized, so they are more likely to have one-night-stands. Chinese girls who eat in a restaurant and then go to karaoke are typically Chinese. In other words, this group of Chinese ladies can be virgins. As to what topics you should avoid, I would say anything about politics and international relations isn’t a good topic. If she mentions these topics, you’d better listen to what she says and then change the subject quickly.

Chinese Dating: How to Date Chinese Girls


  • Your looks, money and status matter, but maybe not at the same time. Chinese women don’t marry someone for nothing. Usually, they are looking for at least one of these three things: 1) your wealth; 2) your looks; 3) your love/affection. If you are rich, a Chinese woman may marry you for your money (but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you). If you are handsome, she may marry you for your looks. If you treat her really well, she may marry you for the love/affection. In other words, if you have all the right conditions, you can easily become Chinese women’s dream guy. But if you only have one right condition, you are still quite attractive in Chinese ladies’ eyes.

In this article, you will learn exactly how to attract Chinese ladies if they are your dream girls. and understand how Chinese beauties operate mentally.


  • Her parents’ opinions are more important than you think. Most girls from China highly value family, so they listen to their parents’ advice. That is to say, if a Chinese girl’s parents don’t like you, chances are she will leave you sooner or later. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to test her parents’ opinion early. For instance, you can ask your Chinese girlfriend whether her parents know she is dating a western guy and see how she responds. However, with regard to Chinese women who are above 30 years old, their parents are very desperate because they believe that their daughter is too old and should have got married yesterday. In this case, her parents will like you as long as you are a normal person (now forget about the high-value demonstration part). In fact, that’s not bad, because most ladies from China who are over 30 still look like 20-year-old girls – you don’t really mind dating them, do you?a young Chinese girl with long black hair


  • Don’t assume Chinese beauties like you simply because you are Western. Some Western men tend to assume that Chinese girls like them just because they are Western men. That’s actually a delusion. You should be aware of: 1) some girls from China may only want to use you to practice their English; 2) some Chinese women are just trying to be polite; 3) some Chinese ladies are interested in dating Western men, but they won’t marry Western men. Therefore, don’t misread the situation. Sometimes being analytical is helpful.


  • Tell her your sexual fantasies and let her impress you in the bedroom. If you’ve already got a Chinese girlfriend, you’ll be glad to know that many Chinese women are happy to please their men in the bedroom because they think it’s their job to ensure great sex. In fact, in traditional Chinese culture, women are supposed to make men happy in bed. Therefore, you should feel free to tell her about your sexual fantasies so that she will figure out a way to accommodate your needs in bed. By the way, because Chinese women’s vaginas are tighter than Western women’s, you’ll enjoy the fun in the bedroom for the rest of your life. That means even if she doesn’t do anything special in bed, you’ll still have a good time anyway. Nevertheless, if you want her to enjoy sex as well, you’d better work on your foreplay skills so that she can get ready for penetration (she is tighter and needs more time to get ready).

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