Impress Your Chinese Girl at First Date

First Date with Asian lady at a restaurant
First Date with Asian Lady

Congratulations! You’ve just got that first date with the beautiful Chinese girl you have been pursuing. But perhaps you have not had much experience with Chinese or Asian women in the past or it has been a while since you’ve been on a first date. First off, don’t worry, she’s probably nervous too especially if she hasn’t been out with a foreigner before. Really try to understand this all from her perspective, she WILL be nervous and apprehensive about it all. She will have made a great effort in getting ready and you should make sure you have done the same.

Young couple toasting at the picnic
Young Couple at the Picnic

Location, Location, Location

Don’t be surprised if you were expecting dinner and a candle and it turns out the date starts at 11am, she may not be telling her parents she is going on a date and they are probably not used to her going out late at night. As such you should have a day of activities, some fun, no pressure things that you can do together. It is hard to say if you should or shouldn’t pay for the day and the jury is split. Many Chinese girls will have gotten their impressions of first dates from movies and other entertainment media. There is still some sense of chivalry Chinese girls expect from you , at the very least you should pay for the taxi rides, if you are taking public transportation it may be a bit awkward to try and get her top-up card but if you can buy tickets pay up. As for dinner it should at least appear that you were prepared to pay however if she offers to don’t be too afraid to take her up on it as some more cosmopolitan women may be offended that didn’t allow them too.

Many Chinese girls will have gotten their impressions of first dates from movies and other entertainment media. There is still some sense of chivalry  Chinese girls expect from you…

It is better to avoid alcohol on a first date. However, if you wish, it is not a problem for you to drink. But do not become offended if your date refuses to and most definitely do not force her to do so. Many Chinese girls are not accustomed to drinking much alcohol and it is very unwise to make her feel sick around a dinner table. You also may make her feel pressured into joining you in sharing a bottle of wine but if she doesn’t like the taste, it can only sour the date as a whole.


Chinese girls are known for being cute and some are customarily perhaps a bit shy. However every girl likes to have good traditional childhood fun. This should be actively incorporated within the date. For example a video-game arcade is a fantastic place to go where you can win prizes for her and kill a few hours. On the other hand, a first date watching a movie is a very bad idea. Perhaps on a future date but definitely not to start.

Chinese Dating: How to Date Chinese Girls

playful couple at the beach looking sideways
Playful Couple at the Beach

Think out of the box

It is normal to see Chinese girls on dates carrying around bouquets of plastic roses far bigger than them and a few diamond necklace bags but when sitting in the restaurant both her and her Chinese boyfriend are sitting on their phones looking for a friend or stranger to talk to. Therefore with gifts you should try and be a bit more unique, be two steps ahead of the competition, they bought 1000 roses because they thought that’s what she wanted. A smaller, cheaper, incomparable item will be something she could cherish for a longer period of time. So photos or a small keepsake is always better than the cliché trashy gifts.


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