Which YouTube channels should you subscribe to if you want to date hot girls?


Although YouTube isn’t growing dramatically these days, it’s still a great resource for you to learn dating skills for free. Have you subscribed to the following YouTube channels? (Disclaimer: We are not the affiliate marketer of any YouTube channel, so everything in this article is based on our honest understanding of each channel in this list.)

  • 21 Studio: Actually, this is a controversial YouTube channel because its founder Anthony Dream Johnson has invited many dating experts who aren’t mainstream at all. But if you want to take the red pill and date the hottest girls, you must subscribe to this amazing channel where people tell you the truth rather than some mainstream bullshit. You can watch some speeches for free. However, if you want to access every speech, you probably have to join their online program which isn’t free.21-studio
  • iDateAdvice: This is our official YouTube channel where we share insights regarding dating sexy women with our audience. Please note that we never monetize our audience. In other words, we don’t sell you an online course or any other products. We just share real knowledge with you in video form on YouTube so that you can improve your love life every week. We’d appreciate it if you could support our YouTube channel by subscribing to our channel today so that we can grow our audience and will be able to make more free videos for you.idateadvice-youtube
  • Charisma on Command: This YouTube channel was extremely good before it started to sell too many ads due to its huge audience. Anyway, you can still learn how to become a more charismatic guy and get laid by watching their videos. But please be aware of the fact that these guys sell an online program called Charisma University which requires you to pay hundreds of dollars. Therefore, you may ignore their upselling at the end of their videos if you find it annoying.Charisma-on-Command
  • RSDfreetour: This is RSD’s premier YouTube channel where they upload all their free tour videos online. When RSD guys are running free tours, they experiment with new ideas about love, life and business. That’s why you can often hear some very cutting-edge new ideas on this channel and learn how to hustle hot girls into bed But please note that RSD only teaches you how to have casual sex with random sexy girls. It doesn’t necessarily teach you how to find a girlfriend and get married, although RSD Max has recently released a program called Girlfriend Game. Yet that’s probably the only RSD online program which teaches this topic because their focus is how to hook up with strangers.rsdfreetour
  • Layla Martin: This woman is also known as “The Headmistress of Pleasure” because she teaches sex advice. Most of her videos are for women to learn more about how to enjoy physical pleasure in bed. By watching her videos, you will have a much better understanding of hot women’s sexual psychology, thereby becoming your sexy lady’s best lover ever! Layla Martin also offers a few eBooks for free, so you can access her website and download her eBooks without paying a cent! Then you simply print those eBooks off and read it easily. Layla Martin’s content on Facebook is blocked at times due to the nature of her content, so that’s quite frustrating. That’s why following her on Facebook isn’t the best way to digest her information.
  • Jade Seashell: This YouTube channel features Jade Seashell’s videos where she personally answers every question in the comments. So, if you have a question about dating and relationships, you can post a comment under her video now.Jade-Seashell
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