Why Thai women are so sought-after wives from South Asia

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We all know that Thai women are very popular these days because more and more western men are marrying women from Thailand. But do you know why they are so sought-after?


  • Thai girls respect senior citizens, so they will treat their husbands’ parents very well.

Vanessa (a 20-year-old woman from Thailand): These days in some countries, respect for elderly people is not enough.  Today, reasons for this phenomenon will be analyzed and relevant solutions will be provided as well.

The causes of lack of respect for elder people are manifold.  First, more and more young people are losing traditional values.  It is true that traditional values such as respecting the elderly are disappearing amongst youngsters.  Further, the modern belief system values success based on how much money a person makes.  It is obvious that elderly people have retired and do not make money anymore; hence young people stop respecting them at the same time.  Thirdly, because of the increasing average life expectancy, there are more and more elderly people in the society.  Apparently, this trend makes elderly people less valued by others.

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On the basis of the above reasoning, comprehensive solutions have been identified.  The first solution is reinforcing traditional values and beliefs.  It is evident that schools should teach young people more about traditional ideas so that youngsters can better understand the importance of traditional wisdom and virtues.  The next solution is educating the general public.  To be more specific, it is time for the government to correct the money-oriented mindset among citizens.  The final solution is raising the awareness about respect in general.  For instance, the community should promote the significance of respect for the elderly so that youngsters can be aware of why they must respect senior citizens.

To sum up, varied reasons have given rise to the absence of respect for elderly people, thus I firmly believe steps such as reinforcing traditional values, correcting the money-oriented mindset and raising the awareness about respect must be taken to tackle the worrisome situation.

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  • Thai women are life-long learners – they want to keep growing.

Val (a 34-year-old woman from Thailand): Currently, so many young people who graduate from school have a negative attitude towards learning.  Now, I would like to identify the causes of this situation and propose some corresponding solutions.

A wide range of factors contribute to the fact that a lot of school-leavers have a negative attitude towards learning.  In the first place, most schools focus on students’ academic performance much more than practical skills.  Unfortunately, when students finish their schooling, they realize that practical skills are actually more important than academic achievement in the society; thus, school-leavers are disappointed and lose their motivation to learn more.  In the second place, the majority of teachers still use traditional methodologies which encourage rote memorization and standardized tests.  As a result, students feel that learning is an arduous process, which is not stimulating at all.  Lastly, the modern culture does not value education enough.  Traditionally, education was highly valued, yet sadly, modern young people gradually value financial success more than education.

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Fortunately, several solutions have been found.  The most urgent solution is education must be geared to students’ needs in their future.  Essentially, schools have to look at how to meet the demand of a changing society and provide more practical skills and knowledge for students.  Likewise, the responsibility for changing teaching methods falls on teachers.  In essence, since teachers’ pedagogies directly determine whether students enjoy learning or not, teachers should kindle students’ interest in learning by applying more engaging methods in class.  Finally, the responsibility for promoting education rests with the government.  As I would be hard-pressed to imagine that our future society value education less and less, it is high time the government started to educate the general public so that youngsters will see the value of education more.

Overall, a growing number of young people do not like learning anymore after they leave school due to various reasons.  So, the key is, I believe, to take actions such as changing the focus of schools, modifying teachers’ approaches to teaching and promoting the value of education.

  • DoThai women like western men?

A few weeks ago, we conducted a survey among 110 women from Thailand, asking whether they like western men or not & here is the finding:

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Clearly, based on the table above, it can be seen that most Thai ladies from all age groups in this survey are attracted to western men, although it seems that younger women tend to like western men even more. Having said that, I know many Thai beauties who are above 45 years old and they are happily married to western men.

According to extensive research, amongst all Asian women, ladies from Thailand are much more likely to prefer western men due to their language and culture – many women in Thailand can speak English fluently and their culture is more inclusive. By contrast, women from Japan and China are less likely to marry western men because East Asian cultures are not very inclusive. That being said, statistics don’t really matter to the individual – I personally know many Chinese women and Japanese women who are happily married to western men as well.

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Apart from that, women from the Philippines are also very likely to prefer western men and ladies from the Philippines speak the best English, compared to women from other Asian countries, because people in the Philippines study American English at school. That’s why the best virtual assistants in the world are all in the Philippines.

  • What else do you need to know about dating women from Thailand?

There are many, many ladyboys in Thailand. I remember many years ago when I was working for a high school, there were several important people from Thailand visiting our school. One of them was a principal of a high school in Thailand. That person is a ladyboy who prefers the pronoun “he”. I remember he dressed up like a VERY feminine woman with fake eyelashes and huge boobs. Obviously, ladyboys are quite common in Thailand and they participate in the mainstream society in Thailand – some of them are high achievers there.

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I know some western men specifically want to date ladyboys in Thailand, and that’s okay. In my opinion, a lot of ladyboys are more feminine than women because they really, really, really want to be women – they actually try harder! If that’s your thing, you should totally go for ladyboys in Thailand.

Quote: “The most feminine women that I’ve ever met so far are transgender ladyboys in Thailand. You might want to sleep with at least one of them because life is short. But if you believe in traditionalism, you probably want to date traditional women from Thailand instead.”


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