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Finding the right person can be a daunting task for most people but with reputed online dating sites, it is indeed much easier to find out the best soul mate or a dater. While the World Wide Web is stuffed with a huge number of dating sites, it is crucial to find out a reputed and reliable dating site such as to get real daters. In fact, the members of this dating site can reap numerous benefits and take advantage of this platform to establish strong relationship with someone based on their interest. is regarded as the most popular dating site among youngsters as they can enrich their online dating experience without paying even a single penny. Though this dating site offers free membership, it does not skimps on its features yet it pushes online dating to next level by offering an effective app to plan for a date. With more than 4.5 million active users, is the best place to find a real dater appropriate for your individual preferences.

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  • It is basically free.
  • To get premium membership, the user must pay around $19.95
  • 3 month packages is available for $44.85
  • 6 month package is available for $89 is a reliable online dating website with its open ended question, low cost premium feature, well designed interface and free membership.


  • Effective Filter Search: The search tool of this dating site allows you to focus on searching your dater based on interest, location, lifestyle, background and characteristics. Even if you have something specific which is not covered under these categories, you can add it in the search term.
  • Easier To Find Match: com works with you intimately to find out the perfect match for you. If you are able to provide answers for questions, then the site sends better matches to your account. If you answer to questions on a regular basis, your account will be shown up on the newsfeeds.
  • Premium Membership: Members signing up for $19.95, you can opt for A-list premium service provided you with ad-free dating experience, read receipt for sent messages, photo albums and additional filtering option.
  • Free Online Dating: com enables its members to receive and send messages and have a complete dating experience at free of cost.
  • Blind Date: Under this feature, one user will be choosing the time and place and another one will be agreeing to it. You cannot see the profiles but see only the scrambled version of profile picture.
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  • The members do not have the chances of increasing the visibility of their profiles.
  • It is impossible for the members to change the user name.
  • When it comes to interaction with Okcupid, the users can use only social media and email support alone.

Summary: is a reliable online dating website with its open ended question, low cost premium feature, well designed interface and free membership. Though it lacks some of the cooler features such as impressive design and phone numbers, it is functional and affordable alternative for those individuals who do not want additional whistles and bells.



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  • I have known many successful couples who have met through OkCupid. In fact my sister is about to get married to a man she met on OkCupid! So, I would agree that it’s a reliable dating site.

  • I have to agree with this article, I’ve had many fun dates from OkCupid. It’s pretty much spot on, however word of caution, just because it’s free there are a lot of creepers (of all genders) on there. The block button is good for this though and the message filters help too. I’ve been using this site for a while and it’s by far my favorite to use.

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