Which Asian Countries Offer the Best Asian Brides?

Asian Countries Offer the Best Asian Brides

If you are considering marrying an Asian mail order bride, you are reading the right article today. Congratulations! Now you can take notes and then you will see which Asian country is your ideal destination in your journey.

What do Chinese brides look like?

Chinese mail order brides have fair skin and black hair. Although some of these brides are older women, they don’t look old at all. When we say “older women”, we are talking about women in their early 40s. That’s not really old. Some brides from China are in their 30s and even 20s. Chinese women are feminine, traditional and down-to-earth. They value family and education. They respect their husbands. They are very practical women who know how to maintain healthy relationships. Relationships are very important in the Chinese culture, as evidenced by “guanxi” (a Chinese word) which has become an English word in western dictionaries. Therefore, if you want a stable family life with a smart wife who knows how to maintain positive relationships in every area of your life, including relationships with other family members and friends, you should totally marry a Chinese girl. Best Asian BridesOf course, most Chinese ladies can’t speak English fluently, but you can send her to an English language school to learn English. Also, you may spend some time teaching her English so that she will admire you even more, because the Chinese culture highly respects teachers due to the influence of Confucius. Interestingly, China is also a country which has many mail order brides from other countries, because some rural Chinese men tend to marry wives from Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia – there are many more men than women in China these days & a lot of Chinese beauties are married to western men in today’s day and age.

What do Filipinas look like?

Brides from the Philippines have darker skin. If you want to marry someone with healthy skin color, you may consider marrying a Filipina because women from the Philippines have beautiful, darker skin naturally. In this way, your wife will have a natural tan! Filipinas generally speak very good American English, so you will be able to communicate with them easily. If you run an online business which hires virtual assistants from the Philippines, you may even want to have a video session with your female virtual assistant on Skype so that you can see what she actually looks like closely. Of course, she can’t represent all beauties in the Philippines, but you’ll get the gist. Usually, stunners in the Philippines want to take care of their husbands and look after their kids, so if you prefer a traditional wife with traditional values, you may want to marry a Filipina bride.

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What do Vietnamese brides look like?

Vietnamese women look a bit like Cantonese women, meaning their noses are usually flatter, compared to Chinese stunners. Frankly, Vietnamese language sounds a bit similar to Cantonese language as well. And when a Vietnamese person speaks English, the accent is also similar to a Cantonese person’s accent. It is said that someone’s English with a Cantonese accent is the most difficult to understand in the entire world. I think that’s true because when a Cantonese person or a Vietnamese person is speaking English, usually the consonant at the end of each word is missing. That’s why their accents are hard to understand. Well, that doesn’t apply to everyone in Vietnam, and I’ve definitely met some Vietnamese beauties whose English is great! Usually, Vietnamese brides are eager to marry western men so that they can leave Vietnam. If you are keen to meet a Vietnamese bride, you’ll have success pretty fast because she is also very keen to meet someone like you.

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What do Thai brides look like?

Brides from Thailand are exotic, playful and open-minded. Some women in Thailand have fair skin like Chinese girls, whereas some women from Thailand have darker skin like Filipinas. Therefore, it’s hard to say Thai beauties have a certain look. A lot of Thai mail order brides are single mothers who want to take their children overseas, so they want to marry western men, which is understandable, because it’s difficult for them to survive in Thailand as single moms. If you don’t mind dating single mothers, you may consider meeting candidates from Thailand. But not all of them are single moms, so you don’t need to stress if that’s not your type. We understand that a lot of western men are not interested in dating single mothers because a typical single mother’s priority is her kids – you won’t become her priority if you are her partner. Yet in a healthy marriage, the relationship between the husband and the wife should be the No. 1 priority. Otherwise, the marriage isn’t sustainable. That’s why an individual’s second marriage is more likely to fail & this person’s third marriage is even much more likely to fail as well – the more kids you have from your previous marriage, the harder you can maintain your current marriage due to the complicated family dynamics. So, if you don’t want to make your life harder, you’d better avoid single moms when you are looking for a wife. By the way, if you are a single dad with kids from your previous relationship, then realistically, you should probably consider Thai women with and without children, because if you only want to meet Thai ladies without kids, you will only have limited options.

What do Indonesian brides look like?

Indonesian mail order brides are playful, fun and interesting. They are outgoing and friendly. You will never run out of things to say with them because women from Indonesia are extremely stimulating and lively. You will be fascinated by their personality and beauty. Indonesian women usually have darker, healthier skin. They are quite westernized in many ways because Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony for hundreds of years. Actually, many of them are mixed-race individuals because their ancestors are from Netherlands. In this case, they may have fairer skin than most Indonesian beauties. Anyway, if you are into an exciting relationship full of fun, you should probably marry an Indonesian wife because she will constantly bring you endless good time in the bedroom and outside the bedroom. I’d like to highly recommend ladies from Indonesia to you if that’s your type!meet real asians

How about mail order brides from Sri Lanka?

If you’ve ever lived in Sri Lanka, you would know that this country has beautiful forests. In fact, their forests are so lush that there are a lot of insects in Sri Lanka, so if you hate mosquitoes and flies, you probably shouldn’t go there! Anyway, women from Sri Lanka have darker skin and they look very healthy in general. The good news is their skin ages very well. Usually, darker skin doesn’t have wrinkles easily. Blacks don’t crack! Therefore, if you are looking for a bride who ages well, a bride from Sri Lanka is probably your ideal candidate.

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What about mail order brides from India?

•  In India, arranged marriages are extremely common, so if an Indian woman can’t find a husband in India, that usually means something isn’t right in her family background. But we shouldn’t blame anyone for that because it’s nobody’s fault. In this case, this Indian lady may want to list herself in a catalog so that she can be selected by a man for marriage. Most Indian women have darker and smooth skin & they know how to look after themselves very well. Better still, Indian girls are very good at cooking, so if you are into Indian food, you may want to marry an Indian mail order bride who can cook curry for you every day. By the way, it is reported that curry is the healthiest food in the world because it contains turmeric which is extremely important to everyone’s physical health. That’s why Indians rarely have heart attacks. We all know that the No. 1 killer in the United States is heart attack caused by obesity or diabetes, which is very sad. Yet in India, the No. 1 killer is lung cancer because the air pollution is severe in India. Yet Indian people hardly ever have other diseases as they eat curry almost every single day. Hence, you will probably live a much longer life if your wife is Indian.

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 Any Japanese brides?

• Well, that’s a great question. But sorry – you probably won’t meet a Japanese mail order bride anywhere because that’s extremely rare. In fact, in Japan there are many mail order brides from South Korea, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines because in the 1980s and 1990s, many Japanese women didn’t want to live in the countryside, so a lot of Japanese men married women from other Asian countries. And their favorite mail order brides are from China and South Korea because women from China and South Korea look exactly like Japanese ladies. Frankly, nowadays there are some mail order brides from other Asian countries in some urban areas in Japan as well.

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