Why you need a sex calendar if you are married to a hot woman

sex calendar if you are married to a hot woman

Dating is different from marriage. When you are single and dating, you can basically do whatever you want and see whoever you want unless you are in a committed relationship with your hot girlfriend. Once you are married, sex becomes an obligation. Although we all want to have the spontaneous fun, life is hard when you have kids, work, household chores and finances to manage. No wonder most people’s sex lives become boring after getting married.

  • Create a sex calendar with your hot wife. Statistics show that after having children, men and women generally have way less sex than before having kids. There is even a controversial book called Regretting Motherhood which specifically talks about why and how kids ruin couples’ happiness. Therefore, you need to learn how to manage your sex life properly instead of avoiding talking about it altogether. Because sex is a taboo topic in our society, people don’t want to talk about it, which makes the situation even worse – avoidance leads to cold interactions between men and women. In his famous book How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie famously wrote, “Most divorces are caused by problems with sex.” That is a very bold statement, especially in 1936 when this book was published for the first time. But that’s the ugly truth that nobody wants to hear yet everyone should listen to. In fact, a simple solution to this problem is to create a sex calendar with your sexy wife – on Wednesday night and Saturday night, you have sex twice a week. You can literally write down these sexy appointments with your attractive woman in the calendar.

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  • Stick to the agenda on your calendar. You can simply use Google calendar to help you so that your gorgeous lady can see the plan of the week as well. All you need to do is to stick to the agenda on this calendar. However, sometimes life happens and you have to change your plan. And that’s okay. You just let your horny wife know that because of XYZ, you have to postpone your sexy session with her. The wait will make her even more aroused, which means she can achieve an orgasm faster during intercourse later.

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  • If your kids are older, make sure your kids can’t see your calendar. The beauty of using Google calendar is it’s completely based on the Internet, so only those who have access to your Google account can see your calendar. If you wonder whether your children can see what’s on your calendar, there is a solution: You can use a code for the sexy sessions with your beautiful wife. For instance, Stu and his wife usually fuck three times a week (Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night – yes, that are dedicated to their work from Monday to Friday and focus on their sex life every weekend). On their calendar, they write “101” as a code for sex. Their children are teenagers already, so these kids wouldn’t know what “101” means even if they look at their parents’ Google calendar.

  • Prepare for each sexy session beforehand. Because you know you’ll fuck your gorgeous wife on Friday night, you can easily prepare for it during the day. For example, you can have a shower late in the afternoon and put on some cologne. You can also use some rose mist spray in the bedroom after dinner. Additionally, you may even want to encourage your kids to go to bed early on Friday night and let them know that their schedule is to have an early night every Friday so that they will also stick to a routine which suits your calendar!
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