Top 5 Things that Hot Women Look for in Men

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Attractive women are different from average women – This is something that mainstream society doesn’t want to say because we all hope that everybody is equal – I also hope that’s true. But sadly, in reality, different people have different mindsets because they have been treated differently since a young age. Attractive women knew they were the pretty girls at school when they were very young – they knew it based on how boys treated them. Therefore, compared with mediocre women, hot women have very different dynamics (it’s something that the mainstream culture doesn’t want to admit, but do you want to be politically correct? Or do you want to be actually correct?)a hot girl in a red-white sexy lingerie

Now let’s discuss the top 5 things that hot women look for in men:

Hot women want men with resources. The ugly truth is if you don’t have resources, hot women wouldn’t be interested in you, because attractive women have access to things that you can’t provide. Consequently, if your goal is to date hot women, you have to figure out how to become a man with resources, including money, power, connections, status, and so forth. This sounds so corny and it’s not something that you want to hear, but it’s actually true.

Hot women want men with vision. Vision-less men are boring. In this world, there are many men who are learning game and pickup and wonder why they can’t get hot girls. But their real problem is not lack of good game. Their real problem is their lack of vision. If you have game and dating skills, yes, you will get women. However, if you want to date 9’s and 10’s, having good game isn’t enough. You must have breadth of vision because hot women find that very attractive and sexy. You don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire, but you must have a blueprint with vision. Your vision/blueprint gives your attractive girlfriend hope and empowerment – that alone keeps her interested in you.

Remember: the current dating scene is a free market.

Hot women want men with a stable personality. If you observe men who are married to beautiful women, you would notice that these men have a stable personality, i.e. they don’t really experience a lot of highs and lows – they remain stable. When a pretty woman sees you are experiencing some tremendous highs, she knows you are very likely to have some serious lows as well. A calm personality means a stable and peaceful relationship.a hot young lady with a long brown hair

 Attractive women want men who can spend quality time with them. Some men claim that they give their women a lot of time, but their women are still unhappy, so they are complaining about their women. However, if you look at how they spend their time with women, you will understand why their women are upset – the guy goes home and watches TV over the weekend – yes, only the guy and his lady are at home for the entire weekend, but do they really communicate with each other well? If you want to keep your hot girlfriend, you have to be able to give her good experiences with you, i.e. quality time together.

Sexy women want men who are good in bed. Let’s be honest here – attractive women don’t lack options. Remember: the current dating scene is a free market. The No. 1 reason why sexy women date men is because they want to have sex with men. Otherwise, they don’t have to date men (they can easily do something else instead). As a result, giving her good sex is paramount in your relationship with a beautiful woman. Good sex doesn’t really have anything to do with your physical measurements; it’s about understanding female psychology because her brain is her biggest sexual organ. So learning female psychology is ten times more important than buying some kind of enlargement pills.

In this list above, which element do you have & which element do you need to work on? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

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  • I’m a female….it all comes down to size if you ayte smaller than 6 inches you better make her squirt or eat good pussy….

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