A guide to day game in Hungary: getting Budapest girls fast

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is also known as Heart of Europe and Capital of Freedom.  You will meet the finest Hungarian women in this city, and your Budapest dating will reach the next level after reading this article.

  • Why you should do more day game: Day game is very different from night game.  First of all, day game gives you the opportunity to meet girls who are on their own, whereas women are in groups in the nightclub. It’s much easier to approach women who are on their own, right? (Her friends are obstacles most of the time.)  Secondly, women are not used to getting hit on during the day time, so nobody is competing with you when you are doing day game.  Last but not least, women behave like who they really are during the day, while they may put on a fake mask at night when they go to a bar; therefore, you will get the real person if you do day game.

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  • Other essential benefits of day game: 1) The phone number that you get during the day is usually solid.  In contrast, women tend to flake on phone number closes at night because they are drunk in a pub.  2) Most women feel more comfortable telling her friends that she has met a guy in a coffee shop, “We were reaching for the same cup of coffee – that’s how we started talking”.  However, if a woman tells her friend, “He chatted me up in a nightclub last Saturday night”, it doesn’t really make her look very good.  3) Most good girls don’t really go to nightclubs – if a lady has an outstanding career that keeps her busy, she would probably avoid going out at night because that only wastes her time.  Hence, if you are looking for a girlfriend/wife rather than a party girl who might cheat on you, you should totally do more day game.

Your Budapest dating will reach the next level after reading this article.


  • Adopt a tourist’s mindset in Budapest. Because you are from a Western country such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, you are naturally more curious about everything in Budapest.  Therefore, it’s actually easier for you to do day game in this city – you have a reason to ask Budapest women many questions. For instance, you may say this to a woman, “Hey, I’m new here.  Could you please recommend a good coffee shop near here?”  The fact that you are asking her a question in English is arousing her curiosity, because that means you are a foreigner.  As a result, you are more likely to get a positive response from women in Budapest.  Once she says, “Oh.  Sure.  XYZ coffee shop is great.  You should go there.”  You can say, “Thanks.  Would you like to join me?”  Usually, a Hungarian woman wouldn’t waste this opportunity to practice her English, so it’s very likely for her to say “Yes”.  Now you have an instant date in the day time and you can connect with her quickly – women want to look after others because that’s female nature, so she will notice you are a tourist and you don’t know anyone in Budapest, thereby wanting to become your friend, which is exactly what you want – you’ll keep escalating and eventually get her.a stunning Hungarian woman


  •  If she can’t have a date with you there and then, get her phone number.  Some women are busy going somewhere in the day, so they may not be able to have a coffee date with you immediately, but you can still ask for their phone numbers so that you can arrange a date later.  Look at the example below:

YOU: Hey, do you know where XYZ street is?

HER: Yes, it’s over there.

YOU: Really?  I’ve been told to go this way and have been walking around for an hour.  If someone is lying, I can tell, so are you sure it’s over there?

HER: It’s over there.

YOU: Hmmm.  I think you’ve told me the truth.  Since you are very helpful, I’m considering hiring you as my tour guide in Budapest.  I’m going to meet a friend of mine later, so could you recommend a good restaurant for dinner tonight?

HER: Oh, XYZ restaurant is not too far away and it’s the best in Budapest (or something like that).

YOU: What are you up to?

HER: I’m just going shopping/having a walk/etc.

YOU: I’m Steve.  What’s your name?


YOU: Do you like going to clubs?  Me and my friend are going to a party after dinner.  It will be awesome.  You should come.

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(At this point, you are not asking “would you like to come?” because “would you like to come?” gives her two questions in her head: 1. “Do I want to go to this guy’s party?” 2. “Can I go to this guy’s party?”  However, “you should come” is assertive, so she only needs to consider Question 2 in her head.  That’s why being assertive is more likely to get you the result you want.  Once she says she’d like to come to your party, you can ask for her phone number.)

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