The Real Reasons Behind the Popularity of International Dating

Popularity of International Dating

Apparently, international dating has become a frequent topic of discussion these days. Out of curiosity, I’ve done some research about the real reasons behind the popularity of this trend, and the case study is, the best travel dating site in the world.

Who is interested in international dating?

international dating

•  Statistics show that at least 67% of men who are into travel dating are established men because traveling the world costs money. According to Jade Seashell, the spokesperson of, the average income of this international dating website’s male members is US$92,000 – that’s pretty decent in western countries, but Jade Seashell has something interesting to say. “Yes, traveling the world does cost money, but if an American guy visits Eastern Europe, he will be surprised by the low cost of living in Eastern European countries,” says Jade Seashell, “In fact, almost every male member on is able to buy drinks for girls in Eastern Europe because things are so cheap. Therefore, Slavic ladies are very impressed with western men. If you make first-world money, you can definitely, absolutely afford to meet women in Eastern Europe.”

Why do western men want to date Eastern European beauties?

date Eastern European beauties
•  A study conducted by dating experts in the United States suggests that sophisticated men who are already successful want to meet Eastern European ladies, because successful men in the United States aren’t interested in western women who want to compete with men. I have interviewed several male members of and what they’ve told me is thought-provoking. “Feminism isn’t the solution to dating problems in western countries. Frankly, feminism is probably the cause of relationship problems in western culture. Just look at the divorce rate in the United States: the current divorce rate is 50%, and couples who broke up without getting married in the first place are not even in the statistics. Worse still, many married couples are actually unhappily married. No wonder it is said that the failure rate of marriages in western countries is 80%,” says Michael W., an experienced dater from, “Because a typical western woman doesn’t believe in traditional values anymore, she is more likely to consider getting a divorce whenever there is a conflict in her marriage. In contrast, the majority of Eastern European girls are more traditional, so they want to maintain their marriages and stay happily married – they aren’t thinking about feminism. That’s why I prefer dating Eastern European women. In the long term, I will marry an Eastern European wife.”

Why are Eastern European women so attractive?

Eastern European women so attractive
Research on indicates that girls from Eastern Europe are slim. 128 women from Eastern European countries have joined this research and none of these participants is overweight – yes, you read that right – nobody is fat. Researchers chose dating profiles at random and all of these Slavic women are slim. Michael Johnson (AKA the Mojo Master) is a thought leader in Australia. He argues that because doctors in western countries aren’t allowed to tell their patients that they are fat (“you are fat” isn’t politically correct), a growing number of westerners have become fatter and fatter. That’s actually very dangerous because the No. 1 killer in western countries is heart attack caused by obesity. That also explains why many western women are overweight, so a lot of western men have decided to date slim girls from Eastern Europe instead. Also, almost every Eastern European beauty applies makeup perfectly and knows how to dress up – every participant in this research looks extremely attractive. More importantly, beauties from Eastern Europe are best characterized by their honest personality. “I’ve dated five Slavic girls and all of them are very honest. Unlike western women who want to play games with men, Slavic ladies are so honest with me,” says Tom E., another seasoned dater from, “Whenever there is a problem in my relationship, my Eastern European girlfriend always calls me out without becoming passive aggressive or playing games. That’s so refreshing and has made my relationship much easier to manage. I really like her honestly.”

Why has international dating become a controversial topic?

dating become a controversial topic
•  It seems that some of the comments above are slightly controversial because that’s not something that you would often hear in your daily life. Indeed, international dating isn’t the most mainstream-friendly topic in the world, but it’s happening every single day. When Richard la Ruina was featured on TV in 2017, he told the audience that he likes Russian women because they are better than British women, and that’s why he is married to a Russian wife. As a consequence, Richard la Ruina was told off by the TV show host as well as another guest (an overweight British woman) who couldn’t even look at Richard’s eyes. That has become one of the most controversial videos on YouTube, yet closer examination reveals that the majority of comments under that video are supporting Richard la Ruina’s opinion and most people are disgusted by that TV show host. Another example is Roosh V’s TV appearance on Dr. Oz: When Roosh V thought he was given an opportunity to discuss the negative results of obesity in western countries, his TV appearance was actually about being told off by Dr. Oz in front of many western women (a lot of them are overweight). Interestingly, after Roosh V and Richard la Ruina appeared on TV, the database of has grown dramatically. On the day when Richard la Ruina was on TV, over 7000 western men have joined On the day when Roosh V was on TV, more than 9000 western men have joined – What does this tell you? Do western men really trust mainstream TV? Or do western men actually believe in the red pill?

What’s the future of international dating?

•  The future of international dating is very promising because most western men have the freedom to choose what they want when it comes to dating and relationships with the help of the Internet. Roosh V famously said, “Only men without options would date overweight women.” We do admit that it’s not the prettiest thing to say, but if you can choose, would you date a woman whose weight is 120kg or a woman whose weight is 51kg? I don’t think you’ll need to lie to yourself. I have asked some men from the well-known travel dating site, and they have told me their truth. “A few years ago, I dated an American woman who was overweight because that was my only option in my love life,” says Peter F., a seasoned dater of, “Then I discovered and became a member. Now I’ve dated seven slim women from Eastern Europe and I feel much happier. Becoming a member of an international dating site is just like making passive income – this travel dating website automatically sends hot Slavic beauties to me.”

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