How to Effortlessly Seduce Hot Girls from Russia

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

We have long known that the hottest girls in the world are from Russia. You should always aim high and seduce the hottest girls in the world. Why? Well, that’s because settling for less doesn’t make you happy in the long term and attractive women aren’t any harder to get than average women because most men are intimidated by hot women’s beauty.


  • Join a Russian club. There are at least one Russian club/community/center in almost every major city in Western countries, so you should be there if you’d like to date hot girls from Russia! Do some research online and I’m sure you’ll find something. If you live in a small town and there aren’t enough Russian people around, you should consider moving to a big city because that’s where you can meet a large number of hot Russian ladies.a seductive blond Russian girl in a black bikini


  • Approach attractive Russian girls by helping them. When you see a hot Russian girl in the club, you simply walk up to her and say, “You have a little mascara on your face” (no matter it’s true or not) and then walk away. Now she knows you are a real gentleman because you are trying to help her. Better still, she also knows that you are not fazed by her looks because you can directly talk to her about her appearance. That alone makes you look like a very confident and caring man. Because a comment like that makes her associate you with something physical on her body, she is more likely to consider you as a lover if the attraction is there. Also, after saying “You have a little mascara on your face”, you walk away – after that, she will keep thinking about you for a very long time. Another way to approach a hot Russian lady is to say, “You are so beautiful” and walk away. Then she will keep thinking about you for the whole night because usually a guy who told her that she is attractive always wanted something from her, but you are different. (You can come back and talk to her again towards the end of the party.)

You should always aim high and seduce the hottest girls in the world. We have long known that the hottest girls in the world are from Russia.


  • Hot Russian girls are actually more direct than you think. While Western women may play some games, Russian women tend to be candid with men. If she likes you, you would know pretty quickly. If she doesn’t like you, you will know it, too. In other words, it’s pretty much like black or white (no grey area). Here are some signs of interest: repeated glances; looks away after glancing down; touches hair or clothes; sparkle in her eyes; pushes breasts forward. If you see any of these signs, you know it’s on. So you should try to escalate and see if she is okay with your advances. If the hot Russian girl is comfortable with that, it’s time to take her to your place.a hot Russian brunette in red


  • Plan logistics in advance. Logistics are very important in your game. For instance, if you live near the city center (or ideally near the Russian club), you already have an advantage because you and the hot Russian beauty can walk to your place easily. Also, make sure your home is a romantic place because the right ambiance is usually the best aphrodisiac. First of all, your home must be clean and tidy. Remember that Russian beauties hate dirty men! If your home is neat, she would feel more comfortable with you. Second, make sure you have some candles that give your home dim light. Ideally, candles that you use should be scented, e.g. lavender helps women relax (women can never have an orgasm when they are nervous or stressed); jasmine makes women more sexually confident; rose makes women more in love. If you use a bulb, you must avoid white light because white light makes women more rational, whereas yellow light is more romantic. Third, make sure you have some food and drinks in the fridge, e.g. a glass of wine helps Russian ladies relax; chocolate turns her on by producing more sexy hormones in her brain (but if you have re-flux, you shouldn’t eat chocolate because chocolate causes re-flux due to its caffeine, cacao and fat). Lastly, make sure the temperature is warm so that you two can get naked comfortably and don’t forget to leave condoms in various drawers in different rooms because some hot women from Russia are very creative and may prefer having sex in the kitchen.


  • How to keep a hot Russian girl: When she is in your home, make sure you play the right music (e.g. Secret Garden, Sarah McLachlan, etc.) It should be music that women like (not music that you like) and it shouldn’t be Russian music! After the romantic night at your place, you can give her a CD of the music that you two listened to on that special night, and that will remind her of you again and again and again, thereby making her keep coming back to you.

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