Santo Domingo Dating: How to Get Dominican Girls’ Phone Numbers

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

Santo Domingo is the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic  and the largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean by population.  Because of its big population, this city is well-known for hot women everywhere.  The city of Santo Domingo is the the center of economic activity in this country, so it’s also where most of the country’s wealth is concentrated.  As a result, women from Santo Domingo are usually middle class or upper middle class people who are doing well financially, which means they wouldn’t be impressed by you if you are simply a guy from a developed country.  Now I’m going to share the secrets to getting Santo Domingo girls’ phone numbers with you, so that you’ll be equipped with the right skills and date Santo Domingo women successfully.

  • How to get her phone number.  A very common question is ‘I have mastered the conversation part, but how do I get her phone number?’  Well, you must direct the conversation toward the number closing.  That means the conversation should flow smoothly and naturally without showing you are asking for her phone number directly.  Let’s have a look the example below.a sexy Dominica model

YOU: What food do you like?

HER: I like Japanese food.

YOU: Have you been to the new Japanese restaurant in the city?

HER: Not yet.

YOU: I’m going to try that Japanese restaurant for lunch tomorrow.  I think you should come.

HER: Yes.

YOU: Okay.  What’s your phone number?

        In the example above, you can see it’s important to find some common interest which leads to a connection first, and then it’s much easier and more natural to ask for her phone number.  By the way, there are many interesting places that you can visit in Santo Domingo, e.g. symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra, national theater, etc.  All of these could help you to get local girls, so you just need to do your homework and know which place has a new show before going out to meet Santo Domingo ladies.

I’m going to share the secrets to getting Santo Domingo girls’ phone numbers with you, so that you’ll be equipped with the right skills and date Santo Domingo women successfully.

       If you failed to direct the conversation towards a phone number closing, you can still get her number.  Take a look at the example below.

YOU: All right.  I have to go now; otherwise my friends will kill me.  But I think we can talk later.  Do you have Facebook?  Oh, no, I hate Facebook.  How about giving me your phone number?

  • How to avoid flake phone numbers.  If you are worried that Santo Domingo women may not give you their real phone numbers or wouldn’t pick up the phone when you actually call them, you should learn something before you meet them.  In fact, many Dominican women tend to be polite, so they would give you a phone number when you ask for it, but many of them would flake!  There is a difference between giving you a phone number because she wants to be polite and giving you a phone number because she actually wants to see you again.  Now please note the following tips:a gorgeous Dominica girl

No. 1: When she gives you a phone number, call her now and see if your phone number appears on her phone.  Then tell her your name again to remind her that she should save your phone number, too.  Alternatively, you may even ask her if you can enter your number in her phone as well.

No. 2: Have a date with her there and then instead of postponing the date.  You can suggest a coffee date instantly, so that when you call her later, she will think of you.

No. 3: Preempt the Dominican woman’s objections.  A typical objection that many Dominican ladies have is they don’t think you are a reliable guy if they met you in a nightclub.  Therefore, you can say this to her, ‘I didn’t know I could meet such an awesome woman in a club.  It would be great to catch up with you again and really get to know each other.’  In this way, she would take you more seriously.

  • High-pressure number closing VS low-pressure number closing.  If you are not sure whether she is truly into you, you should do a low-pressure number closing.  By that I mean you can say something like ‘My friends and I are going to have a party on Friday.  The place is very cool, so I think you should come.’  It’s low-pressure because the Santo Domingo girl in front of you knows she will see you again when there are other people around.  Alternatively, you may say ‘Would you like to join my birthday party at XYZ bar? Bring your friends with you so that we can have a blast together.’  Then she is more likely to say yes, because she knows she won’t see you all by herself.  However, if you notice that she is really into you, then you can do a high-pressure number closing, e.g. ‘Let’s go to the new restaurant and have dinner together.’ (one-on-one date).  After having dinner with her, you may invite her to your place for a drink – ‘I have a bottle of Australian wine at my place. It’s Penfold, the most famous Australian winery.  Let’s have a drink after dinner.’  Don’t ask if she wants to go home with you; just assume she is happy to go to your place.
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