How to become the most romantic guy that hot women want

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A competent seducer knows how to stimulate beautiful women’s emotions and give them an emotional roller-coaster. That’s why hot girls are addicted to these men. The most important skill in the dynamics is being a very romantic guy that women can’t resist.

  1. Write cards for your hot girlfriend. Most men only send their girlfriends text messages on social media, and they rarely take out a pen to write something. So, you should use this to your advantage – now you can go to Kikki.K and buy some beautiful cards that your hot woman will absolutely, positively love. And you write some loving words on a card. Simply place the card next to her pillow at night and she will surely give you good sex immediately.african couple romantic guy
  2. Write a poem for her on a special occasion. If you are a very good writer, you can even write her a poem. For example, her birthday is coming and you are preparing a present for her. Instead of buying her a traditional, boring gift, you can actually write a poem for her. Learn something about alliteration and rhyme before you start, and you will surely impress your gorgeous girl. If you can’t do that, you may even hire a freelancer online to help you. Some good websites are and where you can meet freelancers from all over the romantic men
  3. Write a song for her. If you are very musical or you are a real musician, you can even write a song for your beautiful girlfriend. Record the song professionally and give her a CD as a present. She will have loving thoughts whenever she listens to your song.gitara guy romantic
  4. Create a magazine for her. If you are an artistic guy, you may even want to create a magazine for your gorgeous girlfriend. Be creative and think outside the box. Create a Microsoft Word document and begin to write some articles about your love for her. You can find some CC0 pictures on and where photographers have given up their copyright. Use some photos to match your articles. Alternatively, you may even use your own photos (your photos with her in it). Then you simply print this document and add a cover. Now you have a magazine for your hot girl.guy kiss women
  5. Record a video for her. Instead of taking her to the movies, you can surprise your beautiful girl with a video made by yourself. You can use your phone to record it and then edit your video with the help of video editing software such as Adobe Professional. Of course, you can also outsource the editing part on the Internet easily.guy-and-girl love forever
  6. Start a blog about her. This is a digital age and our life has fundamentally changed because of the Internet. Nowadays you can easily create a website on WordPress or SquareSpace without too much hassle. If you are computer-savvy, WordPress is probably better because it’s cheaper. But if you are a technology immigrant, you should use SquareSpace because it’s easier to use – you simply drag and drop as they offer you many templates for websites. If your blog becomes successful with a big audience, you can monetise your website by running some Google ads easily.very romantic guy
  7. No matter how romantic you are, you must let her know that you aren’t needy or desperate. All of the above-mentioned strategies won’t work if your sexy girlfriend knows that you can’t get other girls. Actually, she needs to know that you are a high-value guy who live in abundance and has other options in your love life, but you choose to be with her due to her attractiveness, kindness and intelligence. This is the prerequisite of being a romantic guy. Do you know why women find male pop stars who write love songs attractive? That’s actually because those pop stars are already famous and popular – other women already want them! In other words, if you aren’t a high-value man, writing poems, songs and magazines for your attractive girlfriend will only turn her off! Hopefully you have understood the principle now. Remember: the principle is the root of a tree, whereas techniques are the tree itself (techniques are what you can see).

Top 5 Things That Make A Romantic Guy

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