Top 22 love quotes that will inspire you

  1. Indeed, love is defined by an individual’s unique experience in dating and relationships. Without actually falling in love, “love” is just an abstract concept. Only when someone loves you can you truly understand what love really is defined by an individual’s unique experience
  2. Perfection is a joke. Most long-term relationships that last for decades are characterised by occasional stress along the way. The most important element is not giving up on your partner – that’s why those relationships can last for such a long time. It’s less about who you’ve met; it’s more about how you treat this relationship.Most long-term relationships
  3. Yes, people tend to remember what they have lost, their pain and sadness. But people quickly forget what they have gained from those experiences. Actually, you can only get what you give. No pains, no gains.Perfection is a joke
  4. Modern psychology claims that all mental health issues are caused by problems regarding human relationships. Nobody is an island. We are social creatures. Therefore, when you feel lonely, it’s a sign that you need connection, which is absolutely normal because that’s human nature.Modern psychology claims
  5. When you are looking for the love of your life, don’t trust a temporary feeling. This is the most important decision in your life, so you’d better use logic to analyse the situation and be rational.looking for the love of your life
  6. Moon and stars are good in poetry. But in reality, whether your partner will stay in this relationship or not is paramount because this is more important than poetry.Moon and stars are good in poetry
  7. If your wife is loyal to you, people say she is a great woman. But I want to say that means you are an alpha guy because love = dynamics (what you do influences what she does).If your wife is loyal to you
  8. When a charismatic guy looks at a woman, he makes her feel that she is the only person in the universe. And that’s called impact.When a charismatic guy looks at a woman
  9. Money and status can’t last forever. But loyalty, love and commitment are eternal. For losers, money is more important than time; in contrast, for winners, time is more important than money.Money and status can’t last forever
  10. Falling in love with someone who equally loves you is the most beautiful thing in the entire universe. If you’ve experienced that, you are the luckiest person in the world because that’s not as common as you think.beautiful thing in the entire universe
  11. Starting a relationship isn’t hard, but staying in a relationship forever isn’t easy in today’s day and age. If your partner makes an effort to maintain this relationship, please be grateful!Starting a relationship
  12. Someone like that must be really well-calibrated and intelligent. If your guy is that special, make sure you marry him!calibrated and intelligent
  13. Women are validated by attention. More importantly, women are validated by the attention from men they are in love with.Women are validated by attention
  14. A high-quality dater is proved to be high-quality by his/her actual results, i.e. many members of the opposite sex want this person. Nobody can say “I’m a high-quality dater” as an affirmation because that never works (it’s just wishful thinking).high-quality dater
  15. Only a smile with your love means the world to me. I live for your loving smile!Only a smile
  16. Dating a good woman is commonplace, but cherishing a good woman is rare. If you actually cherish your girlfriend, you deserve the best love of all.Dating a good woman
  17. When meaning is added to those loving gestures, my world is transformed into heaven on earth where I’d like to share with you only.loving gestures
  18. As Will Young famously sings, “Love is a matter of distance between you and me”, yes, this distance only makes me love you even more because this distance ignites my passion.famously sings
  19. Please remember that women need to feel loved, cherished and appreciated. If you can do that without pretending to be “cool”, you are already better than most men in this world.women need to feel loved
  20. External beauty is common. In fact, it’s everywhere. But internal beauty is rare – and that’s what catches your heart. When you’ve found internal beauty, please don’t lose it!External beauty is common
  21. If you love me when I’m at my worst, I know I’ve found my true love. When I’m at my best, I will share my whole world with you only. That’s the law of reciprocity.found my true love
  22. Love isn’t about making life become unrecognisable. In fact, love is about those little moments (AKA micro attraction) – when I sit down with you, when you hold my hand, when we look at each other’s eyes…. These moments seem to make time stop.making life become unrecognisable



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