Sugar Daddies’ Top 5 Mistakes

sugar daddy and his sugar babe

Many sugar daddies enter the sugar bowl without learning sugar dating skills beforehand. Now this article will show you how to look before you leap, so you can avoid the following common mistakes in your sweet arrangement.

Mistake #1: Failure to set up terms and conditions at the beginning of the arrangement.

This mistake may ruin the entire arrangement because you are guessing and playing games which should be totally avoided in an arrangement. An arrangement is best characterized by being honest with each other from the beginning, so that you don’t need to play games anymore. Therefore, you should totally set up the right terms and conditions that both you and your sugar baby are happy with from the start. For instance, you can clarify what activities you two should do together, whether she can meet your friends or not, how much allowance you are going to give her, etc. Clear expectations always lead to less stress.happy sugar couple

Mistake #2: Reveal your wallet too soon.

Some sugar babies want to know whether you are really rich or not, so they say, “You look much younger than that. Can I have a look at your ID? I really can’t believe you are already 55 years old!” Then the sugar daddy takes out his wallet and shows her his ID. But what she really wants to do is to have a look at bank cards in your wallet – when she is looking at your ID, she is actually looking at how many cards (and what kinds of cards) you have in your wallet. This can be dangerous because you are looking for a genuine connection with a woman who you are willing to spoil rather than a gold-digger. Remember: A high-quality sugar baby is not a gold-digger. A gold-digger is someone who wants to get cash quick and leave the guy. In contrast, a sugar baby is building a real connection, mutual respect and a stable relationship with a sugar daddy. You can reveal your wealth when you are sure this sugar baby is the right woman you are looking for. But before you are sure, you shouldn’t show her your wallet.

Mistake #3: Turn your sugar expense into a tax write-off.

Please don’t violate the law. An arrangement is legal because it’s about a mutually beneficial relationship in which both sugar daddy and sugar baby are willing to contribute to the relationship. Nobody has the right to judge what adults are doing behind closed doors, as long as it’s legal. If you transfer money to your sugar baby’s bank account, don’t use it as a tax write-off because it’s not. If you turn your sugar expense into a tax write-off, sooner or later the taxman may contact you.

Clear expectations always lead to less stress.

Mistake #4: Introduce your sugar baby to your network before knowing who she really is.

This is a very painful mistake: You really like your sugar baby and she wants to meet your friends, so you take her to a dinner party in order to show her off. Of course, everybody around you envy you because you are dating a hot woman. But before you know it, your sugar baby is already flirting with another guy who has more money than you. This can ruin your arrangement with your sugar baby and your friendship with that guy. You must make sure she is loyal to you before taking her out to functions. You can observe her behavior: Does she interact with other men on social media frequently? Does she keep her sugar daddy dating website’s account active?sugar daddy proposal

Mistake #5: Focus on a sugar baby’s looks and ignore her personality and intelligence.

Please remember that beauty is common – gorgeous women are everywhere, so beauty isn’t very valuable. Career success is more valuable than beauty because about 10% of the population can achieve it. However, the rarest thing is wisdom. A high-value sugar baby is an intelligent, radiant woman with a warm personality. That’s the feminine wisdom.

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