Six Things You Need To Know About Dating Nigerian Women Today

Six Things You Need To Know About Dating Nigerian Women Today

Dating Nigerian women can be tricky for any men, but especially for those with a different nationality. Depending on whether you are talking to a conservative, traditional Nigerian woman or a more modern, open-minded one, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

From the terms that you should avoid while having a conversation to what they look for in a man, this guide will cover everything you need to know before dating Nigerian women, so you can rise up to the challenge in person or through dating apps.

Scroll down to find out how you can make a Nigerian lady fall in love with you!

What You Need to Know Before Dating Nigerian Women

1) Work and occupation matter to Nigerian women and they are very likely to ask about what you do for a living on the first date. Although some people may refer to them as gold-diggers, this just has to do with their culture and how they want a man who can provide for a family. However, Nigerian women are also hard-workers who are willing and wanting to do their part in the financial aspect of a relationship, which is why they see laziness as a turn-off. Show them that you have goals and ambitions if you want to earn their interest or respect.

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2) Nigerian women are unlikely to marry a foreign man. Because of their traditional, religious background, it is difficult for Nigerian women to relate to men from other sides of the world, and even harder to get them to the aisle if they are conservative. These African women also happen to be extremely close to their family and friends. Therefore, most of them are more than happy to stay in their country, so you would probably have to relocate if you want to make things official and serious. On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a good time, it is possible to persuade them if you avoid cheesy pickup lines or sexual innuendos. Take your time.

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3) Nigerian women, like women from other countries, are into the little details. Flowers, chocolate, cards and old-fashioned romantic gestures will get you way further with a Nigerian beauty than intense PDA. Nigerian girls want to feel special, treasured and loved, but are also shy in public, so the perfect way to show them how much you care is with gifts that reflect their personality, rather than making out on the streets. By the way, always ask first before you try to kiss them or get closer.

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“Besides some people referring to Nigerian ladies as submissive, they are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their men”

4) Nigerian women pay a lot of attention to their appearance. If you ever see a Nigerian girl without with a fresh face, there’s a big chance that she’s in love with you AND confident about the relationship. These exotic beauties always make sure that their hair, outfit, and makeup are on point. This could test your patience if you try to make spontaneous plans to surprise them because they would prefer to be previously notified about what you are doing with her.

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5) Nigerian women are great in the kitchen. They are taught from very early in their life how to serve amazing dishes, an ability that they improve over the years by adding more international flavors to their book of recipes. If you date a Nigerian girl, not only will you never starve, you’ll be more than pleased with the way they cook for you, your friends, and your family. These women can handle an entire buffet and still make everything delicious, guaranteed! However, they will also love if you cook for then every now and then, so please keep it in mind.

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6) Naija women are adventurous in the bedroom. Besides some people referring to Nigerian ladies as submissive, they are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their men, which definitely includes sex. If you are certain that they care about you, don’t be afraid to tell them about your ideas to spice things up and step out of the box, you’d be surprised with how against the norm they can go when they love someone.

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  • For a country so popular that all the major media outlets have news about it, there is not much dating information available for Nigerians. While looking for an easy way to find out information about Nigerians, I came across many books about dating Nigerians. The last book I read was “What to Expect When Dating Nigerian Women.”

  • What the author of the book, Dr. Ahmed, had written was a simple and reliable guide that can help to guide you to do the right things when dating women in Nigeria. You will learn about what Nigerians prefer to do with their girlfriends. These are very helpful to know when you are going to date them, as this will ensure that you know how to treat them well.

  • Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what the author had to say about dating women in Nigeria, I would like to cover a little of the history of the country. Nigeria was founded by Emperor David who was driven out by a group of Christian soldiers called the Dark Minstrels.

  • The Dark Minstrels were put in prison and forced to dance before King Koneru. This was to humiliate them and prevent them from escaping. It was not until decades later that they were able to rebel against the former king.

  • This was a brief account of how the general idea of how a Nigerian culture works but I think it gives you a general idea of how women of that culture are. The dating in Nigeria is something that has to be planned ahead of time because it is very different from anywhere else in the world.

  • When it comes to women, women in Nigeria are a lot more independent than you might expect. They are independent minded, hardworking and will make it their business to get along with you. There is no reason why you cannot become part of the dating scene in Nigeria, you just have to have the right attitude to understand it.

  • One thing that you will notice about Nigerian women is that they are very loyal. They will not ask for anything for free and you will not find them giving free handouts at the end of the night. If you give something to them, it will be worth it.

  • For most men, dating Nigerian women is a bit of a challenge. The women of this country do not treat their friends or family with any special attention, which means that you will have to take care of yourself if you want to meet Nigerian women.

  • When you first get to meet Nigerian women, make sure that you wear something that shows that you are a man of substance. One thing that you should do is to dress in a business suit that is stylish. If you are a man who looks respectable, then you should not have any problems.

  • Most Nigerian girls will like to make the first move, but the fact is that they will have no problem at all. Men are not hesitant about asking them out. Of course, you have to know how to pick up on their signals and keep your expectations low.

  • Dating Nigerian women does not necessarily mean being demanding. You should not ask them out on dates. At the same time, you should be confident enough to ask them out for coffee and tell them that you are interested in them without them being defensive or presumptuous.

  • Being prepared is a great way to make the most of your time with Nigerian women. You do not have to spend a fortune to start dating Nigerian women, just be patient and prepare.

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