Discover Exotic Jazmin from San Jose, Costa Rica


33, San Jose,Costa Rica
You are welcome to Costa Rica, that may not be a very large country, it is actually smaller than Lake Michigan, still very beautiful, and worth visiting!
Among unique flora and fauna, breathtaking beaches and tasty food you will discover the beauty of Costa Rican ladies. They are very romantic women and believe in soul-mates, love and marriage. They have traditional family values. They respect men and women, and believe that people can live in peace.
Costa Rican women can find happiness in something simple. Usually they are people of the nature, they like walking in the parks, swimming in the ocean. They are family oriented women and are very close with their families. They are positive, adequate, understanding girls, loyal, kind, penetrating, trustful, and friendly. They do not like conflicts, and do not like to offend people.
Costa Rican girls believe in things that are needed to be in order to keep them alive: love, passion, relationships. World and its rules shouldn’t steal these values, they shouldn’t break dreams and hopes. Costa Rican woman will never allow this to happen!!! Compassion… she knows the meaning of this word! Respect, is that she will never loose and hope the same in return. She likes to smile, maybe even if it hurts inside her, but her lips never know about this.

Being sensitive and fragile, Costa Rican lady needs attentive man who knows how to love, to take care of his beloved and to give her his protection and strong shoulder. Her perfect man is respnsible man, with his own aims and goals; man with wide soul and ability to love.

Sometimes honesty and directness of a Costa Rican woman can appear arrogant and rude, but it doesn’t mean she wants to insult her. It is all about her emotional part. She hates lies and expects the same from you. Still she never gives up in difficult situations and always look for a positive choice in her life.
Maybe Costa Rican women have old fashioned views on life,but they really consider that no matter the age, race, religion and country,the main thing is the feelings between two loving hearts!!!
Jazmin, stunning woman from San Jose is looking here for second half. Would you like to get along with, positive spirited fun woman? She can be both soft yet tough when needed, a romantic nature with sense of humor. Jazmin has enough warmth and light inside of her and can share it with everyone. Here she wants to meet a man whom she will trust and whom she will fall in love with.
She wants to be with attentive and decent man, who will gently take her hand in his and will show her his life, with whom they will create their common house. Determination, protection and his strong hand is what really matters, age and appearance are only temporal factors. You can’t love face all your life, you love soul…
Maybe it is you whom she were looking for all her life?