This Is Why You Should Start Dating Turkish Women

This Is Why You Should Start Dating Turkish Women

Turkish women may not be as popular as Armenian women, thanks in large part to the Kardashian family’s popularity, but trust us when we tell you that dating Turkish women is worth every second of your time.

Not only are Turkish women gorgeous and a pleasure to look at because of their (usually) dark hair and glowing skin, they are also some of the most caring and affectionate ladies worldwide. When you are going out with a Turkish girl, she will let you know if she likes you by being absolutely adorable and impossible to resist.

Furthermore, Turkish women have a strong sense of style, so you will feel like the luckiest guy in the world just by simply being able to go on a date with one of them. As if the things mentioned above weren’t enough, Turkish girls are also very smart, which guarantees you will always have something to talk about while dating Turkish women.

On this post, we hope to give you enough reasons to try dating Turkish women right now, whether you meet them in your country or while visiting Turkey. Scroll down to find out why you should try to make a Turkish beauty fall in love with you!

Reasons to Start Dating Turkish Women

Reason #1: Turkish women like to pamper their men

If you’re tired of women who are cold and not that affectionate at all, then you are in for a treat with Turkish women!

A Turkish girl will let you know that she likes/loves you at all times by hugging you, kissing you, offering you some tea or anything they think you would appreciate, and it doesn’t feel fake at all! It just comes naturally for them.

If you happen to be a distant guy who doesn’t indulge in romance, you may find yourself getting in the mood by being with a Turkish woman and you should because, otherwise, she could feel like you don’t care and, as a result, walk away from you. Don’t be afraid to shower them with gestures!

dating Turkish women

Reason #2: Turkish women are not easy

This could either be good or bad for you depending on what your intentions are when it comes to dating Turkish women.

If you are looking for a one night stand or just hooking up, it won’t be easy to get a Turkish women to go to bed with you, regardless of what you may have heard before. Even the most modern Turkish girl has strong, traditional values that she’s not willing to sacrifice for a guy, no matter how much she likes him.

While going out with a Turkish beauty, you’ll find out that she’s very close to her family and she’ll probably introduce you to them, sooner rather than later. While meeting the parents, you’ll most likely be question since arranged marriages are still a thing in Turkey and foreigners’ intentions are usually debatable for them.

However, if you hope to only fool around with Turkish woman, it’ll be an easier task if you meet them outside of their country where they would be more willing to experiment, let their hair down and have some fun away from their families watching eyes.

“If you are looking for a one night stand or just hooking up, it won’t be easy to get a Turkish women to go to bed with you, regardless of what you may have heard before.”

get a Turkish women

Reason #3: Turkish women are great in the kitchen

Although we are not saying that Turkish women are perfect in any way, their cooking abilities do make their jealousy issues and possessive tendencies more tolerable.

Breakfast, for example, is particularly important in Turkish culture and you’ll find yourself with a huge variety of dishes in front of you, all of them absolutely delicious!

Trust us, if you haven’t tried kebab or meze before, you’ll get addicted to them without even noticing.

modern Turkish girl

Reason #4: Turkish women are educated

Even though, in the past, Turkish women were conventionally delegated to only be housewives, as they have moved from a tradionatilly Islamic country to a more modern one, women have seeked to be professional in different areas of expertise, and have succeeded in the process!

Nowadays, even Turkish celebrities know a thing or two about political issues, culture, science and all kinds of things, so you better be able to carry a conversation while dating Turkish women in any corner of the world.

They are mentally stimulating and hope to meet men that can not only teach them a few things but also debate with them about important subjects.

Turkish celebrities

Do you feel motivated to start dating Turkish women after reading this article? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more tips and knowledge!

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  • Saying that Turkish women are gorgeous and good at cooking is quite factually based. However, saying that they are educated is a bit magnifying. Even a girl with a PhD in geography might think of Africa as one country. Their general culture is very poor. They like lowbrow topics such as food, smoking, gossiping about the lifestyle of their neighbors. One can easily get bored while having them on a date.

    • Turkish women are higly educated and can talk about a lot of things. You probably are from a rural Germany, diaspora Turks. They don’t get well education out there. I mean your example is horrible, thinking Africa as one country. Impossible in Turkey

  • Well based on your words and advice I will be happy to have life partner as Turkish woman who will be a mother of my kids.

  • I live in Turkey, and the photos you posted are a far cry from how Turkish women look. Yes, Turkish women are beautiful. They have very large brown eyes, and typically long, thick dark hair. They have thick eyebrows and always wear A LOT of makeup. However, they do not have colorful eyes. And they have very large noses in general. They are also very superficial, which makes them very unattractive and boring. Most Turkish women have very few friends, due to their incessant gossiping and superficial lifestyle. It is a poor country with a lack of activities or arts, and they have little here to entertain themselves with.

  • What a way to generalize a gender in a country. Even the picture of ladies are obvious fake that they are not even Turk :). But one thing is for sure and that Turkish girls are inferior to European girls in terms of physcial beauty.

  • I’m Turkish and i don’t totally agree with this tittle. What’s more the photos even dont represent them.

    “Turkish women like to pamper their men. Turkish women are educated” are u sure about that?

  • I am a Turkish woman, I am from Izmir. yes there is truth in what you are talking about, and you’ve got better we are us, thank you, maybe not so good, but I never accepted the following comments, turkey living in friends I guess living in the east of turkey, talk about the black-haired, black-eyed brunette girls Kurdish girls, not Turkey, The Turks are not mostly brunettes, of course we are mostly brown-eyed, but there are blond white-skinned people with colored eyes, we are a mixed race, maybe our general culture may be low, maybe we are gossiping, every woman in the world makes gossip? I wonder how much could you tired of it only Turkish women never’re not boring, our traditions can be tight, we can be Muslims, but they’re never as tight as a Catholic, turkey also coming to you toured the western cities such as Izmir, I think you can make a more objective review, as well as additional notes; the girls in this post are of course Turkish, and even the girl in the bottom photo is a friend of mine studying at the university of özyeğin !!!! turkey also a lot of girls like that, I saw the girl in the eastern Turkish city do not go to the village because of a speech !!!!

  • However, if you hope to only fool around with Turkish woman, it’ll be an easier task if you meet them outside of their country where they would be more willing to experiment, let their hair down and have some fun away from their families watching eyes.“””””

    I am Turkish and This is disgusting. And based on only a foreigners assumption. Totally disgusting. Nobody acts differently outside the country away from families eyes okay??? Conservative people are conservative people just like their families. And if they are not they are not in the country ot outside the country. I’ve been told i had to cover my head visiting my family in Turkey? It’s your disgusting assumptions you never get rid of your judgemental brain.

  • Is this the only benefits for having an obedient wife. If more, please let me know if i can learn more of a Turkish woman as a willing wife (and some guidelines and how to’s). Don’t hesitate….. Thanks!
    I’m a cultural man and not for hookups (only short term love and then a life long blessed marriage).

  • I have been talking to a Turkish woman now and this article is really helpful in a good way to keep your Turkish lady satisfied with you

  • You do not give correct information about Turkish girls nowadays turkish girls are freer and not so different from european girls 🙂

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