Everything You Need to Know About Dating Guyanese Women

Everything You Need to Know About Dating Guyanese Women

Guyanese women may not be as popular as their Venezuelan neighbors for their beauty, but trust us when we tell you that they are still gorgeous.

When dating Guyanese women, you’ll be amazed by their typically dark skin and stunning brown eyes. You’ll find yourself falling for the way they express their feelings and emotions without any kind of hesitance or doubt.

Whether you meet a Guyanese girl at her country or somewhere else in the world, there are certain things you should know in order to make the most out of the experience. On this article, we’ll shine a light on the things that make Guyanese women so unique and worth getting familiar with, so you can make them fall in love with you.

Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about dating Guyanese women!

Everything You Need to Know About Dating Guyanese Women

1) Guyanese women are very optimistic

If you are DONE with cynical women who always seem to see the glass half empty, you’ll find the Guyanese woman and their positive attitude refreshing.

These ladies are highly energetic, so if you love outdoor dates, dancing or if you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love being around them.

Tell them your crazy ideas about extreme sports and they’ll likely not only be interested but excited in joining you in your many adventures.

Dating Guyanese Women

2) Guyanese women value family

Guyanese women are among the most family-oriented you are likely to meet in your lifetime. Therefore, if you are looking for a serious relationship, settling down and a commitment, they are a great choice.

They can be the perfect housewives, they know how to raise children, they are great cooks and will listen to (most of) what you what to say with a smile on their faces.

Guyanese women are religious

3) Guyanese women speak English

“Whether you meet them online or in person, you already have an advantage while dating Guyanese women because you both will be (literally) speaking the same language.”
Communication is key in the world of dating, regardless of whether your eyes are set on a relationship or just hooking up. After all, it is through talking that you let a girl know exactly what you want or need, what to expect from you and all important subjects.

In that sense, you’ll be happy to know that most Guyanese women speak fluid English since it is the country’s official language and, therefore, it couldn’t be easier to talk to them or to understand what they are trying to say to you.

Whether you meet them online or in person, you already have an advantage while dating Guyanese women because you both will be (literally) speaking the same language.

Guyanese women value family

4) Guyanese women are picky

Yes, Guyanese women are friendly and welcoming to strangers, which is why you may think that are into you because of how warm they seem.

However, they are incredibly picky with men, even if it’s just for some fooling around. You may spot a Guyanese beauty dancing and grinding like there’s no tomorrow at a club, but that does NOT mean that she will go to bed with you. Hell, some guys even refer to them as teases because of that.

Truth is, if she likes you she will not hesitate to let you know, with words and actions, but don’t think you got her eating from the palm of your hand just because she’s always smiling and winking, that’s just her super positive, flirty nature speaking.

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

meet a Guyanese girl

5) Guyanese women are religious

There are three main religions in Guyana: Hinduism, Catholicism and Islam. If you share any of those beliefs, you’ll no doubt find the right girl for you in Guyana. However, if you are not particularly religious, it could be hard for you to find a woman that’s open-minded enough to seriously date you.

Although there are always exceptions, it is likely that a Guyanese woman will expect you to convert into her religion in order to take things to another level, so you should take that into account while approaching them.

On the other hand, you could still meet a girl who’s not looking for anything serious and, therefore, is willing to give you a try in spite of you not believing in the same things that she does, you’ll just have to work harder to find her.

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Are you ready to start dating Guyanese women now? Let us know in the comments!

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