Should I Date an Adult Entertainment Worker?

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We’ve interviewed several guys who have dated adult entertainment workers. We have also interviewed some ladies who are actually adult entertainment workers. They have generously shared their experience and wisdom with us on this blog.

  • “It’s sexy to add some dance moves to the bedroom” says an adult entertainment worker (Bianca, a hot girl in her 20s).

Strategy description:  Adding some dance moves to your bedroom excitement makes you much more spontaneous and attractive.

Rationale:  There are three types of dances that you should try in the bedroom—lap dance, burlesque and twerking.  Remember, pole dancing is not in it. To be frank, pole dancing is more like gymnastics than an erotic dance.  I have interviewed many men who told me that they don’t really find pole dance exciting because they don’t really enjoy the masculine energy of most pole dancers whose muscles are nearly as strong as a man’s.  Therefore, adding some dance moves, such as lap dance, burlesque and twerking, is a good idea to welcome another delicious girl

  • Bianca’s sexy diary:

I’m an adult entertainment worker.

In my slightly dim bedroom, I’m enjoying my Japanese charcoal coffee while waiting for my lover Tom with vintage music on.

Tom smells the aromatic Japanese charcoal coffee in the bedroom, so he walks in and says, “Bianca, I really enjoy the aroma of the charcoal coffee.  Why do you like it?”

“Because I like the slightly burnt aroma.”  I know it’s a bit weird, but at least I am honest.

“Indeed, that’s very unique.” Tom says, “Shall we dance to the music?”

“No, I’d like you to sit down here.” I point at the chair in the middle of the bedroom.

Tom complies.  Certainly, he sexy women

I lean against the bedroom wall and start the beginning of my lap-dance routine. My body is slowly moving against the wall; I squat on the heels and open my legs; I start to walk towards Tom in high heels.

I use a ribbon to tie Tom’s hands to the chair.  I start my lap dance moves in front of him.  My body is moving closer and closer to his body.  I can see his b*ner already, and my bottom can feel his Johnson.  My stockings are already wet with my juice. 

We are both silent.  Only the music and my dance moves go on.

I undress Tom and start to put chocolate on his entire body.

I lick the chocolate on his neck, his chest, his arms, his six-pack, his thighs….adult date

I can smell the aroma of the Japanese charcoal coffee, and I can taste the divine chocolate on Tom’s body.  I feel that my honeypot is like a swollen red macaron and I really desire Tom’s penetration.

I untie the ribbon around his hands, and heat rushes through my whole body.  I’m really dripping now, and Tom enters me with the strongest thrust.

My senses are very well catered for. In the aroma of Japanese charcoal coffee, the taste of chocolate on Tom, the thrusts from his incredibly hard Johnson, I surrender my body and soul in the overwhelming ecstasy that devours me.

  • Bianca’s advice for straight women, adult entertainment workers, gay men, drag queens, crossdressers and transgender dating:

Strategy description: If you want your guy to touch you more, a really useful strategy is to wear silk or satin more often. 

Rationale: I’m sure you already know that men are more visual than women.  Now as an adult entertainment worker, I’m going to tell you that men also enjoy what they feel more than women.  By saying “what they feel,” I’m not talking about their emotional feelings.  Instead, I’m talking about how their hands and body feel when they touch something or hold someone in their arms. first dating online

I also totally understand that women crave men’s touches.  However, many women are doing it the wrong way: some women pretend to be sick or helpless so they get their guy’s attention.  Unfortunately, most men just don’t get it—they either ask you to take medication or give you a rational solution!  Women and men speak completely different languages.

There are many other ways to get your guy’s attention in the right way.  As an adult entertainment worker, I am going to share a strategy that works: wear silk or satin clothes more often, because men really enjoy the smooth feeling created between your silk/satin-covered body and his hands/skin.

  • Bianca’s demonstration story:

“Tom, I have already met my Mr. Right, so I would like to let you know that our relationship needs to come to an end.  I don’t think it’s fair for the person that I am going to date in the long run if I keep seeing you—this is my responsibility and my standard.”  I speak to Tom on the phone.

“Bianca, I am so happy for you.  Now there is someone that you truly adore, of course you are absolutely free to make your own choices and decisions.”  Tomis in his office.“Bianca, would you like to have a farewell get-together with me on my private island?  I can guarantee that it will be the best experience we will have shared.  I was about to take you there for your birthday, but since we need to break up now, why not do it right now?”  Tom is keen to show me his private island.Date an Adult Entertainment Worker

I agree to visit Tom’s private island, so Tom and I are right here—on this breathtakingly beautiful island.

It feels unreal.  The sunshine, the beach, the ocean waves, the forest—only for Tom and me.  As an adult entertainment worker, I have never imagined this in my life.

Tom and I are lying down on our blanket in the forest.  The sunshine and the leaves are intertwined, which creates unique scenery. 

I’m wearing a satin-tight dress again.  Tom’s hands can’t stay away from my body, and he says, “You are always so beautiful with or without clothes on….” (Don’t forget that I’m an adult entertainment worker.)

 “Let’s be naked on this island because only you and I are here anyway,” Tom suggests enthusiastically.

“Sure!”  I start to undress myself and him.

The sunshine warms our skin.  Tom and I caress each other’s body, and the gentleness is mixed with the golden sunshine.

I can hear the ocean waves, which sound like orgasm.  Oh, I hear the waves in my honeypot as well.

I can see the green trees and the colorful flowers merging into one….

Then we decide to continue to have s*x on the beach, so we move the blanket to the beach and continue ….

Tom and I (the adult entertainment worker) are making love like there is no tomorrow. (Well, yes, for us, there won’t be tomorrow because this is our farewell get-together.)beautiful women online

Making love in broad daylight on the beach, we are covered by the blue sky and tantalizing sunshine.  My liberating voice can go as wild as I want; it feels like the entire universe is embracing this moment.

Our farewell ecstasy is witnessed by the ocean, and that’s how large my orgasm expands.

We have had six orgasms in two days on Tom’s private island because each time the whole process takes hours, including these steps: talk – foreplay – intercourse – talk.

It’s like a dream that has come true, which perfectly ends my 2-year relationship with Tom.

    • Bianca’s loverTom has some advice for men dating adult entertainment workers:

If you are dating an adult entertainment worker, you can be a social worker for the dysfunctional.
Most adult entertainment workers are hot.

Don’t debate with an adult entertainment worker; just fornicate.

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