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In a way, being single is like being unemployed – you’ve got to keep looking until you’ve found someone. Research shows that people who have active sex lives are healthier, feel happier and live longer. Today Paula Q., CEO of an Argentine women dating website, has joined our interview series. So let’s have a look at Paula’s interesting insights on why you are single.A hot curvy Argentine woman

Reason #1: Most people don’t even take advice. If you ask a regular person in the street whether they should read articles about dating advice, nine times out of ten they would tell you that dating should come naturally. Or they would say that they believe in serendipity/meeting someone is destiny, etc. Interestingly, compared with men, women are more likely to take advice, partly because women think it’s okay to be vulnerable and admit that they don’t know enough, and partly because men think it’s embarrassing to admit that they need support. In Argentina, among 200 men who participated in a study, only 31 of them have taken some dating advice; in contrast, among 200 Argentine women who joined the study, 142 of them have proactively looked for dating advice. Apart from reading articles about dating advice, as a single man, you can actually read books such as Fifty Shades of Grey because that’s your cheat sheet – women’s fantasies are already there! And most men wouldn’t read that kind of books because they are too proud to read a book for women, so reading such books would give you an unfair advantage!

Remember, women know other women. Therefore, your female friends are your unlimited resources.

Reason #2: You often hang out with a group of guys. If you are a single man, you should try not to go out with a group of men. Look at ten guys together – is that attractive? When you go out with guys, make sure you only go out with one or two other men who have the ability to support your love life, i.e. they can be your wingmen. Alternatively, you may want to go out alone and meet girls more easily. An Argentine lady who participated in the study says she feels more comfortable talking to a guy who is alone, because she doesn’t necessarily want to meet his friends at this stage.a beautiful young blonde Argentine woman

Reason #3: You go to the wrong places to meet women. If you are looking for a nice girl who has the potential to become your wife, you shouldn’t go to nightclubs or bars because those places aren’t frequented by the kind of girls you are looking for, although occasionally you’ll meet some good girls there. Similarly, you would be ill-advised to fly to Las Vegas in order to meet women in Casinos and pubs because ladies who are having fun in Las Vegas aren’t necessarily looking for husbands. There is nothing wrong with hookups, but if you have more respect for yourself and women, maybe you would prefer better places to meet ladies who wouldn’t waste your time. “Argentine beauties often meet single men when they are travelling,” says Paula, “no matter you are on a cruise ship or in a random travel group in Argentina, you are very likely to meet eligible girls from Argentina. Another great place to meet women from Argentina is to join an Argentine women dating site which automatically sends eligible ladies to you.”

Reason #4: You don’t have female friends. Having female friends is very important because your female friends can bring a large number of single women to your life. Remember, women know other women. Therefore, your female friends are your unlimited resources. In fact, most Argentine ladies want to have male friends because in some ways a male friend is just like a boyfriend minus the stress: she can enjoy all the benefits of a boyfriend without dealing with lots of stress brought by the relationship.

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