How to Build Massive Attraction with Tokyo Girls

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

When it comes to economy, Japan is a Western country in the East.  Unsurprisingly, Tokyo is also called “Paris in the East”.  Many Western men are curious about those cute Tokyo girls that they see on TV.  You’ll be glad to know that women in Tokyo actually look like those cute girls that you see on TV!  In fact, they are the cutest women in the whole world.  Now I’d like to show you how to build massive attraction with ladies in Tokyo.

  • Location is more important than you think. I can almost guarantee that if you frequent pubs where westerners hang out in Tokyo, you will meet many Japanese girls who are into western culture.  That’s your path of least resistance.  Therefore, it’s a great idea to go to these pubs first.  Interestingly, if you go to such pubs, you will not only meet very cute Tokyo girls, but also meet extremely hot Japanese women who look like Asa Akira.  So now you know what you can expect!a hot Japanese girl

  • Use the ‘push-pull’ technique. You should dare to do ‘push-pull’ with women in Tokyo, and here is why: Japanese ladies who are interested in Western men know the big difference between Western men and Japanese men (and in these women’s opinion, Western men are better in many ways).  I’m not saying Japanese men are worse than Western men.  What I am saying is these huge differences can be a huge turn-on for some women, but they can also be a huge turn-off for other women.  For instance, most Japanese men are like Christian Grey when it comes to sex because they want to be dominant (Western women are curious about this element nowadays, hence the novel Fifty Shades of Grey is a best-seller in Western countries), yet some Japanese women who don’t want to be submissive tend to prefer Western men!  Okay, without further ado, now I’m going to introduce ‘push-pull’ technique in detail.

Q: What is the ‘push-pull’ technique?

A: “Push” means you get closer to a woman and become more intimate; “pull” means you become a bit disinterested.

Q: Is it like “playing hard to get”?

A: No.  “Playing hard to get” means you pretend to be disinterested, and it totally misses the point – the point is you must mix up an interaction by giving women an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Q: Why should I use the ‘push-pull’ technique in Tokyo?

A: Because Tokyo girls who are into western men are usually confident and tough, in fact they want to get you!

Q: How do I implement the ‘push-pull’ technique?

A: Once you’ve built a connection with a Japanese woman, let her invest in you.  So you can say something like, “Do you have attractive female friends?”  When she hears this, she will want to prove that she is hotter, which is exactly what you want.  Another example is you say this to her, “You are too young for me.”  Then she will want to prove that she is mature and worldly enough to match you.  This is called disqualification – you disqualify her, so that she will want to show you how qualified she is.

Q: When should I use the ‘push-pull’ technique?

A: When you notice she is interested in you, you can start to disqualify her a bit.  Here are some typical signs that she is interested:

#1: She laughs at your jokes, although your jokes are not even funny.

#2: She strokes her neck while talking to you.

#3: Her fingers are running in her hair and she tilts her head to the side while talking to you.

#4: She is comfortable with your physical escalation.

#5: She looks at your mouth and her eyes seem to be a bit dreamy.

Q: You’ve talked about how to do the ‘pull’ part.  How about the ‘push’ part?

A: There are many ways to do the ‘push’ part.  The best way is to build an emotional connection by asking the right questions like these:

#1: “If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?”

#2: “Have you ever experienced love-at-first-sight?”

#3: “What talents do you have that would impress me?”a very cute Japanese girl with long curly hair

When you ask a Tokyo lady these questions, somehow emotionally she will feel that you two are already in an intimate relationship.  After you’ve built the emotional connection, you should do the ‘pull’ part, i.e. break the rapport by disagreeing with her on small things.  Please have a look at the example below.

HER: I really love the movie The Bridges of Madison County.

YOU: I think that movie sucks because the original novel is ten times better.

HER: blah, blah, blah

YOU: blah, blah, blah

HER: My goal is to become an artist.

YOU: I really like your ambition, and you are so creative and artistic.

Because you disagreed with her previously, now your compliment becomes super powerful (she knows your compliment is true).  Therefore, you have stood out from the crowd – you are more attractive than most other men that she has ever met.

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