How to Approach Rabat Women in a Nightclub

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

Although the biggest city in Morocco is Casablanca, Rabat (the capital of Morocco) is growing rapidly.  As a result, more and more Western men are traveling to Rabat and get Rabat women in this day and age.  This article is a game plan which shows you how to approach Moroccan women in Rabat nightclubs in detail.  (Note: Moroccans typically don’t drink alcohol, so almost all the nightlife in Rabat where alcohol is served caters to tourists.)

  • How to disarm the attractive Moroccan woman that you really want: Before you approach the hot girl in the club, you should talk to those other than her, because she will see that you are here to have fun with everybody.  Therefore, when you approach her, she will be more receptive and open.  By the way, most guys who haven’t read this article will try to look like James Bond in the club because they think looking “cool” attracts girls, yet that’s not an intelligent move.a beautiful Moroccan woman


  • Test her interest.  Before you approach the Rabat girl in the club, you can test whether she is going to give you a positive response or not.  This is how to do it: Make eye contact with her, and then very quickly you do one of the following – raising your glass, waving or making a funny face.  Now the hot Rabat lady has to respond, so apart from any negative reaction, she will either smile, mirror your action, or look away (embarrassed or shy) – if you see her doing any of these, you know you can approach her.


  • The direct approach After knowing she reacts positively, you should approach her directly by saying something like “Hi, how have you been?” – this is much better than “Hi, how are you?” because “how have you been” makes her feel that you two have known each other for a long time; therefore, she feels closer to you already.  When you approach her, you should assume that she likes you, then everything will probably become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Don’t use indirect approach here, because that will decrease the attraction in this situation.

This article is a game plan which shows you how to approach Moroccan women in Rabat nightclubs in detail. 


  • The wrong body language of approaching a hot Moroccan girl.  Before learning the right body language, let’s see some examples of the wrong body language, so that you’ll know what not to do first.  Wrong Body Language #1: you walk up and get right in her face (so awkward).  Wrong Body Language #2: your feet and body point toward her (this communicates high pressure).  Wrong Body Language #3: you look away nervously (this communicates lack of confidence).  Wrong Body Language #4: you hold eye contact until she looks away (this gives her power).


  •  The right body language of approaching a hot Rabat girl Avoid the wrong body language and do the following – Right Body Language #1: only your face points toward her; your feet and body point away from her (this is a low-pressure way, so she feels more comfortable).  Right Body Language #2: When you two have built a connection, you look away first while she still holds eye contact (this implies your high status).  Right Body Language #3: If she is in a seated group, you should sit down as well (when you are talking to her on her level, she feels more comfortable).  Right Body Language #4: Once there is a sexy vibe, you touch her quickly in a smart way (physical escalation), e.g. whisper something in her ears and your hand/lips accidentally touch her ear.a model-looking Moroccan girl


  • When to use direct game and when to use indirect game When you have seen a clear indication of interest, you should use direct game – be unapologetic about your desire and intensify the interaction with flirting and physical escalation.  When you haven’t seen a clear indication of interest, you should use indirect game – have longer conversations until she shows a sign of interest.


  • The importance of working the room.  If you’ve decided to try indirect game to get started, the ability to work the room is vital.  You need to meet and remember the names of all the Moroccan women you like in the club – When you end a short interaction with a group, ask for the hot Rabat lady’s name.  Once you know every hot woman’s name in the club, it’s so much easier to reopen them later in the night, because they will feel that they have known you for a very long time.  Because most clubs in Rabat are relatively small, it’s actually easier to work the room and pick up Rabat ladies at night.
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