Romanian Women Dating Site Tells You Why You are Single

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A major Romanian women dating website released an interesting report regarding why so many people are single nowadays. Some facts may surprise you:a gorgeous curvy Romanian girl

* Some Romanian ladies live with their parents – No matter how old they are, they just live with their parents as long as they are not married. Although these Romanian girls are single from a legal perspective, their lifestyle isn’t single – they’ve already ‘married’ their parents when it comes to their way of life. If an adult depends on their parents psychologically and financially in life, he/she won’t have a happy marriage because marriages are for mature people only. If you are living with your parents, how can you ask your date to go home with you for a cup of coffee as well as something more romantic at night? Living with your parents means death of your sex life. For Romanian beauties who are looking for love, it’s time to move out and live by yourself! That’s the prerequisite of finding a healthy relationship.

* Many women in Romania only have a limited social circle. In order to find quality, quantity does matter. You’ll need to know how to have more friends, then you’ll know how to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. Usually, your partner comes from your friends. Since a lot of women from Romania only have a very limited social circle, they choose to join Romanian women dating sites, which is understandable.

A major Romanian women dating website released an interesting report regarding why so many people are single nowadays. Some facts stated in this article may surprise you.

* Family law is not there to guarantee your happiness in marriage. As a matter of fact, your happiness in marriage depends on yourself, not the family law. The Romanian family law is less feminist, compared with the family law in first-world countries. But the truth is every family law in every country isn’t there to guarantee your happiness in marriage. If you rely on something external for a happy marriage, then you are wrong.stunning red haired Romanian beauty

* Love can be unconditional, but marriage can’t. Marriage is a combination of emotional connection, sex and mutual benefits. Every couple have different interpretations of these elements. For instance, one couple’s mutual benefit is the health and well-being of their children; another couple’s mutual benefit is their business. If these things don’t exist, then living together is enough – why do people get marriage certificates? Emotional connection alone can’t make a marriage sustainable. Don’t forget that there are three pillars in a long-term relationship.

* Some Romanian beauties only want to meet foreign men. A recent survey shows that more and more ladies in Romania don’t want to marry Romanian men. Hence they join Romanian women dating sites to look for foreign men. Maybe they find foreign men more interesting and exciting?

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